MOGU Men’s Slim Fit Blazer Review

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A blazer is an essential piece for both sexes. Men should have a least one blazer in their wardrobe since it is a practical and versatile clothing item. If you are fond of dressing up in jeans and T-shirts, but want to up the style a few notches, you can improve the ensemble with the right blazer. Blazers are less formal compared to suits, so you can really take advantage of their look and cut. If you are looking for a blazer that’s right up your alley, you can check out this review of the MOGU Men’s Slim Fit Sports Coats and Blazer.

MOGU Men’s Slim Fit Blazer



  • Has single-breasted design
  • Comes with 2-button closers and a center back vent
  • Has full-lined design
  • Includes 2 flap pockets and 2 internal chest pockets
  • Needs dry cleaning for maintenance


When it comes to selecting the right blazer for your looks, you have to consider style, fit and color. You do not really want a blazer that is too tight or too large for your built, or one that clashes with the color of your other clothing items. The blazer should have a close fit, but not be too tight that it feels uncomfortable. The blazer, like this model from Mogu, is no longer exclusive to formal events and school wear; these days men can wear them casually with a nice pair of shorts and a shirt for clubbing or less formal events. This Mogu blazer comes with two buttons and two flap pockets, which means it will go well with a pair of pants for a casual look. You can pair this one with denim jeans as well.

When it comes to blazers though, many men often wonder whether they should opt for a single-breasted model or one with a double-breasted design? American-style blazers often come single breasted while English ones tend to be double breasted, meaning it comes with 3 buttons or more. English models typically have a more structured shoulder line and build up in the chest area. In terms of colors, American styles often come in navy blue.

As mentioned earlier, the single-breasted kind comes with 2 buttons on the front while the flaps sufficiently overlap to make way for easier buttoning. The double-breasted kind comes with 2 rows of buttons and its front overlaps enough so both flaps can be fastened to the other button row.


What you select between the two will be based on your personal preference. Furthermore, there are more men who prefer the looks of a single-breasted item compared to the double-breasted jacket; therefore, more guys go for the former. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages plus, they also cater to a variety of body types.

The single-breasted kind is more versatile compared to the other jacket because men can wear it dressed up or down. Depending on the items it is matched with, it can either make a look casual and laidback, or dapper and stylish. Double-breasted styles are more formal since they need to be buttoned all the time. Hence if you want to wear a blazer to all kinds of events, whether it’s just a simple trip to the club or a wedding, you can go for the single-breasted model like this one from Mogu.

This product comes with a true size and has a neat, excellent cut and look. It is a great piece that can be worn during a night out around town, or you can wear it for weddings and other less formal events. It is made from a material that is a bit heavy, so it will suit colder weather more. Another great thing about the product is that it comes in a nice range of colors and designs.


One drawback of this product is that it is not what it claims in terms of the fit—it’s supposedly a slim fit type of jacket; however, it is a bit larger in the chest part, making it more of a regular fit kind of blazer. We have previously mentioned that this item is made with a heavier fabric as well—while we like this feature and consider it a nice piece to wear during colder weather, you might not be comfortable wearing this blazer throughout the year. Men who are after versatile styles might not be into this.


The MOGU Men’s Slim Fit Sports Coats and Blazer has an excellent design, colors and is true to size. It’s a great piece to wear for events that are a bit formal, but do not have a black tie code. If you want something that is a bit dressier than a sports jacket, you should check out this item. This is also a great blazer to have around whenever the weather is in a transitional phase. 

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