How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans

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With the ever-changing world, work dress codes have begun over the past decade or so to loosen up. More and more companies are going to business casual or at least giving their people a day or two of business casual. This is great, but it can also be troublesome if you don’t know how to do a proper business casual look.

One of the chief style trends of this type of dress is the classic blazer with jeans look. But for those guys out there looking to rock this look, it can end up looking more casual than business. So we want to help you figure out just how to wear a blazer with jeans.

Though it takes a little effort, it is not hard once you have the basics down. That is why we have pulled together this quick style guide to help you. Hopefully, with a few quick tips in regards to outfitting yourself and how to match colors, you will be on track to looking sharp every time you reach to combine those jeans with that blazer.

As a bonus, we also scoured the web for some recommendations for blazers that might work for you and your style needs, so make sure to read to the end.

6 Tips on How to Wear a Blazer With Jeans

Whether you are looking for that business casual look or one that is good for a night out on the town, there are some key tips you can use to ensure you are putting that outfit together properly. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when pairing a blazer with some jeans.

  • You need to make sure that the entire outfit is going to the same party. This means that if you are dressing in a button-up and dark jeans, you don’t want to pair them with athletic sneakers. Though sneakers are fine, they need to be dress sneakers.
Dress Sneakers Are The Best Option for Casual Footwear In a Blazer-Jeans Outfits
  • You don’t want a sheen. A blazer does not have a sateen finish if it is actually a suit jacket. The sheen will make it look out of place when it comes to a business casual look.
Stay Away From Shiny Blazers
  • Try to find a blazer that is labeled as relaxed or unstructured. If you have a blazer that is too structured, it gives a more formal appearance and takes away from the casual look you are trying to achieve by pairing it with denim.
  • Washes matter, as does cut. If you are pairing the blazer with a darker denim, then you will want a dressier blazer. On the other hand, if the wash is lighter, you can go with a super casual blazer. For a dressier business casual look, you will want to stay with slim or straight cut denim. Skinny fits, which have been trendy for a while, are way more casual and are not as flattering on all body types as slim or straight styles.
Always Pick Slim Tailored or Straight Fit Jeans and Avoid Skinny or Baggy Jeans
  • Don’t forget to pair the right shoes with the outfit. They don’t have to be super dressy, but they can’t be super casual either. Best options are Chelsea boots, loafers, monk straps, derby shoes and dress sneakers. On top of that, you have to choose according to the situation and the amount of dress you need in your business casual attire.
Suitable Shoes For a Blazer-Jeans Outfit – Derby Shoes, Chelsea Boots, Monk Straps, Dress Sneakers and Loafers
  • The shirt you choose matters as well. You want the shirt to be a little more elevated than your standard everyday t-shirt. That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t pair your blazer and jeans with a nice t-shirt or graphic tee. You just have to have it on the same level as the rest of the outfit.
Elegant Dress Shirts Are a Better Option Than T-Shirts
  • When pulling off the jeans and blazer look, going with a patterned blazer is always a failsafe option as it complements the pattern on the jeans. Tweed herringbone wool and corduroy are a perfect way to start if you’re new to the look
Blazers Made Of Patterned Fabrics Such As Corduroy and Tweed Are a Great Option For Blazer-Jeans Outfits
  • Avoid picking a blazer that is part of a suit as these are always more structured and finished smoothly which will create a huge contrast in your look.
  • We always recommend finding a slim and tailored fit that hugs your body and shows off your legs. Baggy jeans with a blazer are an immediate flop and skinny jeans should be tossed aside for this look as they may create an imbalance in your look.
  • Try to invest in dark blue jeans as they go with most blazers from brown, beige, green, and everything in between. Black jeans on the other hand are perfect for your grey and charcoal blazers.
  • Don’t be afraid to match your look to the season with tweed blazers coming out during the fall and winter seasons and bold blazers making appearances in summer.
You Can Easily Incorporate the Tweed Blazer Into Your Outfits During Autumn and Winter Months

So there are some quick tips on how to put that blazer and jean outfit together, but we didn’t talk about color. So let’s look at that too before we get to our recommendations.

Matching Blazers by Color

Color has a lot to do with the overall feel of the outfit and definitely plays a part in which denim washes will work with the outfit. So let us look at a few of the most common basic blazer colors, so you have some idea on how to pair them with your jeans.


