Best Summer Blazers for Men to Wear in 2024

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Summer may not seem like the season to add layers on, especially if you live in a humid or warm climate (or a combination of both). But there are events and reasons why adding a blazer to your look can make a whole world of difference.

Whether it’s a wedding, a business lunch, or just a get-together, having a nice blazer will give you a look and feel of being put together. But, in order to do this during the summer, you need to make sure you find a lightweight yet stylish option.

There are a lot of great choices out there, and this may make guys a little stressed out. Don’t worry; we’ve got you! We have sifted through tons of options to find some of the best summer blazers for men. We looked at the fit, the fabric, the color selection, the design, and the price to find something for everyone.

Here is how we looked at each and used them to make our final decisions:

Fit – When looking at the fit, you really want to focus on the shoulders. The rest of the jacket can be tailored, but the shoulders are untouchable. You also want to decide if you want a traditional fit or a more modern fit, which tends to be slimmer.

Fabric – In the summer, you want lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton blends or linen.

Color Selection – Color will, of course, need to depend on your wardrobe base, but in the summer months, it is best to go with lighter colors and patterns.

Design – This is a preference thing. But when looking at the design, you want to pay attention to the lapels and buttons as well as pockets.

Price – This once again is determined by your budget. But you want to make sure, like with anything, you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

After weighing each blazer against these features, we narrowed down our list. Below we will take an in-depth look at each of the designs for you and find out which summer blazer will give you the best fit.

Comparison Chart

uxcell Slim Fit Men’s Suit Jacket
Best Choice
GAESHOW Slim Fit Suit Jacket
Best Price
Original Penguin Men’s Sport Coat
Best Design

Best Summer Blazers for Men Reviews

Uxcell Slim Fit Blazer

The first blazer we are looking at that is a good option for your summer wardrobe is this model from Uxcell. It is a casual lightweight slim-fit design that could just be what you need to elevate your look for those summer get-togethers.


  • 100% cotton shell
  • 100% polyester lining
  • 1-button closure
  • Slim fit
  • Notched lapel
  • Single-breasted cut
  • Padded shoulders
  • Machine washable
  • Available in multiple colors

There is a lot to say about this amazing lightweight blazer that is great for any kind of summer event you may have to attend. Above all this, we chose this blazer for its fabric. It is a perfect weight for summer and all year because it is crafted with durable materials that can stand up to the test of time. The sleeves of its jackets can be pushed up or left down easily, depending on the event or your style. This classic looking option is easily one of the best out there.

Now that doesn’t mean that there are not any flaws with the blazer and its design. The fabric is durable, but even still, we feel that this is an event blazer, not an everyday one. On top of that, it is not designed for taller men as the body may fall a little short even with the right size.


  • The fabric has a good weight, which will enhance the durability
  • Design of blazer has a classic look
  • Shoulders are padded but not too much
  • Sleeves are roomy enough to wear up or down


  • Not an everyday type of blazer
  • May not be long enough for a taller gentleman


Perry Ellis Blazer

Perry Ellis is one of the top men’s designers and has been delivering quality pieces for decades. This linen blazer from Perry Ellis is designed for comfort and style and will easily complete your summer wardrobe.


  • Cotton/linen blend (46%/54%)
  • 2-button closure
  • Notched lapel
  • Single chest pocket
  • Front flap pockets
  • Dry clean only
  • Fully lined
  • Single vent
  • Regular fit

If you want a versatile blazer, then this one from Perry Ellis is a nice option. Perry Ellis is one of the brands that you will know even if you’re not into fashion. They have built up a reputation, and this linen blazer definitely lives up to it. It is crafted with high-quality materials. The tight weave of the linen makes it a soft feel.

However, we found a few issues with the piece that we think you should know before making your decision. Linen is traditionally a wrinkly material. So you will have to watch that if you are trying to stay fresh and crisp. Also, if you are a bigger guy, the cut of the body may lead to issues with buttons not being able to be buttoned.


