7 Tips on Buying the Perfect Size Blazer

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The blazer has a double-breasted jacket design which was originally worn by boys and men in the 19th century. It was a popular choice of dress in England during those years because it added a stylish and dapper touch to their entire ensemble. The name blazer initially referred to the vivid, bright colors that made up the item.

Today though, blazers come in a wider range of colors, even muted ones which are perfect for office wear. Like regular jackets, blazers should be worn in a fit that matches your body. “What size blazer am I?” most men ask themselves. Find out proper ways to search for a good blazer fit by reading these tips.

What Size Blazer am I? Buying the Perfect Size Blazer

We’re always hearing about the perfect fit when it comes to blazers but nobody really breaks down what a perfect fit is supposed to look like. Don’t worry! We’ve got you. Let’s talk about areas you should look at before walking out of the store blazer in hand.

The Measurement

An important point to remember when choosing a blazer is to measure the chest and be aware of the sleeve length. To determine your blazer fit, you need to use a tailor’s measuring tape. This type of measuring tape will perfectly determine the size of your chest for a blazer.

Correct Chest Measurement Is Crucial When Choosing A Blazer

Firstly, you have to measure your chest by wrapping the measuring tape over the highest, roundest part of the chest which is just beneath the arms. Doing so will make finding the right fit blazer simpler for you whenever you spread out your should blades while holding the tape. The measurement will serve as a helpful reference when you begin trying on men’s blazers in stores and boutiques.

The Cuff

It is important to remember that the cuff of the blazer must not rest on the back of the hand. The cuff also must not come in contact with the palm’s base. The blazer’s cuff must also end 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch above the hand of the wearer. This lets you wear a dress shirt with long sleeves without the cuffs hampering movement.

A man who wear blazer
The Blazer’s Cuff Should End 1/2 Inch Or 3/4 Inch Above The Hand

The Sleeve

The cuffs of the shirt should show just a bit. The expanse shown differs at most from 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the shirt’s cuff. This does not mean that you must purchase a shirt with longer sleeves. The cuffs of the shirt must fit your arms correctly and rest against the base of your palm. If need be, you can have the sleeves of the blazer modified in order to have a more organized look.

Your Blazer Sleeves Should Rest Around 1/4 To 1/2 Inches Above The Shirt’s Cuffs

The Shoulders

You know a blazer fits right when the shoulder seams end right where your shoulder ends. This ensures the blazer lies completely flat when worn. If it tugs on your shoulder then it’s too small. If it’s wrinkly, you might want to go a size lower. You might get away with a little padding to smooth rounded shoulders however the fit should still be exact. If you’re bent on a little extra room, it shouldn’t be more than half an inch.

You Know A Blazer Fits Right When The Shoulder Seam Ends Right Where Your Shoulder Ends

The Body

And onto the tricky part we go! Finding the right fit for your frame can be hard but the basic rule is to ensure that on closing the top button, your blazer fits your midsection without being too tight or too loose. You can always fix a loose blazer but a small blazer needs to go back on the shelf. You know it’s small when that dreaded ‘X’ rears its head.

Blazer Midsection – When You Close The Top Button It Should Not Be Too Tight Or Too Loose


You can’t expect to have a whole basement to work with but you shouldn’t strain to press the elevator button. When it comes to armholes, make sure they are high enough to sit proportionally without cutting into your armpits. Remember to leave some wiggle room but just enough to avoid the drooping fabric that is an eyesore.

The Blazer’s Armholes Should Feel Comfortable Without Being Too Bulky

The Collar

Your blazer’s collar should rest just under your shirt’s collar with no visible gaps between them. If there’s a big gap, it means you need to go a size lower, and wrinkling up under the back of the collar means it’s too big.

There Should Be No Visible Gaps Between The Collar Of Your Blazer And The Collar Of Your Shirt

The Button Stance

The top button on your blazer should always lie above your belly button. Stay within an inch or less above your belly button. If the top button is below your belly button, it should be banished from the options rack immediately. 

The Top Blazer Button Should Always Lie Above Your Belly Button

Blazers only look good if they balance your body’s proportions. You don’t want to step out with your upper and lower body looking like they were pieced together in the dark. That’s why we emphasize the perfect fit to ensure your outfit looks as good as it feels. Generally, avoid any blazers that have extra fabric and definitely run from a blazer that feels too constricting.

More Suggestions

The blazer has a vent which is there to allow wearers to have easier movements. The center vent is believed to be the most feasible and versatile, and it should not be fussed with too much. The material must be merely positioned on top of itself. In case the vent appears to be too pulled or spread out whenever you walk, the blazer’s cut might be too narrow for your build or too small.

What size blazer am I? There are other things that you should not do when trying different sizes of blazers. When trying on a blazer, avoid extending your arms and stretching the back. The blazer is not designed for this kind of movement and even the most elegantly tailored blazer will look ridiculous if you keep doing those stances.

A Word Of Advice: Don’t Extend Your Arms Too Far When Wearing A Blazer As It Is Not Designed For Such Movements

What you need to know though, is whether you should decide on a regular, long or short blazer. This aspect will rely on your height. For men who are 5’7”, short jackets are recommended. For men with heights ranging from 5’8” to 6’, they can make do with a regular jacket. Those above 6’ need a long one, while those over 6’3” require an extra-long size. Fitting a blazer according to your height will help you when it comes to the manner in which the blazer will wrap and fit your body.

Pick The Blazer’s Lengths According To Your Height. For Men Around 5’7” (170 cm) – Shorter Blazers Are Recommended. Regular Jackets Are Suitable For Men Ranging From 5’8” (172 cm) to 6’ (183 cm) And Tall People Above 6’ Need A Long Blazer

The blazer has undergone a lot of changes ever since it was created. Its functions are widely appreciated by both the men and the ladies. They are classics that have lived through lots of varying style changes, while there are styles that have been modified and recreated based on the current trends.

The Blazer Is A Timeless Piece Of Clothing Which Will Never Go Out Of Style. It Is Important To Know How To Find The Perfect Sized Blazer For Your Needs

The details of finding the right fit blazer might be boring for some however, as soon as you know what you need to look for, you will be able to find a blazer that fits you very well, is comfortable and will give you the confidence you need. Wearing the proper blazer does not always mean donning the current fashion trend or items from the most in-demand designer; it is also about how great an appropriate size blazer feels whenever you wear it.