How To Choose a Blazer: A Detailed Guide

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The blazer is a staple addition to every guy’s closet. Men should have this essential piece because it can be worn dressed up or down. This is a versatile item which is suitable for the office, nights out, or less formal events. Men who want to instantly look dapper and stylish often go for blazers due to their classic shape and cut.

While it cannot offer protection from the elements, it is a great piece to wear whenever the weather is in an in-between phase. They are also better alternatives for wearing indoors compared to jumpers or cardigans. If you want to look good while wearing a blazer, make sure you know how to choose the right blazer fit and style. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying one.

Tips for Selecting the Right Blazer

Get the Right Measurement

First, you need to determine your chest’s measurement. Wrap a tape measure under your arms and make sure that it crosses the shoulder blades and the widest spot of the chest. The dimension that you get in inches will correspond to the blazer size that has the best fit for your body. The goal here is to look tailored, so the measurement is crucial.

Next, you need to get a measurement of your overarm. Put your arms down to your sides and measure them all over the shoulders using the measuring tape. The difference between this and the measurement for the chest is typically 7 inches. In case the difference is higher, the blazer requires a larger size to offset the additional material required to cover the shoulders and the arms.

Take into Consideration Blazer Cut and Style

Blazers come in a good range of styles and cuts so you need to choose what you like best among them as soon as you have the required measurements. Those with a single-breasted style are totally versatile and most men look good in them. For a more formal look, you can opt for a double-breasted type blazer. The double-breasted ones are also great for office wear.

Consider the Color

Men’s blazers also come in a nice array of colors and designs. The trick here though is to select a color that will easily suit the items of clothing that you already have in your possession.

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Check out Fabrics

The material that a blazer is made of is also something that you need to factor in. The weather is an aspect that will help you decide on the material; for colder weather, you can invest in 1-2 wool pieces, and for hotter weather, have some made with cotton or silk. The environment you often work in will also help you select the right blazer fabric. Furthermore, you should check whether the item is washable or needs dry cleaning for maintenance.

Wearing a Blazer

You have found the perfect blazer, and now it is time to wear it the right way. If you have selected a blazer in a neutral tone for office wear, you can wear it with oxford shoes and collarless shirts for a stylish and dapper look. If you want a friendly, business-casual approach to your dressing, you can wear it with a nice white shirt and boat shoes.

If you want a blazer for stylish outings around town, you can opt for those made with jersey. Select a blazer in block colors and match it with striped tops for tons of style. Going to a party without a black tie dress code? Go for a blazer with vivid colors like electric blue or emerald green.

Blazers are also a great clothing choice for weddings. Look for those made of velvet or tweed material and match them with more formal pants and a bow tie, or a simple tie. If you are after a more elegant look, you can pair a blazer with pinstripes with white pants.

The blazer is an important piece in your wardrobe because it is not only a flexible item, it will also provide your look with loads of style. They can be found in most department stores, and most online stores also sell numerous brands that you can check out.    

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