Blazer vs Suit: What is the Difference?

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Whenever a special event obligates men to dress up in a more formal manner, one can always up to the ante with a blazer or a suit. Most people make the mistake of identifying blazers and suits as similar items of clothing.

There is a difference between the two, and knowing these differences will make choosing one among the other easier for you. It will also make pairing your outfit for the event a breeze. In this blazer vs suit article, we are going to discuss the various differences that comprise these two popular items of clothing.

The blazer is a standalone clothing item that can be paired with mismatched trousers, chinos and jeans. The blazer is appropriate for casual and less formal settings. The suit jacket is an item piece of a full monochromatic outfit which has a matching pair of trousers made of the exact same fabric. The suit is designed for formal occasions.

What is a Suit?

Tailor taking man's blazer measurement
The Suit Is A Complete Package Composed Of A Jacket, Trousers And Sometimes A Vest – All Constructed From The Same Fabric

Black tie events, formal occasions like weddings and significant celebrity gatherings call for a suit. The suit is a complete package that simplifies dressing up, seeing that other clothing articles like trousers, jackets and at times a vest, are constructed from the same material and are designed to suit and round out each other.

Hence, it is not recommended that men match various articles for a suit since it will only make them look messy and unmatched over the course of dressing up.

Suits come in a good range of types; there are single-breasted suits and the double-breasted kind, the notched, peaked, unvented and vented kinds, and the Italian, English and American suit styles.

Double-Breasted And A Single Breasted Suit

Every suit has its advantages and disadvantages, and what a man decides on will be based on his personal requirements and preferences. However, what is most essential when it comes to this article of clothing is the manner in which one wears it.

It is always a good thing to wear your suit with confidence, and a man should be comfortable wearing said item as well. If the suit has a great fit and is made with excellent materials, then they are going to look fabulous in it.

Always Wear Your Suit With Confidence

The item is a crucial part of power dressing for a reason; therefore, make sure you feel confident wearing it. The suit is perfect for formal events, business meetings and similar occasions due to the fine weave of the material. Because of its fit and structure, the suit is not meant for dressing down.

Remember To Unbutton The Suit Jacket When Seated And Re-Button It When You Stand Up

Other important tips to remember when wearing a suit is to unbutton the item while seated and re-button it when you need to stand up. Furthermore, the button at the bottom of the suit is not meant to be fastened at all times.

What is a Blazer?

Man with blazer using his phone
The Blazer Is a Clothing Item Meant For Wearing In Less Formal Occasions As Office Wear, Nights Out Or Clubbing

The blazer is a bit more casually designed for men, but has a design that never loses its dapper appeal. This is an article of clothing that is meant for use in less formal occasions like office wear, clubbing, yachting and similar activities.

The look of a blazer falls between the sports coat and the suit jacket. It has more room; however, it has a fit similar to a sports coat, making it a great addition to a gentleman’s array of clothing accessories.

Blazers Have More Room And A Fit Similar To A Sports Coat

In the beginning, blazers often came in brighter colors; thus, the name it was provided with. Modern blazers now come in a wider range of colors from minimalist, neutral ones to the more original vivid colors.

Blazers Usually Come In Lighter Colors And Are Not Meant To Be Worn With Matching Trousers

Blazers are made up of sturdier materials compared to suit jackets and are more designed to contain its form; therefore, it is great as a standalone article compared to being a supplement to a suit ensemble. Flannel and wool are popular materials for blazers, however in countries with hotter climes, materials like cotton and silk are also available.

Blazers Are Made Of Sturdier Materials Compared To Suit Jackets – Such As Wool, Cotton, Linen And Flannel

The blazer is a versatile clothing item and it matches other items too like shirts and dress pants. It can perfectly complement more casual articles as well like jeans and T-shirts. Whenever you wear a blazer to an event, you can simply tweak its formal form by supplementing the item with appropriate casual clothing pieces.

Blazers Can Be Perfectly Matched With T-Shirt And Jeans In Casual Settings


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding blazers and suits:

Can a blazer be worn as a suit?

Color Blazer to Wear with Black Pants
A Blazer Can Be Easily Worn As A Suit – Just Find Trousers Of The Same Or Similar Fabrics

Yes, you’re able to wear a blazer as a suit if you want to. While a blazer is less formal, there are ways to make it look as close to a suit aesthetic as possible. It’s all about the right combination. If you’re going to go down this route, we recommend a navy or a black blazer as they’re the closest to suits when combined with a great button-down shirt and tie. 

Are suit jackets called blazers?

No. Instead, they are simply referred to as suit jackets. Because of their difference in appearance and purpose, they’re not able to share the same name. Blazers are jackets that resemble suit jackets but are cut in a more casual fashion, so they can be worn more frequently than suit jackets and be matched with more clothing options. 

Suit Jackets Cannot Be Called Blazers Because Of Their Difference In Purpose And Appearance

Are blazers formal attire?

Yes, and no. It’s considered appropriate for formal wear, but it’s not exactly considered to be 100% formal attire. You need to consider that blazers are purposely designed for casual attire but have formal elements to them, making them multipurpose. At the end of the day, a blazer is casual wear, but it gives casual looks a more formal appearance, and that’s the point. 

Blazers Are Not Considered To Be Formal Attire But At The Same Time Are Appropriate For Formal Wear

Can I wear a suit jacket and not have a tie?

Well, you can, but it’s not going to complete the look. A suit without a tie isn’t a true suit look. A tie is something that ‘ties’ everything together. A suit is only as good as its accessories, such as a tie, cufflinks, etc. So, if you’re going to wear a suit, we highly recommend you wear a tie too. 

You Can Wear A Suit Without A Tie But It Is Going To Look Incomplete. We Recommend To Always Wear a Tie With The Suit

Why do people wear blazers?

Blazers offer a new option to dress up better. Some outfits are extremely casual, like wearing jeans, basic chinos, etc., and with blazers, you can improve your look, bringing it up to a more formal standard while still remaining extremely casual. It can be the difference between a good outfit and a great one.

People Wear Blazers Because They Make Them Look Better

What are sports coats, and how are they different to blazers and suits?

While a blazer is a solid color and suit jackets are made using the same material as the rest of the suit, a sports coat takes things to a whole new level of casual. Sports coats are patterned jackets that you coordinate with other clothing items of a different pattern, fabric, etc. 

Sports Coats Are Mainly Patterned Jackets Which You Pair With Clothing Items Of A Different Fabric And Pattern

Final Thoughts on Blazer vs Suit

Thus, in making the choice between buying a blazer and a suit, which among the two should you pick? One simple suggestion is to buy the item that complements the occasions you are going to the most. For significantly formal occasions like charity balls or weddings, a suit ensemble is a no-brainer.

For less formal situations and office wear, you can always wear a blazer. Suits and blazers come in a wide range of styles, materials, fit and colors, so you won’t have any problems choosing one which will suit you, your style and the event the most.