How to Wear a Scarf With a Blazer for Men – 7 Best Ideas

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The majority of people have a love/hate relationship with winter. We love the beautiful landscapes, warm and stylish clothes, and snuggling under thicker blankets at night. However, there is just no denying that the dropping temperatures, biting winds, and frosty air can be less than pleasant.

Thankfully we have various articles of clothing that can help stave off the cold and keep us warm and comfortable. The combination of the traditional, open-minded scarf and blazer or jacket is one that anyone is sure to fall in love with, as it not only keeps you warm but can be worn in different – all stylish – ways.

Choosing your scarf

You can tell we love the scarf and swear behind it being a great accessory, however, we also believe the right scarf determines whether you rock the scarf or look like you borrowed your girlfriend’s party wear on your way out. Here are is how to make sure you’re picking the right scarf;

1. Size

The standard scarf is around 60-75 inches and can be longer to allow you to rock your knots without losing length. Your scarf should also be wide enough to actually keep off the cold and not just serve as a statement piece.

2. Color

Try to keep your colors neutral and simple for formal looks and a little bolder for less formal looks. When picking a color, make sure it brings out your skin tone as a scarf is worn very close to your face. If you are warm-toned, lean more toward deep colors and leave the blues and purples for cool undertones.

3. Quality

A scarf is an accessory you can own for years to come so choosing a quality scarf is important. By this, we mean avoiding scarves that look cheap and scarves that shed all over your clothes.

4. Material

The material you choose for your scarf ultimately determines how put together your scarf looks. Polyester and synthetic can be spotted from a mile away and will bring down any outfit even if it looks like a million bucks. Instead invest in wool, cashmere, silk, linen, and angora which are much more appealing and easy to style. A knitted scarf is a wonderful addition to any scarf collection and is often a gift of love but styling it might be tricky. If you must wear it, try not to do any knots and opt for the drape instead to avoid getting lost in the knits.

Scarf material and pattern

5. Patterns

There is no shortage of patterns to choose from when it comes to scarves. The bolder they are, the less likely they are for you. Remember the ladies, wear scarves too. As much as we encourage standing out, we also encourage choosing patterns that exude masculinity.

7 Ways to Wear a Scarf with a Blazer for Men

Now that you have the right scarf on hand, here are some stylish ways on how to wear a scarf with a blazer for men.

The Slip Knot

The slip knot is a classic and is easy to pull off with minimal effort. It keeps you incredibly warm with the layering. It can look casual yet smart, so you can wear it to the office and a dinner date without worrying about formalities.

Easy enough to pull off, follow the following few steps:

Fold the scarf in half lengthways and then bring the ends together
  1. Fold the scarf in half lengthways and then bring the ends together to form a hoop.
  2. Hang the scarf around your neck with the hoop to one end.
  3. Take the loose ends and pull them through the hoop across your chest.
  4. Pull-on the loose ends to tighten the scarf to a comfortable tightness.
Take the loose ends and pull them through the hoop across your chest

The Wrap-Around

Another easy to wear style, the wrap-around, is less suited for staving off the cold like the slip knot and is better for remaining comfortable when rushing around between places and going in and out of buildings, where there would be constant temperatures changes hitting you like a wall. The tucked scarf ends help keep the cold out from blowing into the interior of your blazer.

The Wrap Around

Again, you need only follow four simple steps:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck with both ends hanging equally down your front.
  2. Bring one end towards the opposite side over the other.
  3. Wrap this side around your neck and come back to its original resting place.
  4. Adjust both ends until you reach the desired length, and finally tuck the ends inside your blazer near the pockets beneath the lapels.

The Shoulder Toss

The Shoulder Toss
The Shoulder Toss

This method is better for warmer climates, which do not get super windy and frigid in the winters or fall when the weather is not quite so extreme into the winter. This is the “original” style that takes virtually no effort but can be quite annoying to wear if it is on the windier side. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck over the shoulders to hang equally on each side down your front.
  2. Toss one end over the opposite shoulder and adjust the lengths as needed.

The Ascot

This one is a bit more complicated and is almost like the upgraded slip knot. It keeps you deliciously warm around the neck and chest and looks incredibly chic while it does so. To achieve the ascot, follow these five steps:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck and down your shoulders to hang equally down your front.
  2. Take the two ends and cross them to create an “X” on your front.
  3. Take the end that is on top of the cross, and pull it back underneath the X and through the cross’s gap.
  4. Bring this same end down while keeping the X as flat as possible and tighten to bring the scarf up to your neck.
  5. Adjust the lengths of the ends as needed, and then tuck the ends in below your lapels.
The Ascot

The Infinity

The Infinity

This style of wearing a scarf is essentially achieving the feel of an actual infinity scarf with some clever wrappings. This means you can keep warm despite any winds as you have these layers around your neck, which you can pull up to shield your face. To get the infinity style, you will want to do the following:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck and down the shoulders, with only a small end on one side and the majority of the scarf hanging down the other (hung unevenly).
  2. Take the longer end and bring it up to the opposite shoulder and wrap it around your neck.
  3. Continue wrapping the scarf comfortably around your neck until you run out of scarf to wrap around.
  4. Tuck the remaining piece that cannot wrap anymore into the scarf to create the infinity look.

The Tuck-In

The tuck-in is almost identical to the wrap-around, just without the actual wrap-around. This is another fall or warm winter style of wearing a scarf, or even just a way for you to “carry” around your scarf without getting in the way. Simply follow these two steps to achieve the tuck-in:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck and down the shoulders to hang equally down your front.
  2. Cross one side over the other to form an “X” and then tuck the crossed ends inside your blazer underneath your lapel.
The Tuck In

The Classic Drape

If you are unconcerned with the cold and wind, the classic drape is an honestly decent way to go. It does nothing in the way of protection, so you can wear it year-round, as this is a more style over substance road to travel.

So if you can’t be bothered to tie and untie knots with a scarf and want a comfortable way to carry a scarf around as an accessory, all you need to do is:

  1. Drape the scarf around your neck and down the shoulders to hang equally down your front.
Classic Drape


Above, we have described seven ways to wear a scarf with a blazer that is perfect for fall and winter seasons. Scarves are versatile articles of clothing that can help keep you warm, tie together an outfit, or simply act as a removable accessory. We hope you now have some ideas for your winter outfits, and remember: never underestimate the scarf!