Best Men’s Navy Blazers of 2022: Best Picks

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Blazers are versatile, fashionable pieces that are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. They are less formal than a suit but still more formal than a sport coat, thus they are recommended for almost any occasion. Blazers are office-appropriate, especially when they are navy.

Keep reading to find out the best men’s navy blazers available on the market.

Comparison Chart

Dockers Men’s 2-Button Blazer
Best Choice
Amazon Brand Goodthreads Slim-Fit Wool Blazer
Best Price
Craft & Soul Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Textured Blazer
Best Design

Best Men’s Navy Blazers Reviews

Amazon Brand Goodthreads Slim-Fit Wool Blazer

Goodthreads men’s wool blazer is an all-time great piece that provides warmth. It can be combined with jeans for a casual look or taken up a notch for a dressed-up appearance.


This slim-fit blazer is made of 50% wool and 40% polyester, and the remaining percentage consists of other fibers. Although it is imported, the quality is nothing short of impressive. It sports a button closure, and given the sensitivity of the wool, the blazer cannot be washed in a conventional washing machine. Rather, it must be dry cleaned only.

The blazer is surprisingly soft to the touch and warm, making it ideal for the winter months. The heavyweight wool is extremely versatile and can be combined with countless other clothing elements to end up with either a casual, relaxed look or a more formal appearance.

Apart from the seam binding, the blazer is extremely generous when it comes to the design. It has three exterior pockets and two interior pockets, and it is extremely comfortable. The sizes available include slim-fit, standard fit, and alpha sizes.

Goodthreads is well-known for its exquisite craftsmanship in all of their clothing items. They provide reinforced stitching to make the product extremely durable. It also offers very precise fits, as it is necessary to always wear the right size. What is more, the blazer comes at an extremely affordable price.

For an easy and put-together appearance, the Amazon Brand blazer is the perfect, stylish choice. An absolute wardrobe essential, the Goodthreads collection is crafted using next-level designs and materials.


  • Comfortable, velvety, and soft wool ensures warmth
  • Comes with various outside and inside pockets for all your belongings
  • Slim fit and standard fit sizes are available
  • Made of superior, durable materials and quality stitching


  • Blazer is not domestically manufactured
  • Only dry cleaning is allowed


Haggar Men’s Navy Blazer

The Haggar Men’s classic coat comes in a navy, plaid color with a standard fit. It has a polished, formal look to it and is suitable for office use or for formal events and occasions.


Coming at an excellent price, the Haggar Men’s navy coat seems to be a dream come true. It is made of 52% viscose and 48% polyester. Similar to the first option, it is also manufactured abroad.

A great highlight is the 2-button closure, as it offers an elegant, stylish touch. This makes it suitable for formal attire. Due to the materials it is made of, it is best not to put it in the washing machine. Rather, dry cleaning only is advised.

Another great aspect is the side vents that prevent overheating. Additionally, the fact that it is fully lined and has 4-button sleeves makes it the ideal choice for a professional meeting or any time you want to stand out from the crowd.

You can match the navy coat with a classic-style, light blue shirt to achieve a well-groomed, polished look. Make sure you use your imagination to make the best out of this clothing item. The plaid pattern offers distinguished sophistication, as well as a classic and tidy look.


  • Made of high-quality viscose and polyester
  • Has an affordable price tag
  • 2-button closure ensures convenience and a formal look
  • Classic look is suitable for most body styles


  • Plaid pattern might be too formal for some


Dockers Men’s 2-Button Blazer

As a modern choice, this 2-button blazer can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. It has an elegant look and a classic navy design that is sure to impress.


This Dockers 2-button blazer is made of 68% polyester, 30% rayon, and 2% spandex. This means that the fabric is slightly stretchy, ensuring a perfect, yet comfortable fit. There is freedom of movement, and it complements any formal outfit well.

The blazer does not have any inside pockets, but the front patch pockets offer plenty of space for your phone, keys, or wallet. Furthermore, the 2-button closure is not only classic, but it is made to provide a stand-out accessory – gold buttons that add a touch of elegance.

