How to Iron a Blazer: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The blazer is an incredibly formal article of clothing that requires much more attention when cleaning and maintaining. If you do not look after your blazer correctly, you could end up with a permanently creased and damaged jacket that does no favors for your appearance.

When it comes to ironing your blazer, you need to ensure that you follow the necessary steps in order to prevent any burning. In this article, we will be discussing exactly how you should go about ironing your blazer.

Preparing The Blazer

Here is how to prep your blazer for ironing.

Check for any Stains

The first thing that you should do when preparing to iron your blazer is to check for any stains, dirt, or spots. It is important to note that heat will set in stains – in other words, after you are finished ironing, you will never be able to rid your blazer of these marks.

It is recommended that you wash or take your blazer to the dry cleaner before attempting to iron it. This should sufficiently clean your jacket so that it is prepped and ready to go.

Check the Material of the Blazer

Blazers are made from different materials. You should be able to find a label on the inside of your jacket that indicates exactly which material your blazer is made from – this will help you when setting the temperature of your iron.

Before You Start Ironing Check The Blazer’s Fabrics

If your blazer is made from linen or cotton, it is recommended that you set your iron to the hottest setting. If it is made from synthetic materials, such as nylon, acrylic, or silk polyester, you should set your iron to the coolest setting. Finally, if it is a polyester blend, corduroy or wool, use the cool-warm setting.

After Checking The Blazer Material – Set The Iron To The Correct Corresponding Heat

If you use the correct heat setting for each material, you shouldn’t have to worry about the fabric burning. However, it is always a good idea to test the iron on a hidden section of the blazer.

Ensure That Your Iron is Clean

If you iron your blazer with a dirty iron, you could leave behind residue, staining your jacket permanently. In order to avoid this, you should always use a damp cloth or a baking soda paste to wipe down the metal side of the iron before getting started.

Keep a Spray Bottle and Cloth on Hand

Before you get started, fill up a spray bottle with plain water. While ironing, you will need to spray small amounts of this water onto the blazer in order to prevent it from burning. More so, the heat will cause the water to turn into steam, smoothing the fabric out even more.

To Iron Your Blazer You Will Need An Ironing Board, A Spray Bottle And A Cloth

You should also find a clean cloth, as it will prevent the iron from leaving behind any shiny spots while smoothing out the wrinkles and creases.

How to Iron a Blazer
Before Ironing Get Rid Of As Many Creases As Possible

Ironing the Blazer

Next, we move onto the actual ironing.

Lay the Blazer Flat on Your Ironing Board

Once you have collected all of the necessary materials, you can set up your ironing board and plug the iron in. Lay the blazer out as gently and smoothly as possible, ensuring that you get rid of as many folds and creases as possible.

First Step Is To Lay Your Blazer Flat On The Ironing Board

As we have already mentioned, you may want to test the iron on a section that cannot be seen when the blazer is worn. If any marks or spots are left behind, you may need to adjust the heat setting in order to prevent the rest of the material from burning.

Press the Back Section First

Start by ironing the back section of the blazer first. As we have already discussed, you should spray small amounts of water onto the fabric before ironing it. Once this is done, cover the material with the cloth and begin ironing.

Start With The Back Section Of The Blazer By Spraying Small Amount Of Water Onto The Fabric
Continue By Pressing The Iron Down On Sections Of The Back

Instead of smoothing the iron over the fabric, rather press it down on sections of the back. Remember that your goal is to press out the creases, not to smooth them down.

Flip the Blazer Over and Iron The Front

Once you are confident that you have pressed out all of the wrinkles on the back of the blazer, you can flip it over. The front section should now face upwards.

Next Step Is To Flip The Blazer Over And Spray The Front Section
Then – Iron One Half Of The Front Section
Don’t Forget To Iron The Other Front Section Half Of The Blazer

Again, use the spray bottle to dampen the material and cover it with a clean cloth. Begin smoothing out any large wrinkles that can be seen on the lining of the blazer. Afterward, press the iron on all sections of the front panel, ensuring that you do not simply smooth over the creases.

Smooth the Sleeves Out

Lay the sleeves down on the board and smooth out as many wrinkles as possible before you begin to iron. Use the spray bottle to dampen a cloth and place this over both sleeves.

Last But Not Least – Iron The Sleeves – Front…
And Back…

Begin by ironing the center of the sleeves and slowly make your way towards the edges. If you want to make this task easier, you could invest in a sleeve board – this will keep the shape of the sleeves while you are ironing them.

Hang up Your Blazer

Once you are finished ironing the blazer, it is crucial that you hang it up and allow it to cool. If possible, use a padded hanger.

Allow Your Blazer To Coll Down By Hanging It Up


If you do not iron your blazer correctly, you could permanently damage and burn it. In order to avoid this, there are specific steps on how to iron a blazer that you should follow.

Knowing How To Iron Your Blazer Correctly Will Help You Keep It In The Best Possible Conditions For A Long Time

To prepare the blazer, make sure that it is properly clean. More so, you will want to clean your iron. After you have set up your ironing board, lay the blazer down as smoothly as possible. You can use a spray bottle to dampen the material and a clean cloth to protect it from the heat.

Start by ironing the back panel, followed by the front section. Once you have finished this, lay and smooth out the sleeves on the ironing board. Use a damp cloth to protect the material while you iron the sleeves. Finally, hang the blazer up with a padded hanger and leave it to cool.