  • Blazer is easy to dress up or down
  • Good quality linen materials enhance the comfort and durability
  • The length of the sleeves and body are nice
  • Tight weave linen lends a soft feel to the jacket


  • The use of linen in the design leads to easy wrinkling
  • Larger framed men may have a problem with buttons not closing


Cole Haan Slim Fit Blazer

Another great name brand designer brings us the next summer blaze that we feel is worth a look at. Cole Haan isn’t just a shoe company; it brings tons of amazing apparel as well as this slim fit blazer.


  • Wool/spandex blend (98%/2%)
  • 2-button closure
  • Ventilated mesh yoke
  • Coolmax lining
  • Hidden vertical zip pocket
  • Dual vents
  • 4-button sleeve

When you hear the name Cole Haan you may automatically think about shoes as most of us do. However, this brand has some pretty stunning apparel. That includes this blazer that is crafted with a wool/spandex blend. This blend brings so many benefits to this blazer, from the extra mobility to improved comfort. Plus, the limited lining makes the jacket even lighter for the perfect summer wear.

Like with any name brand blazer, you have to expect a little higher price tag. This is actually one of the biggest issues with this jacket. If you’re working with a limited budget, you may want to look at one of our other options. The jacket also runs a little big, so make sure to check your measurements before you purchase the blazer.


  • Pick stitching around lapel and pocket flaps maximizes the durability
  • Blazer uses a wool and spandex blend for more mobility
  • Comes designed with plenty of pockets
  • Very little lining helps make the jacket lighter


  • Some may feel the price tag is a little steep
  • Issues with the jacket run a little large


GAESHOW Slim Fit Blazer

The next blazer that we are looking at is a 1-button closure slim-fit model from GAESHOW. It is a lightweight jacket that is designed with tons of features that make it a great summer blazer.


  • Poly/Cotton blend (75% polyester/ 19%cotton/ 6% spandex)
  • 1-button closure
  • Notched lapel
  • 4 button cuff
  • Single vent

Often the word heavy when discussing a summer blazer is bad, but that is only if it is too heavy. With this blazer, you get a heavier jacket in order to help maintain the structure but not so heavy that it isn’t uncomfortable to wear even in the hot summer days. With this blazer, our favorite thing is the versatility you have. You can choose some pretty cool cuts and patterns that will give you a trendy look.

That being said, there are a few issues that we have with the blazer. The first is with the length of the body, as we find it a little short for some guys. This is especially true if you have a larger rear end. Our other issue is with the color differences from the image on the site to the actual product. They seem to be off quite regularly.


  • The stitching used on the blazer is top-notch and improves the usability
  • Heavy enough to give the blazer good structure
  • Price versus value is good when compared to competitors
  • Blazer is designed with a trendy pattern and cut


  • Some issues with the blazer being too short
  • Colors may not be exactly the same as in pictures


Original Penguin Blazer

Our last blazer comes from Original Penguin and is a plaid modern fit with extra flare. Lined with patterned material and fitted with a tapered cut, this blazer is lightweight and perfect for those summer days.


  • Wool/Poly blend (52% wool / 46% polyester / 2% spandex)
  • 2-button closure
  • Double-vented
  • Notched lapel
  • Slim fit
  • Soft shoulder design

This tapered modern fit blazer from Original Penguin is easily one of the best on the market today for many reasons. The piece uses a wool polyester blend that also has a little spandex included. This gives the jacket a little stress and makes it easier to move in. On top of that, it is fitted with a patterned lining and pocket square that gives it more style.

But like with everything else, there are some things that could be a problem for some. The first is that it is not easy to clean as it can only be maintained by using dry cleaners. Also, the wool polyester blend is nice, but it might be a warmer option compared to a cotton or linen blend blazer.


  • The inclusion of spandex will help with the comfort of movement
  • Designed with a printed pull out pocket square
  • The lining is patterned to add more style
  • Tapered modern fit can be used for any occasion


  • The blazer can only be cleaned using dry cleaning
  • A wool/poly blend may not be as cool as other options


Final Thoughts

Summer festivities are fun, and many of them will require you to get a little more dressed up. You can often get away with throwing a blazer over whatever you are wearing and hitting the party like that. But it is hot in the summer, so you want to make sure that the blazer is breathable, able to move with your body, and lightweight. The blazers we looked at above are some of the best summer blazers for men, in our opinion. We just hope that we have helped you find one that is the right one for you.