How to Wear a White Blazer for Males – 6 Best Ideas

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White blazers have two contradicting reputations: one of high-class elegance and another of cheap tack. When working out what to wear with your white blazer, this can be a tricky line to toe. However, it all starts with finding the right white blazer for you, then pairing it with other complementary items. We are going to start at the beginning and work our way through. Find out how in our guide to finding a white blazer and creating the perfect outfit for men.

Finding the Perfect White Blazer for You

Although there are many expensive white blazers on the market and a lot of cheap, tacky ones, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a jacket that will make you look top-notch. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of blazers, look for a few key features to narrow down your selection criteria.

Color: Yes, it’s called a white blazer. However, in reality, most nice white blazers are slightly off-white. This is because pure white can look like poor quality, and it shows the dirt really easily.

White Blazer Color

Material: Try to find non-synthetic materials for your white blazer, especially since men’s blazers are looser and more casual than suit jackets, so tend to be unlined, meaning there’s no barrier against your skin and the material.

Instead of synthetics, opt for soft fabrics, which wick up sweat, keep you cool in the summer, and are better for the environment. Cotton is an affordable option you’ll find in most stores. Should you be on the market for a more expensive blazer, consider linen, made from the flax plant, and widely deemed to be the best white blazer material.

Cotton White Blazer

Not only is linen natural and comfortable, but it also offers an uber-luxurious finish. There’s no question why the fashion geniuses at Gucci and Prada use linen for their white blazers!

Fit: Blazers are less fitted and structured than tuxedo jackets, so you should look for a white blazer that suits your body shape. That said, you can find white blazers with tapered bodies and cuffs to flatter your shape. During the pandemic, you may not be able to try on your blazer before you purchase it, so be sure to check the reviews to find out advice on sizing!

Detail: The simplicity of white blazers makes any detail really pop, so make sure you like the detail on the blazer you choose. Consider the attractiveness of 2 and 4-buttoned blazers, and watch out for cool features on the cuffs.

What to Wear Under a White Blazer

Take inspiration from Hollywood icons, often seen wearing white blazers with light-colored shirts underneath. A simple blue or pink shirt, with a few buttons undone, and perhaps the sleeves rolled up over the white blazer, is a fail-safe go-to.

White Blazer with light colored blue shirt

However, you can also get more creative. Try a dark turtle neck for contrast – you could even wear a deep jewel-colored high neck underneath.

Dark Blue Turtleneck with White Blazer

If you want your white blazer to be your focal piece, then opt for casual blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt underneath, leaving some of the material to show on your chest. However, this doesn’t look great if you take your blazer off or even unbutton it.

Black T-Shirt and Blue Jeans with White Blazer

White Blazer Outfit Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

The white blazer is a statement piece on its own and can be a little intimidating to pull off. Here are a few ways to pull it off like a pro

With jeans

Jeans are a comfortable look to step out of the house, however staying comfortable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Pairing a white jacket with your favorite dark jeans is a look that will get you all the right nods. Always keep your pants fitting and dare I say slim fitting to let the jacket do all the talking. Put on a casual light blue shirt to offset the blazer’s white. A dark blue necktie with tiny white patterns is optional but it brings an additional touch of elegance and style into the outfit. You can also add a blue pocket square on white dots and a blue and white knitted belt – details that will bring your look to another level.

White Blazer with Dark Blue Jeans

With an all-black ensemble

The black-and-white look may seem tacky to some people however if a white blazer lives in your closet, you’re probably bold enough to bring the sass into any outfit you rock. Match the white blazer with black jeans or pants, black dress shirt and a pair of black suede Chelsea boots. Brighten an otherwise void look by adding this statement piece and be the standout at any party.

All-Black Ensemble

With shorts

If you’re not experimenting with your closet during summer then you’re missing out. The ladies are out and about and it’s time to turn heads by showing some legs while maintaining the aura of style. Pair a bright short with a darker t-shirt or a neutral short like gray to match a striped t-shirt. It’s summer so you have to keep your eyes protected with a good pair of sunglasses and your legs comfortable with a casual shoe like pair of trainers.

White Blazer with Shorts

With a pink shirt

White and pink is perhaps one of the most popular looks for a white blazer. Lifetime movies may have something to do with that and hey, it works! Show off your masculinity by pairing this look with beige or grey trousers and stun at the next party you attend.

White Blazer with a Pink Shirt

With a turtleneck

The turtle neck is blazer gold. It looks great, it keeps you warm, and is in general a win. That’s no exception for the white blazer. It pairs well with light jeans or trousers and is for sure a head turner. Match the white blazer with a gray turtleneck and light blue jeans and enjoy this exquisite outfit.

White Blazer with a Turtleneck

With black pants

Not wearing an entirely black outfit doesn’t automatically disqualify you from the white blazers club. You can easily pair this with black trousers, a white dress shirt and step out without having a strange glance from naysayers. Add a dark gray patterned tie and a gray pocket square to complete the outfit.

White Blazer with Black Pants

When picking a white blazer, remember the blazer is the statement. So try to invest in a good quality blazer that has rolled-up seams and patch pockets. More importantly, just because your blazer isn’t pearl white doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.

What Kind of Trousers/Shorts to Wear with a White Blazer

The trousers you wear can transform your outfit from casual to elegant. For example, go for some casual, neutral-colored chinos, paired with one of the light-colored shirts mentioned above, for daytime relaxation. Channel Hollywood red carpets by switching to dark, blue tailored trousers for an evening date or a work event.

Casual daytime outfit with neutral colored chinos and light color shirts

Wherever you’re wearing your white blazer and trouser combination, the key rule is that the trousers need to be fitted. Since blazers are not as fitted as suit jackets, you’ll need relatively tight, fitted trousers to keep the look flattering. This will also have the added effect of making your shoulders look broader.

Evening date outfit with dark blue checkered trousers, white shirt and a blue knit tie

Or you could opt for shorts. Nothing says swanky pool party better than a white blazer and bright shorts. Popular options include salmon pink and mint green. While these look great, you could branch out and show off your style with some neons: think bright pink and dazzling blue! Although the color looks great when clashing against the white blazer, you should try to find shorts of a similar material to pull your look together.

How to Accessorize a White Blazer

When you’re accessorizing a white blazer, less is definitely more. Because of the clean background it provides, too many accessories can make the outfit look tacky and messy. However, the white background also means that, provided you choose your accessories wisely, they can really pop. If you love your accessories, make sure you choose a white blazer without much detail – for example, avoid blazers with outlandish, extravagant buttons.

Coordinate your accessories with your top, trousers, and shoes. If you’re wearing khaki chinos, perhaps go for brownish sunglasses and red or burgundy pocket square.

White Blazer Accessories

Remember that the accessories you wear will really pop against your white blazer. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to pull out your favorites…maybe that expensive watch or your bright hat!

What Kind of Shoes to Wear with a White Blazer

Which shoes you pair with your white blazer really depends on the full outfit. If you’re wearing a white blazer with shorts, you can’t go wrong with simple summer loafers, boots, trainers or boat shoes. Every man should have a pair of neutral, throw-on-any-day loafers! Although there are some great colorful boat shoes and loafers out there, we wouldn’t recommend it – your white blazer is the statement piece, not your shoes!

Shoes for a White Blazer

Final Thoughts on How to Wear a White Blazer for Males

And there you have it – a guide on how to wear a white blazer for males. White blazers are great, versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe. Because they can be worn in so many different ways, they’re a great staple piece for people with small closets or with a low fashion budget. The color of white blazers also makes them a fabulous opportunity for you to show off your best accessories, be that a Rolex, unbranded sunglasses, or colorful pocket squares!