About Samoel Ovanessian

Samoel Ovanessian

Hey there! My name is Samoel Ovanessian and I’m the owner of StylishAlpha.com. My interest in men’s fashion started around 2010. It was a gradual change in my apparel and it went like this: my hip-hop baggy jeans became straight leg and then slim, the t-shirt changed to a dress shirt which was carefully tucked in and I put on a tie. I switched from leather jackets (which I still love and wear) to blazers. And it felt darn good. No one had told me to do it. I just felt like doing it.
Starting from this moment, my style has never changed and I doubt it will. Currently I have more than 200 ties and around 50 blazers in my wardrobe. I can’t say it is a mania – I just genuinely love ties and looking the sharpest way possible. Of course, occasionally I like wearing more casual outfits with no ties. However my focus on the clothes matching and layering stays a top priority.
I think that dressing well shows respect – first toward yourself but to others as well. And I have noticed that people can feel it – I can tell by the look in their eyes.
I always wanted to have my own blog around fashion where I could be completely honest about what I do and don’t like. I love exploring new possibilities of all kinds of men’s clothing combinations – for example one of my last ones was: turtle neck sweater with a vest and it rocked!
In Stylish Alpha I give reviews, recommendations, informational content and guides. I also write about the outfit combinations I use in my daily life. And if, by chance, you find an inspiration in them – then I’m the happiest person on Earth. With StylishAlpha.com one thing is for sure – it is only one men’s opinion but it is a completely honest one.
Rest assured that dressing well helps us feel better. Try it and you will see.
Dress well, be polite and smile!
See you on the inside!
Samoel Ovanessian