How to Wear Cufflinks With a Blazer

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Cufflinks can be seen as the equivalent of jewelry for men. You will often see men in suits or tuxedos wearing cufflinks in order to accentuate their appearance. With that being said, these accessories can be worn with a more casual look as well.

If you have never worn cufflinks and want to know how to incorporate them into your outfits, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing everything that there is to know about these accessories and how you can pair them with a blazer.

There are also various cufflinks out there for you to choose from. It is always important to keep the occasion or event in mind when deciding which cufflinks to wear.

Cufflinks Are Jewelry For Men – Choose Them Well

A Black-Tie Event

When dressing up for a black-tie event, selecting a plain cufflink can add refinement and elegance to your look. If you wish to add that little something extra to your appearance, you could even incorporate some shirt studs or a lapel pin. Remember to stick to one type of metal, such as copper or gold, and you should be good to go.

Select Plain Cufflinks If You Attend A Black-Tie Event

A Wedding

Weddings can be used to show your individuality and character. In other words, don’t be scared to choose detailed cufflinks that stand out. You could even experiment with different colors and designs; however, be careful not to go overboard.

For A Wedding You Can Experiment With Patterned Cufflinks Of Different Designs To Show Your Personality

A Business Event

Similar to black tie events, you should go for a more understated look when attending business functions. In fact, adding simple, metal cufflinks to your blazer can add an element of confidence and authority to your look.

The Correct Way To Wear Cufflinks
For Business Meetings Go For Simple Metal or Golden Cufflinks To Add An Element Of Confidence To Your Outfit

When wearing cufflinks, you want to make sure you’re wearing them the correct way to ensure your look is just right. So, what are the steps for wearing cufflinks?

The first step is figuring out which cufflinks to wear for a certain occasion and outfit. The cufflinks need to match the look you’re going for and the event you’re attending, which we’ve discussed already. 

The First Step Is To Figure Out Which Cufflinks To Wear

The next step is all about wearing the cufflinks. 

  • The first thing you want to do is rotate the cufflinks backing clasp to make a ‘T’ shape. This will make the backing clasp parallel to the cufflinks stem. 
  • Step three requires you to fold your shirt cuff over to have the holes aligned to the cuff. 
  • Step four requires you to push the cufflinks backing end through the outer buttonhole.
  • Step five needs you to pinch the ends of your cuff together. You’re going to bring the other cuff just a bit closer to push the cufflink in the holes in both of the layers of the cuff. 
  • Finally, rotate the backing clasp and get your cuffs in the appropriate position where they’ll stay for the remainder of usage. 
How To Put On Cufflinks

Knowing how to apply cufflinks to your outfit is just as important as understanding what kind of cufflinks to wear.

When pairing cufflinks with your blazer, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should be mindful of. For example, choosing bulky, novelty cufflinks can make you look tacky and cheap. Instead, go for authentic and simple designs that will match your blazer well.

Novelty Cufflinks (Left Picture) Can Compromise Your Look. Instead, Choose Simple And Authentic Cufflinks (Right Picture)

You should also consider various other accessories to accentuate your cufflinks. For example, you could pair your blazer with a simple classic watch or cuff bracelet- this will add even more style to your look.

Wear Your Cufflinks With a Classic Watch. Also, Always Keep In Mind The Other Parts Of Your Outfit When Wearing Cufflinks

Lastly, you will want to match your cufflinks to the studs on your shirt. Wearing two different colored and patterned metals can become distracting and lead to your outfit drawing the wrong kind of attention.


Do you still have some questions? Well, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to wear cufflinks with a blazer.

If you’re planning on wearing other fashion accessories, you need to consider a theme. It might sound strange, but what we’re referring to is the kind of look you’re attempting to achieve. Cufflinks are a fashion accessory, and that means there are a lot of variations. In some cases, you’ve got branded cufflinks, designer cufflinks, and cufflinks with interesting patterns and colors. Consider what your other accessories are and how you can tie the look together. 

You Can Wear Cufflinks With A Variety Of Ties, Watches And Pocket Squares

No. The shirt in question needs to be long-sleeved and a French cuffed shirt. The thing is that a lot of French cuff shirts have become standard button-down shirts, so it’s no longer exclusively for suit-wearing. 

You Can Wear Cufflinks Only With A French Cuffed Shirt

No. Cufflinks only go through the cuffs of your shirt. If you’re wearing a blazer, it’s likely that the cufflinks will be covered for the most part. However, this is not an invitation to ignore them and opt for going without cufflinks. The reason is that cufflinks are what finish off an outfit, and while not everyone will notice, you will, and you’ll take pride in the effort you’ve put into your outfit.

Cufflinks Go Only Through The Cuffs Of Your Shirt And Not Through The Blazer


Cufflinks can add plenty of style and class to your outfit when worn correctly with a blazer. It is important that you select the right type of cufflinks for different occasions and learn how to wear cufflinks with a blazer. For example, black tie events and business functions call for more simple and elegant cufflinks, whereas weddings can be used to show a bit more personality.

It is never a good idea to choose bulky and tacky-looking cufflinks. Instead, pair your blazer with simple and elegant accessories, such as a smartwatch, authentic cufflinks, and a lapel pin. Matching your cufflinks to the studs on your shirt is also recommended.