You will want to look at the shade of the grey blazer before choosing it. Darker charcoal is a little dressier and may best be paired with true black jeans. If you have a light grey or slate grey blazer, you can opt to wear it in a more casual way, and it pairs well with black jeans or chinos as well as very dark blue.

All Shades Of Grey Match well With Black Jeans. You Can Also Try Black Chinos For A Change


The trick with navy blazers is to make sure that the blazer and jeans are not too close to the same tone. When it comes to a navy blazer and denim, a good rule of thumb is to find denim that is contrasting in color. So if the blazer is a dark navy, going with a lighter wash jean would be best and vice versa.

Wear Dark Navy Blue Blazer With Lighter Denim – It Is The Perfect Combo


Black is similar to navy when it comes to pairing with denim. The only difference is that you want to stay away from very light washes unless you are going with white jeans. Then you need to make sure that the pallet of your outfit works together and is simplified.


Tweed is the perfect contrast to a good pair of dark blue jeans. This fall staple is easy to pull off and it allows you to get away with layering to elevate your style from the regular college professor look to a business executive ready to crush the day.

Brown Tweed Blazer-Jeans Combination


Brown Blazer With Dark Blue Jeans and Lavender Shirt

The brown blazer look is still as popular today as it was in the good ole cowboy days. Fortunately, as the look has been a fashion staple for decades, we all know it works. Pair a brown blazer with good blue jeans and you are ready to go. For lighter shades of brown, pick darker jeans and you can always go bright or dark with the darker shades.

Best Blazers to Wear with Jeans

Chouyatou Cotton Twill Suit Jacket

The first blazer on this list is a classic casual blazer constructed with cotton twill and finished with a striped lining. It is a great pairing for any guy looking for something stylish to add to their jeans.


  • Crafted in 100% cotton
  • 3-button closure
  • Machine washable
  • 3-button sleeve w/ elbow patches
  • Classic lapel
  • Double side vents
  • Patterned lining
  • Waist patched pockets
  • One interior pocket

Many casual blazers are unstructured, and that is a great benefit when you are looking for a truly casual look. However, this blazer is a little more dressy as it comes fully lined, which helps with maintaining its shape. This is just one of the many reasons we feel it is a solid option.

With that said, the blazer does run a little small, and the arms are not as tailored as some would like. So you may need to go up a size and then spend a few bucks and take it to a tailor for final alterations.


  • The sleeve length of this blazer is very nice
  • Blazer is crafted in fabric that is light and breathes well
  • The inclusion of the stylish lining helps the blazer keep its shape
  • With this blazer, you get the versatility of wear
  • When you purchase the blazer, it comes with a replacement button


  • There are some issues with the sizing of the blazer
  • The arms of the blazer are a little baggy


DKNY Slim Fit Blazer

If you’re looking for a designer blazer that will match your jeans easily no matter the wash, this option from DKNY may just be the ticket. It is a soft and comfortable option that moves with its wearer.


  • Cotton blend ( 50% cotton /18% wool /17% acetate /15% polyester)
  • 2-button closure
  • Center vent
  • 4-button sleeve

DKNY has always crafted pretty stylish and well-fitting clothes. This blazer is no different. But of all the positive features, the use of a cotton wool blend is our favorite. This gives it versatility and the ability to be worn no matter the season.

Now that doesn’t mean there are some flaws with it. This option, unlike the last blazer, is only partially lined. On top of that, some have voiced their opinion on the fit, saying that it may be a little too slim fit.


  • The fabric used to craft the blazer is soft to the touch and comfortable
  • Blazer is constructed with no shoulder pads for a more natural look
  • Designed with a cotton blend that includes wool for all year wear
  • A soft structure of the blazer gives it mobility
  • The jacket comes in multiple base colors for easy pairing


  • The lining of the blazer does not extend for the entirety of the jacket
  • Some found the slim fit a little too slim


Goodthreads Seersucker Blazer

Our next blazer is a seersucker option that is lightweight and breathable. If you live in a hot climate or work in a job where you move a lot, this blazer from Goodthreads is a nice pairing option with your jeans.


