How to Find a Blazer That Fits You Right

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The blazer is a must in every man’s wardrobe. This is needed when events call for a more stylish and refined, yet less formal look. Men can match the item with trousers, a dress shirt or a plain T-shirt. It is also a great piece to wear for the office. The blazer that you want to purchase should have a good fit. Most stylists recommended opting for the tailored kind if you want to wear it frequently. Furthermore, it is best if you go for a quality piece with a classic cut so it will last longer and will not go out of style. Here are more suggestions on how blazer should fit your body type.

When it comes to the length of the blazer, it should have a bearing on the balance between your upper and lower parts of your body. The blazer must end in the vicinity of the mid, down to the lower crotch area. If you are under 5’9”, you should opt for a mid-crotch length and lower if you are taller. Tailors can modify the length of the blazer up to 1 inch without ruining the proportions of the jacket.

In terms of sleeve length, its sleeves must be around a quarter inch above the top of your hands whenever you bend your wrist. This particular length lets a small part of the shirt sleeve to show. However, if most of your shirts’ sleeves have a longer length, you can always let a tailor adjust the length. But if the shirt sleeves are shorter by over an inch, you should look for another blazer since the sleeves will not peek through to fit the blazer appropriately.

The seams of the blazer must end where your shoulders end; this means that the seams should begin meandering down to your arm. The blazer must not display any signs of wrinkling or lumps anywhere on the shoulders. In case your shoulders have a rounder shape, make sure the seams still end in the similar spot since all you need is a bit more cushioning on your shoulders to make those parts seem less round. Make sure that you carefully try on the blazers and guarantee that it fits those parts well because blazers that do not fit in shoulders and are too large or small require complicated and very costly tailor alterations.

How to Find a Blazer That Fits You Right

The blazer should lightly wrap your midsection whenever the top button is fastened. It must not pull the button, creating noticeable creases. A crease means the blazer is too tight for your build. In case the item is too large on your stomach or waist area, you can let a tailor alter the sides of the jacket so it will fit those parts appropriately. Alterations to that particular area are easier for tailors to do and are generally affordable.

The collar of the jacket must rest on the collar of your shirt so it can properly rest on the back of your neck. These parts must touch slightly minus gaping slits showing up in between. Larger gaps mean the jacket is too loose. If it bunches beneath the blazer collar’s back, it means the jacket is not properly positioned or is too tight.

The armholes must be high enough but not too high that they cause discomfort. They must be big enough that you will not notice them whenever you wear the blazer; however, they should not be too large that it leaves additional inches between the armhole’s bottom and your armpit. The arms must be capable of freely moving to some extent during regular movement, just not too much. Keep in mind that blazers are not designed as active-wardrobe wear, so be aware that you cannot just do anything you typically do while you are wearing a blazer.

Lastly, the second button of the blazer must lie on top of the wearer’s belly button and not beneath it. It should lie 1 inch above it and not below it since it can distort the proportions of the body and make it look peculiar.

These are the tips you should remember on how blazer should fit and how to wear it properly.

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