Best Men’s Slim Fit Blazers to Purchase in 2021

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We’ve all heard that slim fit fashion is the new trend, but what does it actually mean? A slim fit blazer aims to flatter your silhouette, tightly wrapping around your core with little to no excess fabric. However, if you plan to buy a new slim fit blazer, you must ensure that there is still some room to move. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and restricted.

The best men’s slim fit blazers should simply hug your body without being too tight or too loose. Here we will look at five options to get you started in finding the right one for you. Read on to find out more about our top picks of this year!

Comparison Chart

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slim Fit Blazer
Best Choice
GEEK Lighting Slim Fit Blazer
Best Price
MAGE MALE Slim Fit Blazer
Best Design

Best Men’s Slim Fit Blazers Reviews

MOGU Men’s Blazer


MOGU is a popular Chinese fashion brand known for its stylish, cost-effective, and quality products around the world. This model comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from traditional brown and navy to bold colors, such as yellow, red, green, and more.


This MOGU blazer is an affordable piece of clothing. It showcases ultimate elegance and style due to its classic cut with modern accents. Designed for a slim fit, this will hug your body gently while allowing for plenty of space.

Depending on the color you choose, you can wear it to a wedding, party, for a night out with your friends, or to a business meeting.

The blazer jacket is extremely versatile and does not restrict your choices. You can perfectly match it with shirts, T-shirts, and almost any type of pants. This product is an exquisite choice for a gift, especially given the wide range of colors available.

The slim fit blazer must be chosen according to your chest measurements. All you need to do is check how many inches around you are and then pick the corresponding size.

On the other hand, this product does not have a chest pocket. It only comes with a pre-attached fabric square, which needs to have the stitching undone.


  • Fabric quality is surprising for such an affordable price tag
  • Ideal for any occasion, including weddings, work, parties, and more
  • Product is suitable as a gift, especially given the wide range of colors available
  • One-button closure and classic style with modern accents


  • Chest pocket needs its stitching undone


Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim-Fit Blazer


Kenneth Cole has three different clothing lines. KCNY comes with a wide variety of wool products and is ideal for stretch lovers. The Reaction line, including this product, is both tech-savvy and travel-smart. Finally, Kenneth Cole manufactures the classy Unlisted line, which is ideal for an elevated look.


This Kenneth Cole slim fit blazer checks all the boxes in terms of style and elegance. It is smart, fashionable, and extremely comfortable. It comes with plenty of pockets and is ideal for traveling, attending official events, or even going to work.

The slim fit blazer comes as a blend of 70% polyester and 30% rayon and is made of high-quality materials and strong stitching. It can only be dry cleaned. The button closure is classy, standard, and offers the slim fit you are looking for. It features two side pockets and one chest pocket to hold all of your belongings.

Although it is still affordable compared to other high-end products, this blazer is more expensive than other products on our list. However, it has an excellent fit and a stylish pattern that makes it worth every cent.


  • Made of 70% polyester and 30% rayon
  • Has a classic button closure
  • Features spacious pockets in great places
  • Great quality and has a great fit


  • Product is quite pricey compared to similar jackets


Beninos Men’s Slim Fit Blazer


If you are looking for a blazer that makes a true statement, look no further. This Beninos slim fit blazer is ideal for young, casual souls and has a modern, stylish design that goes perfectly with jeans.


The Beninos slim fit blazer is ideal for young people who want to sport a casual yet fashionable look. For the best results, you can match it with a white shirt, jeans or khaki pants, and some casual shoes. You can wear this amazing outfit for business, formal events, or parties.

This blazer is not only the perfect fit, but it is also lightweight for maximum comfort. You can move with ease and match it with numerous tops, pants, and shoes. The one-button design might not be a traditional look, but it has become more and more popular nowadays, especially among young people.

Beninos provides great quality clothing while focusing on customer expectations and meeting them successfully. This is also the case with this blazer, which comes at an incredibly affordable price. There are no reasons for not adding this item to your wardrobe, as it will surely come in handy as soon as a new event is coming up!


  • Quality materials, youth-friendly clothing options
  • Casual, one-button design can be worn for almost any occasion
  • Inside pocket where you can keep your keys, phone, or wallet
  • Excellent price makes this product a must-have
  • Great gift idea for your loved ones and the blazer is true to size


  • Not suitable for all ages




If you have a huge party coming up, this is your go-to solution. It is bold, stylish, and extremely expressive. However, all of this comes at a cost – it must be hand-washed! MAGE MALE is a brand that symbolizes freedom and strength, and their designs showcase it as much as possible.


MAGE MALE seems to be right on the spot with their designs. This exquisite blazer is a true show of personality and boldness. It has a delicate floral print, and it is made of a polyester viscose blend.

Furthermore, the single-breasted blazer has a 2-button closure for a classy look, tempering down its young-looking floral print. This elegant design can be worn at any formal event, such as proms, weddings, and parties. This might be the right gift choice for a husband or a boyfriend.

This blazer’s beautiful design comes at a cost, though. You can only hand-wash it with care, and it is recommended to hang it whenever you do not use it. This prevents creases. However, if you want to iron it, you can do so slightly with a low temperature. The fabrics are highly sensitive, so it is best to avoid ironing if possible.


  • Floral design is a bold personality and fashion statement
  • Made of quality materials that will not wear
  • Has a two-button closure system
  • Suitable for any informal or formal event


  • Must be hand-washed


GEEK Lighting Slim Fit Blazer


Finally, our last pick is a cotton blend with a young, yet classy look. The Asian brand is well-known for its quality products, and this one stands out because of its minimalistic, generous design.


This GEEK Lighting blazer is a one-button closure piece of clothing that is made of cotton and polyester. It can be dry cleaned for easy maintenance, and it is made of quality fabrics.

The design is modern, lightweight, and comfortable. Some of its highlights include a left chest pocket, two front pockets, an inside pocket, and a notch lapel. These classic elements are beautifully combined with a fresh appearance, ensuring elegance and a minimalistic footprint.

The blazer can be worn casually, and it is a great choice for any occasion. It is soft and skin-friendly. What is more, the quality of the fabric is outstanding, so the materials will not crease easily. However, if this happens, you can solve it with quick steam.

One drawback is that when you place the order, you need to use US sizes. This can be confusing, as the blazer’s label displays Asian sizes. Luckily, the company offers clear size suggestions, according to which you can pick the right fit for your needs.


  • Elegant, yet casual with modern and classic elements
  • Has numerous pockets suitable for many accessories and items
  • Minimalistic design can be matched with different shirts and pants
  • Does not crease lightly, is extremely comfortable, and does not irritate the skin


  • Blazer’s label displays Asian sizes, not US sizes, which can be confusing



All in all, a slim fit blazer is a must-have element in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you need a casual one, a more elegant design, or a real bold statement of your personality, our list comes with plenty of suggestions. Also, a good-quality, yet affordable blazer, such as the GEEK Lighting Blazer, is an inspired choice as a gift for any husband, brother, boyfriend, or father.

For a daring person, MAGE MALE is a brand with a strong reputation when it comes to freedom of expression. Their affordable blazers have a bold floral print that will make you stand out from the crowd. Match it with an appropriate shirt and get ready to attend the next big event in your life, whether it is a wedding, a prom, or even a yacht party. Options are unlimited, and so must be your imagination!

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