  • Regular fit
  • 100% cotton
  • 2-button closure
  • Notched collar
  • 4-button cuffs
  • 3 exterior pockets
  • 1 interior pocket
  • Center vent

Sometimes when you get a blazer, the length of the jacket is a bit off. This is because they are not cut like suit jackets with multiple lengths. One of the best things about this blazer is the length of the body. It works really well for most heights, and that is hard to find.

But there are some issues that we would be remiss without mentioning. It is cut for a guy with broader shoulders and a smaller waist. So if you carry a lot of weight in the midsection, it might not be as comfortable. The arms tend to run long too.


  • If you run hot, this blazer is perfect as it allows air to circulate through easily
  • Color options give a wide versatility of color combinations for your wardrobe
  • The body of the jacket is designed with a nice length overall
  • Sleeves of the jacket are fully lined for a more defined shape
  • The jacket is designed with ample pocket space


  • It may not be a flattering fit for guys who carry extra weight in the midsection
  • Issues with the length of the arms


Haggar Slim Fit Sport Coat

This next blazer is a slim fit Birdseye blazer that offers just a touch more formal style to the jeans you are wearing. The Haggar blazer is an excellent choice for those who work in a business casual environment but still want to move around and be comfortable.


  • Polyblend (66% polyester /34% viscose)
  • 2-button closure
  • Slim fit
  • Side vent
  • Notched lapel
  • 4-button cuff

Very few blazers can be said to be true to fit. That is because there is no standardization, but this blazer is one of the few that this can be said about. Plus, the jacket is made with polyester, making it suitable for all climates and any season of the year. This will mean you won’t need to buy more than two blazers for your wardrobe.

There are some issues that give us pause, though, when we look at this blazer. The jacket is constructed with side vents, and that may not be flattering for all. Along with that, this jacket is dry clean only, so you will have a consistent money expenditure added to your budget.


  • Colors are consistent with how they look in pictures
  • Price versus quality is on par with the blazer’s competition
  • Jacket is designed with a true to size cut
  • The use of polyester gives the blazer an all year round wearability
  • No need to worry about wrinkles with this blazer


  • Some may not like the side vent construction
  • Extra money will be spent as the blazer is dry clean only


Paul Frederick Wool Suit Jacket

The last blazer is one of those core pieces of your wardrobe. Though the Paul Frederick blazer may be more expensive, you will be able to get years of use from it making the value still well worth the investment, which is why it made our list.


  • Tailored fit
  • Notch lapel
  • 100% wool
  • 2-button closure
  • Center vent
  • Fully lined w/ scalloped facing

The blazer is 100% wool, and that gives it a lot of benefits. Because of this, the blazer is wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant. It will also not retain odor as easily as other materials. This increases the life cycle of the jacket and therefore makes it a good investment.

That investment, though, will cost you. That is one of the drawbacks of this piece. For those working on a tight budget, it may be a little too pricey. Also, some feel the cut of the blazer is a little too loose, which could make it look sloppy.


  • Wool gives this blazer a lot of durability as it is wrinkle and stain resistant
  • Blazer is designed with comfort stretch armholes for enhanced mobility
  • The jacket is fully lined for improved lines and structure
  • Windowpane pattern gives a little extra style to your outfit
  • Due to the wool, the blazer will not retain odors


  • Some have found the blazer a little too roomy
  • The blazer may be a bit too pricey for some


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with this styling guide, we have helped you figure out how to wear a blazer with jeans. Once you have the rules down, you can get a little more adventurous and get a little more fashion-forward with colored jeans and/or patterned blazers.


How can I accessorize my jeans and blazer look?

This look ties itself together however if you like to go the extra mile, you can always add in a belt that accentuates the color theme of your outfit. Leather straps can also be used to make this look stand out more.

Which shoes can I wear with a blazer and jeans?

The shoes are the finishing touch to any look and ultimately define whether you look casual or official. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options. You can wear the Derby, Oxford, Chelsea Boots, or Chuka Boots for an official look and loafers, low-cut sneakers, or slip-on sneakers for a more casual look.

Can I opt for the double-breasted blazer when going for this look?

Yes, you can! There’s no harm in moving away from the norm. Our only rule is that you keep the blazer unstructured to avoid throwing off the balance of your look.