Best Men’s Travel Blazers of 2023: Our Top Picks

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Finding the right blazer is challenging on a good day, but when you are looking for one that travels well, that adds a whole different level of detail to watch for. When you travel, you are either moving around a lot or sitting in one place, and to find a jacket that works in both situations can be overwhelming.

But that is what we are here for. We combed through a whole slew of options and found three of the best men’s travel blazer options on the market today. So let’s take a look, shall we?

Comparison Chart

Chouyatou Cotton Blend Blazer
Best Choice
Amazon Essentials Knit Blazer
Best Price
ARMYANTS Men’s Performance Slim Fit Blazer
Best Design

Best Men’s Travel Blazers Reviews

1. Chouyatou Cotton Blend Blazer

Our first blazer is a classic 3-button blazer that is cut in a more modern slimmer fit. Cotton twill blend and lined with a slick striped interior, this is a great jacket for a business casual look.


  • Crafted in 100% cotton
  • 3-button closure
  • Machine washable
  • 3-button sleeve w/elbow patches
  • Double side vents
  • Patterned lining
  • Waist patched pockets
  • 1 interior pocket

Finding a nice cut and quality of jacket for an affordable price is hard to do. But with this blazer, that is exactly what you get, which is why there is so much to love about it. It is constructed of lightweight, breathable material in a modern style. This allows you to look good when donning that business casual dress for an office lunch meeting.

Along with the exterior cut and look, the lining is nicely tailored and helps the jacket keep its shape, which is why it is so good for travel. The jacket also comes with an extra button in case you pop one.

Because it seems like this jacket may be perfect, we need to discuss a few of the issues that some have had with it. When purchasing this jacket, make sure to go up one size as it tends to run a little small. The arms also seem to be a bit roomy in comparison to other modern slim fit jackets, which may be an issue for some.


  • Blazer offers almost perfect sleeve length
  • Material is lightweight and breathable
  • The lining is well made and helps keep the shape
  • A nice option for business casual or casual events
  • The jacket comes with an extra button


  • Sizing issues – runs small
  • Arms are a little big in diameter


2. Goodthreads Twill Blazer

Our next entry comes from Goodthreads and is designed using a poly-cotton blend and slim modern fit. The inclusion of polyester gives the jacket a bit of stretch and makes it perfect to wear out and about on the town.


  • Cotton-poly blend
  • Dry Clean only
  • 3 exterior patch pockets
  • 2-button closure
  • 4-button cuffs

Goodthreads prides itself on the quality and cut of their products, and they did not disappoint with this blazer. It is a two-button modern cut that is constructed of a heavier fabric than other options. This makes it perfect for travel in those colder places in the world. Though the material is thick, it still offers a nice touch to it.

This smoothness is what helps with the jacket’s ability to move with your body. Along with the nice touch and good mobility, the jacket is designed with a multitude of pockets, which is perfect for traveling more efficiently.

There are a few things that we would be remiss without mentioning. One big drawback of this jacket is that it does wrinkle easily, so be sure to fold it properly. Those wrinkles come out just as easy, but this may be a problem for some that don’t like to steam their clothes on the road. There have also been some complaints that the sleeves run long.


  • Blazer offers plenty of pockets both in the interior and the exterior
  • The jacket is a nice two-button design
  • Fabric is heavy so suitable for colder months or climates
  • Material is smooth and moves with your body
  • Crafted with durable material


  • Jacket wrinkles easy
  • Issues with the sleeve length – too long


3. Amazon Essentials Knit Blazer

The last blazer on our list is a blazer that is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. It is a budget-friendly unlined knit option that comes in core colors, so it pairs with any outfit.


  • Cotton-poly blend
  • Dry clean only
  • Unlined classic cut
  • 2-button closure
  • 3-button cuff

If you’re not into the modern slim fit, this may be a good choice for you. This Amazon Basic blazer uses a traditional cut and a two-button closure to give you a casual yet business-like look. The jacket, because of its blend, also offers some stretch, which enhances it fit.

