J Crew Ludlow Travler Blazer Review

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Quick Overview



  • Reasonably priced
  • Bamberg lining
  • 100% Italian wool
  • Simple to maintain
  • Two-button closure


  • Not fancy – more smart-casual

When it comes to fashion, there are two groups of people – the first one enjoys stylish clothes on a regular basis, the second group only does so when it is necessary (for formal events, etc.). Whichever group you belong to, it is a fact that assembling an elegant combination of clothes can help you look and feel more confident.

One essential piece of clothing that any man needs to invest in is a high-quality blazer. These are a bit different than your regular suit jackets, given the fact that they can be worn as a part of a casual outfit and can be combined with anything from sweaters to regular t-shirts.

There are hundreds of different blazers on the market, so you might have a hard time choosing the right one for you. For this reason, we researched and found the J Crew Ludlow Blazer to stand as one of the worthiest options out there.

To help you decide whether or not it is for you, we have prepared a thorough review and highlighted the features and potential alternatives – let’s get started!

J Crew Ludlow Travler Blazer



As a brand that was founded more than seven decades ago, J Crew is widely recognized all over the world. This fashion retailer offers a wide array of seasonal clothes for men, women, and kids, including jewelry, accessories, and versatile apparel. With this in mind, we weren’t surprised to find that they know how to design an elegant blazer that can be worn for business events, as well as on an everyday basis.

Yes, the lined pattern is quite specific and may be not something that everyone will love (we will discuss it below), but the quality of this product is hard to deny. You are looking at 100% Italian wool, which means that the J Crew Ludlow Blazer stands as a clothing essential that can be worn throughout all four seasons. Additionally, we like that the designer didn’t go overboard with the formality and kept it to a two-button closure.

Considering the fabrication grade, we can say with confidence that if you are looking to get a blazer that will last you for years, this one is something that you should definitely consider!


Who is This Blazer for?

As we have mentioned above, all men should have at least one or two blazers that can be worn for different occasions. There is no doubt that the lined pattern is quite specific and may not be the best choice if you are planning to go to a fancy party. However, for most other events, it is just perfect. Frankly, it all depends on your personal style, but in our opinion, this clothing piece is something that both younger and older men can rock with confidence.

What’s Included?

While you aren’t getting any fancy accessories with this product, there is one staple that will go a long way when it comes to maintenance. We are talking about the bag of lavender that can play an essential role when it comes to keeping the moths away from the wool material.


Blazer Description

You shouldn’t doubt the quality of J Crew, as this fashion brand has inspired many other retailers by using top-notch materials and offering their products at reasonable prices. The first thing that you will love about this blazer is the wool material. It is the best solution for any season, as it will cool you during the hot summer days and keep you warm when it gets cold.

Talking about the design details, the closure consists of two buttons, which is the most classic choice when it comes to blazers that can be worn for different occasions. Don’t forget that the bottom should always be left unbuttoned and that you should unbutton both when you are sitting down in order to prevent creases and ensure that you stay looking sleek. Keep in mind that the cuff-buttons are decorations and can’t actually be used or adjusted.

The design addition that we think of as particularly attractive is the pick stitching that is present around the pockets, lapel, and collar. Also, the manufacturer did a good job going for a double vent for this blazer, given the fact that it offers more comfort. We already said that the lining pattern is something that certain people are attracted by, and others might not be, but it is tricky to deny the quality of the Bamberg lining that is present throughout this blazer.

Most importantly, the maintenance of this product is quite simple, as it can be easily dry cleaned, and if you notice any creases, just put it in a steamy room (after you take a hot bath or shower) for 1-2 hours. Overall, this is a finely priced and high-quality blazer that can fit the needs of anyone who wants to dress nicely, whether that means casual or elegant.


How to Wear J Crew Ludlow Travler Blazer

Once you have chosen the right size, there isn’t a lot of theory to using this blazer apart from putting it on and ensuring that the collar, lapel, and pockets are correctly positioned. The maintenance shouldn’t be an issue as long as you follow the suggested instructions, such as to unbutton your blazer when sitting and putting it on a hanger when you aren’t using it.


Cole Haan Men’s Slim-Fit Blazer

If you are looking for a similar product that comes at a more affordable price, then this Cole Haan blazer is an ideal choice. Featuring a lined pattern and made out of 98% wool, you are sure to love the lightweight construction and versatility that it is highlighted by.

Not to mention, the CoolMax lining stands as one of the best solutions in terms of durability (for the given price), and with a spacious breast pocket, you can be confident as you wear this blazer with any accessory, including a piece of eyewear or a kerchief!

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you are a fan of blazers with a lined pattern or not. If the answer is yes, then the J Crew Ludlow stands as a product of immense quality that you should definitely consider!


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