How to Wear a Velvet Blazer for Men

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In recent years, the velvet blazer has been making an appearance in fashion shows and catalogs all over the world. There is one plain and simple reason for this: when paired with complementary accessories and attire, it can look incredible.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your wardrobe, look no further than a velvet blazer. However, as you will soon discover, this jacket will only do you justice when worn with specific clothing.

Below, we will be discussing a few clothing items that complement the velvet blazer well, including turtlenecks, jeans, collared shirts, and a few accessories.

The Velvet Tuxedo Blazer

If you have a formal event coming up, a velvet blazer may just be the perfect wardrobe choice. More so, you could pair the jacket with a plain tuxedo in order to add an element of class, style, and charm to your look.

The most basic rule of wearing a velvet blazer is to keep it simple, sleek, and neat. With this in mind, it is not recommended that you go for crazy colors or bold patterns. Instead, let the fabric of your blazer be the star of the look – trust us, it will attract plenty of positive attention.

Introduce A Maroon Velvet Blazer Into The Tuxedo Look For All Kinds Of Formal Events

If you will be attending a super formal event, opt for a plain black velvet blazer. If you are dressing up for a wedding, a party, or a work function, darker colors, such as midnight blue or purple, can look great.

The Velvet Blazer and Turtleneck

The turtleneck is a European garment that will definitely add some charm and mystery to your appearance. Pair one of these shirts with a velvet blazer, and you will be sure to be the subject of many impressed stares.

As we have already mentioned, it is very important that you do not go overboard with the color or pattern of the blazer. Instead, choose a turtleneck that stands out – this could mean pairing your dark blue blazer with a cream turtleneck. However, by doing this, you are also ensuring that the blazer compliments the color of the turtleneck. Complete the outfit with a pair of blue jeans.

Man with velvet blazer and a turtleneck
Dark Blue Velvet Blazer With Cream Turtleneck And Blue Jeans

The Velvet Blazer and Jeans

It is safe to say that the blazer is a very formal garment that can leave you looking overly dressed for many occasions. If you want to show off your stunning velvet blazer but do not want to look too smart, you could always pair the jacket with a good pair of jeans.

Wearing a velvet blazer with jeans can give your appearance some edge. While many men opt for a leather jacket, this look can come across as quite tacky or over-done. Instead, pair your favorite jeans with a stylish velvet blazer, patterned silk scarf, and some Chelsea boots – this will give you a cool, confident, and laid-back look that will be sure to capture plenty of attention.

Jeans, patterned silk scarf, and some Chelsea boots
Pair The Velvet Blazer With A Good Pair Of Dark Jeans, A Blue Dotted Scarf And a Pair Of Black Suede Chelsea Boots

The Velvet Blazer and Shirt

Pairing your velvet blazer with a plaid shirt is another great way in which you can use this formal garment to make up a more casual look. Many fashion icons, such as Kanye West, Donald Glover, Eddie Redmayne, and John Legend, have been seen rocking this look.

Velvet Blazer And A Shirt

Do not make the mistake of tucking in your shirt, as this goes against the whole ‘effortless’ idea. Instead, leave your shirt loose and pair it with some slim jeans. This gives you an incredibly stylish outfit that requires very little planning.

The Velvet Blazer and Collared Shirt

Pairing a velvet blazer with a collared shirt is a great way to meet in the middle of formal and casual. You could even opt for bright, bold, and patterned shirts that will be sure to attract plenty of attention.

Man with Velvet Blazer and collared shirt
The Formal-Casual Look – Blue Velvet Blazer With A Light Color Collared Shirt

For a more professional look, tuck your collared shirt into your pants and use a fashionable leather belt to keep it in place. Many men feel more comfortable wearing a tie. However, with this outfit, it is not vital, as the blazer and collared shirt are smart enough.

Pair the blazer and collared shirt with a comfortable pair of wool trousers and dress shoes. If you are feeling a little too overdressed, you could also go for a nice pair of chinos or corduroy pants. Finally, slide your feet into a comfortable pair of sneakers or suede boots, and you should be ready to go.

The Correct Accessories

There are various accessories out there for you to choose from when it comes to building an outfit using a velvet blazer. More so, using accessories, such as a watch, chain necklace, bracelets or cufflinks, could lead to your outfit reaching the level of formality needed.

If you are going for a more formal look, pair your velvet blazer with a thin tie, bow tie, or cufflinks. You could also add a lapel pin in order to give your outfit that little something extra. On the other hand, a chain necklace and watch can be used to create a more casual look. Some men even go as far as to throw on a pair of incredibly cool and sleek shades – this will leave you looking as confident and as stylish as possible.

Accessorize Your Velvet Blazer With Neckties, Shades, Watches, Lapel Pins And Bracelets


The velvet blazer is slowly becoming an increasingly popular fashion choice for men all over the world, so knowing how to wear a velvet blazer is important. If you wish to incorporate this item of clothing into your everyday wardrobe, it is vital that you select complementary garments and accessories.

The velvet blazer works very well with a tuxedo, turtleneck, jeans, plain t-shirt, and a collared shirt. The garment can be used to build both formal and casual outfits, depending on what you pair with it.

For example, if you are going for a more formal look, you should include cufflinks, a thin tie, or a bow tie. On the other hand, a chain necklace, sunglasses, and watch can be used to play down the formality of your blazer.