How to Wash a Blazer at Home: A Beginner’s Guide

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Everybody knows that blazers are particularly difficult to clean at home. While you can take them to the dry-cleaners, this is a very expensive option and it is also inconvenient.

So, how do you go about washing a blazer at home? We will be discussing the secret way in which you can clean your ‘dry-clean only’ clothes without actually having to take them to the dry-cleaners.

How to Wash a Blazer: Instructions to Follow

Make Sure To Read The Fabric Label

You will notice that there is a little symbol on the fabric label of your blazer. The symbol’s purpose is to make you aware of how you should go about cleaning, drying, or ironing your clothing article.

You should find the list of each of the possible symbols and their meanings. This way, you will know what your blazer requires in order to be safely washed.

Do a Spot Test

If you are anxious to wash your blazer, the spot test should give you some peace of mind. Start by dripping a small amount of water onto an unseen part of the blazer, such as the inside seam. Take a cotton bud and rub it around the wet area. If the color begins to stain the bud, your blazer has to be taken to the dry-cleaners. However, if the bud remains, you can proceed with our technique.

Begin Washing

Remember that silk, wool, and delicate types of cotton are best suited for hand washing. However, linen, polyesters, and cotton are safe in the washing machine.

Washing Machine

If you are going to machine wash your blazer, you should always turn it inside out. There is a special mesh bag that can be used to hold delicate pieces of clothing when in the washing machine. If you have one of these (or are willing to purchase one), you should definitely use it when cleaning your blazer.

Make sure that the machine is set to cold wash. Add in very mild detergent and select the gentlest cycle option available. Once the washing machine is finished, remove your blazer and lay it out flat in a spot that it will be able to dry.

Hand Wash

For starters, make sure that your sink or tub is clean. There shouldn’t be any soap or detergent that has lined the basin as they may have an effect on your blazer.

Fill the tub with some cold water and add a very small amount of a mild detergent. Mix the water until it becomes milky – you can then dip your blazer into the basin until it is saturated.

Lay the blazer on the bottom of the sink and gently rub it with your fingers. You will be working the detergent into the material, which will remove any dirt. Once you feel that the garment is clean, you can remove it from the water and drain the basin.

However, you need to refill it with cold water – this time, do not add any detergent. Dip your blazer in and out of the clean water until it no longer appears soapy. Drain the basin again.

To dry, lay the garment flat on a clean towel. Gently rub the blazer up and down the towel, while squeezing slightly to remove any water. Repeat this process until the item of clothing is no longer sopping wet. You may need to use various clean towels.

Do Not Use The Tumble Dryer

Dry-cleaning clothes need to be handled as carefully as possible. This means that they should definitely not be stuffed into a tumble dryer. More so, you should never stretch or wring out your blazer.

After you have removed most of the water using the clean towels, you will be left with a damp but clean blazer. Your best bet would be to simply put the blazer on a clothing hanger and leave it in a dry area.

Certain clothing materials can dry in the sun. For example, if your blazer is made of polyester, it should be safe to leave it in the sun for an hour or so. However, if the garment is made of wool, avoid the sun at all costs. You will be left with a shrunken down and muted version of your previous blazer.

Tips to Remember when Washing a Blazer

Now that you know how to go about washing your blazer at home, you should save plenty of money each year on dry-cleaning. However, we still have a few tips to make your washing experience even safer.

Ensure That All The Pockets Of The Blazer Are Empty

It is essential that you check your garment pockets before throwing it in the washing machine or handwashing it. This is because some people like to keep pens in their pockets. You will be surprised by how many blazers are brought into the dry-cleaning because they have been stained by pen ink while being washed at home.

Know The Material Of Your Blazer

As mentioned, the different types of materials react differently to the sun. This is why it is important that you find out which material your blazer is made. If, for example, it is made from polyester, you can simply machine wash it and leave it to dry in the sun. However, silk blazers need to be hand washed and they should not be left in the sun.

Some Blazers Can Simply Go In The Tumble Dryer

It is much easier to simply throw your blazer in the tumble dryer than it is to spend time hand drying it with a towel. However, only a few blazers are actually suited for the tumble dryer. Once again, the label on your garment should tell you whether it has to be hand dried or not.


You should always check the fabric label and perform a spot test before you begin washing your blazer. If you can use the washing machine, make sure to put the blazer in a mesh bag. It is a better idea to hand wash silk and wool garments. Do not use the tumble dryer unless the label states otherwise – it is much safer to hand dry the blazer with a towel.

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