The Right Men’s Blazer for Every Body Type

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The blazer is a versatile piece in every man’s closet. It can be styled for casual looks on nights out or you can go a bit dressy with it for business meetings or special events. It is a fashionable piece and comes in a good range of styles and sizes too. Do blazers have shoulder pads?

Some come with additional padding in them to suit certain bodies. It can be a bit complex to find a blazer though that fits your figure right, however there are lots of options on hand for either short guys, guys with wide shoulders and more. Here are some tips on finding a good size blazer for your body type.

The Right Men’s Blazer for Every Body Type


The average blazer might not fit skinny men however there is a great solution for it in case you cannot find a piece that fits you appropriately. You can have a jacket tailored instead. Tailors often know how to alter certain parts of a blazer so it will rightfully fit the customer. Usually for skinny guys, the roped shoulder style is recommended since it will provide a nice broader shape to the cut and provide the wearer with a semblance of a stronger shoulder. Furthermore, look for the ones with extra padding on the shoulders too if you want a bit of bulk on those parts.


For shorter guys, then again, the tailor will be a big help in your quest for the right blazer. In addition, there are available brands that cater to short and skinny frames particularly Japanese brands. Those with tinier than usual built should opt for a blazer that comes with a longer lapel so it will extend the gap between the neckline and the button in order to lengthen the torso. Steer clear of cuffs or turn-ups on the pants since it will reduce the leg line and make them seem even shorter. Likewise, avoid heavy and thick materials like woolens or tweed since it does not look good on men with short frames.

Pear shape

For men who have pear-shaped bodies, they need to consider the lapel of the blazer. The lapel must be broader in size and must have a larger proportion so it can give balance to the whole ensemble. A sizable percentage of the blazer’s bottom half will be counterpoised by a piece that has big lapels and a compelling shoulder line. Look for blazers that come in a square form and not ones that slant down easily. Do not forget to inspect the pockets; pockets that are cut to incline toward the center will price an illusion of a trimmer waistline.

The Right Men’s Blazer for Every Body Type


Taller, lean guys should also look for a proper fitting blazer as well to highlight their figure. Opt for a blazer that comes with a square shape or block silhouette since it can widen the wearer’s torso. The double-breasted kind is also something that works very well with tall and lean figures.

Broad Shoulders

Men with broad shoulders will benefit largely from the assistance of an expert tailor. The tailor will hem and make modifications on the blazer so it will fit your frame properly. The tailored kind is always the best option for men with wide shoulders since they won’t need to scrimp on fit or style just to be comfortable wearing the piece.

In case you have a limited budget for alterations, you can opt for blazers that have a darker color so it can take away the hefty look on your shoulder line. A piece that comes with a pinstripe pattern will also highlight your body’s length and it will not focus attention on the shoulders. Avoid anything that has bulky square patterns or horizontal stripes and you will be in good company.


Regardless of the blazer style you are into, it is always essential to go instead for a piece that looks right and feels comfortable to wear. Do blazers have shoulder pads for all brands? Nearly all brands produce items that include shoulder pads so skinny guys can have the right blazer that looks great on them. There is a wide variety of blazer styles out there so you can easily find one that will make you look good in the office, in the club or in any occasion.

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