How to Buy a Blazer: What to Look for?

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When it comes to purchasing a good blazer, a few factors need to be considered. While the perfect style, design, and material are hugely based on personal preference, most men lean towards what is currently fashionable.

If you are on the market for a stylish blazer, you have come to the right place. Our guide below will dive into how to buy a blazer: what to look for? We will be mentioning three critical factors that will affect whether or not your blazer attracts the right or the wrong kind of attention. So let’s get right into it!

Things to Look for When Buying a Blazer


Every man will have his own unique style and taste when it comes to fashion. With that being said, various materials are used to make blazers, meaning that men will have different opinions about which options are more attractive. However, as we said, most men will lean towards the most fashionable and comfortable choice.

Wool Is One Of The Best Fabrics For Blazers

Many fashion experts will tell you that wool is the best option when it comes to the blazer. This material is all-natural, making it breathable and light. One of the biggest challenges that men face when wearing a blazer is discomfort – for this reason, wool can be a great choice. On top of this, these blazers tend to look incredibly smart.

Style and Design

There are various styles available for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a blazer. The different styles and designs usually work well for specific occasions – for example, if you will be attending a business function, a plain and simple design usually works better than extravagant blazers that draw way too much attention. On the other hand, birthday parties or weddings call for a more individualized look.


There is no shortage of styles and choosing one might be harder than it seems. Let’s break down the styles so your next shopping spree is smooth sailing.

The Single-Breasted Jacket

These kinds of blazers are made with narrow lapels and have one, two, or three buttons. Only one row of buttons is seen when the blazer is closed.  They can double down as both official and casual wear depending on how they are styled.

Single Breasted Blazers Have Narrow Lapels And Can be One, Two or Three-Buttoned
The Double Breasted Blazer

Although the origin of these blazers is up for debate, they have left a mark in blazer history. These blazers include an overlap of materials that shows two rows of buttons when fastened. This blazer is strictly for formal settings. Let no red carpet look convince you that you can pull off the casual look with this piece.

The Double Breasted Blazer Is Strictly For Formal Events
American Style Blazer

This is a navy blue jacket that features soft shoulders, a patched or flap pocket, and a notched lapel

American Style Blazers Have Soft Shoulders, A Notched Lapel and a Patched Or Flap Pocket
English Style Blazer

These blazers are made to flatter the chest and have structured shoulders and drawn-in waists. They can be made in both double-breasted and single-breasted styles however the lapels vary based on the selected style.

English Style Blazers Have Structured Shoulders, Drawn-In Waists And Are Made To Flatter The Chest
Italian Style Blazers

These blazers are made from light material with very little structure and are meant to fall on the body naturally highlighting the wearer’s build.

Italian Style Blazers Are Made Of Light Fabrics And Are Built To Highlight The Wearer’s Build

When it comes to the latest trends and fashion, the 70’s style blazer is a stand-out option. This blazer has a large collar that extends down towards the midsection of the torso. If you want to come across as fashion-savvy as possible, 70’s style blazers are a great way to go.

Double-breasted blazers have a more old-fashioned feel to them than single-breasted blazers do. As a general rule, double-breasted blazers are also more formal and are hardly ever worn casually. If you plan on wearing your blazer to more semi-formal and laid-back business functions, a single-breasted option will work better for you.

Single Breasted Blazers Are More Suitable For Casual-Wear

Don’t shy away from our final three blazers because you don’t have to go across borders to get them and you can always create a hybrid of your own. Finally, when in doubt, always go for the single-breasted blazer. It is versatile and can work for you until you’re ready to dip into foreign waters.


Blazers come in various colors and patterns, making them the perfect clothing article to show off personality and individuality. However, some men make the mistake of going overboard when it comes to their attire, opting for brightly colored and intricately-detailed blazers that simply do not do them any justice.

Simple Pattern Or Plain Blazers Can Be Effective. Do Not Go Overboard With Blazer Designs. Stick To The Basics And Add A High Quality Tie

Simple blazers can be quite the fashion statement on their own – in fact, the most fashionable blazers are relatively plain. This clothing piece adds an element of formality and class to your appearance, allowing you to ooze confidence without even having to lift a finger. If you want to show off some of your personality, it will be a better idea to purchase some detailed cufflinks, a patterned tie, or some lapel pins.

Your existing wardrobe

We buy items to build onto pieces we already have. When buying a blazer, try to envision how it fits in with things you already own. Buying a blazer that has no place in your wardrobe simply means it will be collecting dust for years to come. Your closet, your rules but we have to make every piece count.


Arguably the most crucial thing that you should look for in a blazer is a good fit. Way too many men make the mistake of purchasing expensive and stylish blazers that end up looking boxy when worn.

Blazers are worn to make a man look stylish, formal, and powerful. But, if the blazer is the incorrect fit, all of these attractive qualities can be thrown out of the window. Instead, the blazer will draw unwanted attention, and it can even leave the wearer looking awkward.

To avoid this, you must try on your blazer and have a good look in the mirror before purchasing it. On top of that, you should ensure that the blazer’s different sections are correctly suited for your torso shape and size. We will take a look at this below.

man choosing the Blazer
Blazer Fit Is Crucial To Your Look

How to Fit the Parts of a Blazer

As we said, your blazer must fit you correctly in each of the sections. This will allow a comfortable, stylish fit that looks and feels great. Let’s consider each blazer section and what you need to know.

The Shoulders

There is a particular way in which a blazer’s shoulders and sleeves should fit around your arms. As a general rule, the shoulder seam must not extend beyond the end of your shoulder.

Shoulder Fit Rule – The Shoulder Seam Should Not Extend Beyond The End Of Your Shoulder

If you are between two sizes, it is always recommended that you go for the smaller option. Over time, the fabric’s fibers will stretch and loosen, meaning that it will eventually begin to feel slightly larger. However, if you purchase the larger size, you could end up looking as though your blazer is wearing you (not the other way around).

The Sleeves

When wearing the blazer, the sleeves should extend to your wrist bones. To be more specific, roughly ¼ of your shirt cuff should be visible when standing straight up with your arms by your side.

Correct Sleeve Length – The Sleeve Should Extend To The Wrist Bones

The Torso

When wearing a blazer, there should be enough room to button the jacket comfortably. With that being said, you should not be able to fit your fist in between your chest and the blazer.

Torso Fit Is Very Important. Pay Close Attention To It When You Choose Your Blazer

What is the ideal length for your blazer?

There’s only so much extra length your tailor can take off without throwing off the balance of your blazer. For this reason, always try to get it right while at the shop. For reference, your blazer should rest 1-2 inches above the top of your thighs.

The Ideal Blazer Length is 1-2 Inches Above The Top Of Your Thighs

Your blazer should always fully cover your backside when worn. If you are a taller gentleman, it is recommended that you go for a slightly longer option, as this will complement your frame. On the other hand, if you are shorter, look for a shorter blazer.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy a Blazer

Certain factors should be considered before purchasing a blazer. For example, the fit of the blazer is arguably its most crucial element. If the blazer is too large, it can leave you looking boxy and awkward, while a small blazer is uncomfortable to wear.

Style and design are also essential. As a general rule, plain and simple options are the best way to go. Lastly, you should look for a blazer made from a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable material, such as wool.