The blazer can be matched with a wide range of light-colored clothing. It can be used during all seasons due to the versatile fabrics, and you can easily create both formal and casual outfits. One main benefit is the stretchy fabrics that ensure that the fit is perfect. This also provides extra comfort while looking your best!


  • Classic, yet modern clothing piece ideal for formal occasions, such as weddings
  • Highly versatile, can be worn during all seasons
  • Has two spacious, outside pockets
  • Made of stretchy materials to ensure perfect fit and comfort when moving and sitting


  • Lacks inside pockets


US Polo Assn Men’s Sport Coat

If you are looking for a great quality, professional-looking sport coat, this one should be high on your list. Made with 100% cotton, nothing else showcases elegance more than this blazer.


This US Polo Men’s blazer is an imported blazer that is made of 100% cotton and the utmost quality. It has a classic 2-button closure that allows for freedom of movement.

It also features 4 buttons on the cuffs, but they only act as an accessory, as they are not functional. This might be an issue if you are used to conventional cuffs, but it’s a great, formal accessory that should not be missing from any formal coat.

This product also boasts a notched lapel. This is an important detail that’s sewn into the collar of the blazer at an angle, which creates a step effect. It’s the standard on most blazers, suit jackets, and even sports jackets.

The blazer can only be dry cleaned. It features a classic chest pocket, 4 spacious interior pockets, and a welt pocket on the front.


  • Made of 100% quality cotton for the best experience
  • Has 2-button closure for optimal fit
  • Includes a collar-sewn notch lapel for a classy style
  • Suitable for any formal events


  • Buttons on the cuffs are not functional


Craft & Soul Slim-fit Stretched Blazer

This excellent Craft & Soul model comes with a traditional 2-button closure and is made of 75% polyester, 21% rayon, and 4% spandex, ensuring complete comfort and convenience. The soft-blended textured materials provide a sophisticated look without compromising on versatility.


This Craft & Soul blazer stands out because of its craftsmanship. It is carefully designed by professionals with more than four decades of experience. The fit is customizable and extremely diverse, being available in 14 different sizes that also cover standard short, regular, or long sizes.

In terms of quality, the Craft & Soul stretch blazer is one of the best on the market. Its exquisite materials are blended together with careful attention to every single detail. The design shows off the passion for quality, while the manufacturing process follows the highest standards.

The Craft & Soul blazer sports a year-round style. It is the ultimate expression of fashion and style, and it is a true symbol of your personality. As a result, the blazer is highly versatile, whether you want to wear it at work, on a night out with your friends, or during a special occasion, such as a wedding. Regardless of your needs, the Craft & Soul blazer is one of the best fitting clothing items with a soft, velvety feel, and superior quality.

This blazer checks all the boxes in terms of fit, quality, versatility, and style. It is a must-have component of your wardrobe, and it can be matched with numerous dressy or casual outfits. The textured fabric makes it stand out without adding too much detail, so your imagination can run free and combine with other different colors and styles for a personalized look.


  • Stretchy materials allow for comfort and convenience
  • Has a 2-button closure with beautiful white encasing of the buttons
  • Tailored for a slim fit, extremely stylish, and can be both dressy and casual
  • Highly versatile, suitable for any purposes


  • Tight fit might be inappropriate for larger body shapes



All in all, choosing the best blazer is not exactly a straightforward task. You must consider the outfit you can match it with and the occasion it is suitable for. There are also other details to consider, such as materials, the fit, the color, how many pockets would make you comfortable, and even the presence of buttons on your cuffs.

If you are still in doubt, we recommend the US Polo Assn blazer that is made of 100% cotton. It is versatile, comfortable, and has numerous spacious pockets. However, if you prefer stretchy fabrics, the Craft & Soul blazer is excellent in terms of quality and craftsmanship. It is tailored to a slim fit, so make sure you order the right size for your needs.

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