This blend also plays a role in the jacket’s ability to hold shape and improves the overall comfortability of the jacket. This, coupled with its lightweight feel, makes this the perfect jacket to wear when on the road. All of this combines to give you a blazer that is simply one of the best options when it comes to price versus value.

There are some things that could cause some a little hesitation when opting for this blazer as a new wardrobe piece. The first is that it is dry clean only. That means that you will have to take an extra step to ensure your jacket is fresh and ready. It also is a lining-free blazer, which may detract from some of its aesthetic.


  • Price versus value is good
  • The jacket is super comfortable to wear
  • Blazer holds its shape well
  • Offers a good flex and stretch for improved mobility
  • Model is constructed of lightweight material for better breathability


  • Dry clean only
  • Issues with the lack of lining


4. The Performance Stria Tic Travel Blazer From Haggar

This is a travel blazer that comes with both a comfortable fit and feel. To add to the value of this quite affordable travel blazer, it also comes with an improved aesthetic display.


The strong and high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of this travel blazer make it quite durable. This means you will be able to use the blazer for many years to come, and it will provide many hours of comfortable wear.

The side vents that are included with the blazer provide easy access to the pockets of your trousers all the time. Thus, you do not need to lift the jacket every time you need to access the items stored in your trouser pockets.

The 2-button closure option means that you can easily remove the blazer when it is time to take it off. This also means an easier time during those off-and-on situations between important meetings or when you are in a hurry.

When it comes to comfort, this jacket will fit quite nicely due to its tailored design that will fit just right over the shoulders. There is no feeling of irritation when you start feeling fatigued later in the day after many hours of wearing it.

The pockets of this travel blazer are large enough to hold all your important items without bulging. They are also large enough to hold your mobile devices, as well as important documents or your passport.

However, there is one problem with this travel blazer. It wrinkles quite easily, and this may take away some of the functionality. It also has no traveling pouch included to keep your blazer safe when it is not in use.


  • Made from high-quality materials that are made to last
  • Quick and easy to put on and remove
  • Comes with great features
  • Boasts a lightweight design which makes it a year-round blazer


  • Wrinkles quite easily which can be frustrating
  • Does not come with a traveling pouch


5. Performance Slip-Fit Travel Blazer From Armyants

With many great features included, this travel blazer will help make your traveling time a bit more comfortable and easy. It is also available in different colors for those who need more than one blazer for a variety of outfits.


The fact that this travel blazer will get dry very quickly makes it the perfect garment to have for just that. This means you do not need to waste time waiting for the blazer to dry when those unfortunate accidents happen.

It is also made with an innovative design to help the fabric resist wrinkling so it will look good all the time. There will be no more dealing with a wrinkled blazer after hours of sitting while traveling.

For the regular traveler, it is great that you can actually machine wash this blazer without worries. Another great feature is that you can wash it in cold water and it will not wrinkle thanks to the 4-way stretch feature built into the blazer.

This blazer is easy to put on and remove with a quick button closure that will not waste too much of your time. You can just grab the jacket from the back of the chair and put it on in mere seconds to be ready for the next event.

For all of your important documents and other valuables, there is enough storage space because of the roomy pockets included with the blazer. To keep your travel blazer safe from damage between travels, you also have a travel pouch included to store it safely.

Unfortunately, for those who prefer a comfortable fit with padded shoulders, this jacket does not include that padding. The fabric of the blazer is also a bit on the thin side, so for those colder days, you will need more than the blazer to keep warm.


  • Very easy to clean and keep neat and tidy
  • Comes with a protective pouch included for wallet or phone
  • Made from strong materials that are long-lasting
  • Extra features attached to this blazer


  • No shoulder pads included – need to get these separately if desired
  • Fabric is a bit on the thin side for winter wear


Final Thoughts

Okay, there you have it! If you are a guy on the go, whether it’s for business or pleasure (or a combination of both), you have a few great blazer options to choose from. Each of these fits well, is made of quality materials, and because of this, they tend to keep their shape and move well with your body. That is what makes them three of the best men’s travel blazers out there!

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