Best Skinny Ties: Top Stylish Models for 2021

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If you are trying to look fashionable, you can’t neglect the importance of a tie. With a myriad of different designs, including cravats with floral prints, polka dots, plaid, as well as those that are of solid colors, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits your style.

Keep in mind that the size of the tie matters and that you should choose between wide and skinny ties depending on the occasion and your age. Shorter and narrower ties are a great solution for boys, as well as adults if they are attending an informal event.

To help you understand the application and potential of these ties, we have created a list of the best skinny ties so you can find the perfect option for your style, taste, and needs. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what these options have on offer!

Comparison Chart

Jacob Alexander Men’s Skinny Tie
Best Choice
Mantieqingway Men’s Cotton Printed Floral Neck Tie
Best Price
Men’s Chambray Cotton Skinny Tie
Best Material (100% cotton)

Skinny Ties Reviews

Jacob Alexander Men’s Skinny Tie


For those who want to appear trendy without prints that are too vivid, the Jacob Alexander models are just the perfect choice. Offered in a myriad of solid colors, including Red, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and White, as well as many different shades of these options, it should be quite easy to find a skinny tie that matches your suit jacket or blazer.


There is no denying that this necktie is incredibly trendy given the colorful assortment that you can choose from. Plus, you can still remain classy while bringing a bit of life into a suit by going for colors such as Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy Red, and Purple.

When it comes to quality, this tie is made out of microfiber, which is considered to be a good solution when it comes to skinny ties at an affordable price. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, which is especially important if the wedding celebration or party will last throughout the day.

The tie is fully lined, which means that it should be quite simple to tie long-lasting knots. The tie is 2 inches in width and 58 inches in length, so if you are taller than 6’5”, it might be tricky to make it look right. However, with techniques such as 4-in-hand knots, you should be able to make it happen.

Our main concern is that the inner stitching doesn’t seem to be very well-done. Other than that, for the given price and considering the variety of colors offered, this is a product that you should definitely consider.


  • Good price for good quality
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fully lined from strength


  • Uneven inner stitching


Landisun Skinny Tie


Whether you are looking to get someone a gift or you want to purchase a solid skinny tie for your own needs, Landisun is a good choice. Coming at 59 inches in length and 2 inches in width, it is a reliable choice if you are taller but still want to rock a skinny cravat.


The first thing that we were impressed by is the array of vibrant and high-quality designs that this product comes in. There is Black, Navy Blue, Emerald, Burgundy, Orange, Teal Blue, Silver, and several others that can perfectly complement your style.

Made out of microfiber fabric, this tie is highlighted by a silky feel and a satin finish. Most importantly, the skinny tie isn’t too reflective or too matte. With this in mind, a Landisun model can be worn at weddings, as well as formal parties and events.

When placing your order, be aware that the colors that you will get are a bit darker than those in the picture, which is why you should put extra time into the decision-making process. The fact that this tie is hand-sewn is noticeable at the first touch. It is an extremely affordable product that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on!


  • Extremely affordable for most people
  • Great microfiber material
  • Not too shiny or matte – looks great with any shirt
  • A wide array of colors to select from
  • Hand-sewn for guaranteed quality


  • Colors darker than in the picture


Men’s Chambray Cotton Skinny Tie

If you want a skinny tie that is classy and goes well with wool or a tweed suit, then you are in the right place. Available in several variations, including a few shades of Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, White, Brown, and Purple, these textured distressed neckties can be combined with different styles.


The main difference between this option and the aforementioned two models is that this one is 100% made of cotton. While this results in a light and soft feel, tying down long-lasting knots can get quite tricky. However, the durability of the necktie isn’t something that you should doubt. The company behind it is well-recognized, and cotton is a good solution as long as you maintain it properly.

It is hand-sewn by using both white and colored yarn to achieve something of a denim look. In our opinion, it is a fantastic choice for a party that you are planning to go to or any formal dinner. The length is 58 inches, which is a classic length for skinny ties, while it is set at 2.5 inches wide, which can make it more attractive to older men.

Frankly, there isn’t a lot to say against this product given its reasonable price and high-quality design.


  • 100% cotton
  • Hand-sewn and high-quality
  • 2.5 inches wide
  • Perfect with a dress shirt
  • Reasonable price for great quality


  • A bit short for taller people
  • Tricky for long-lasting knots


Mantieqingway Men’s Cotton Printed Floral Necktie


Getting on with our list of the best skinny ties, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the most affordable and attractive floral designs on the market. For all of you who enjoy fancier models, Mantieqingway has prepared a great assortment of darker and brighter ties that you can choose from.


While listing all of the available models would be too much, we want to say that there is definitely something for everyone. A few options include a Bright Pink base and a Greenish/Whitish floral pattern, as well as Bright Blue with Pinkish flowers, Black with White, Red with White, and a bunch of other innovative patterns that you may be attracted to.

You can consider it to be a retro romantic classy necktie that can help you step up your fashion game. Keep in mind that this model is shorter than the usual, set at 57 inches in length and 2.3 inches in width. The high-quality cotton material ensures that the quality of this product is up to standard and that you can wear this tie for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Overall, you are looking at a very attractive and durable skinny tie that anyone who is interested in vivid floral patterns should go for.


  • High-quality cotton
  • Retro floral patterns
  • Price is very affordable
  • Soft to the touch


  • 57 inches in length – a bit short for some


Vesuvio Napoli PreTied Skinny Tie


Lastly, we have prepared a product that is quite unique when it comes to its dimensions, as well as its zipper design, which isn’t something that you will see on a regular basis.


First and foremost, we want to talk about the assortment of designs that this product comes in. While there aren’t any floral patterns or polka dots, you should like the different solid colors that this one is available in, such as Dusty Pink, Aqua Green, Burgundy, Coral Green, Navy Blue, and a plethora of others.

What we were quite impressed by is how it measures 2.5 inches in width and just 20 inches from knot to bottom. However, it is still able to complement almost any suit. Because of the innovative zipper mechanism, you won’t have to bother with knots. However, it would be much better if there was a fastener so that you could adjust this tie according to your neck shape and size.

Also, the polyester material that this tie is made of may not be the most attractive, but it still serves as a reliable solution. Overall, this is an affordable and functional skinny tie that those of you on a limited budget should think about.


  • Pre-tied zipper mechanism
  • Great assortment of colors
  • Well-made and will last for years
  • Good price for what you get


  • No fastener included


Wrap Up

When choosing one of the above options, it all comes down to whether you are looking for ties that are of a solid color or those with fancier patterns. Your personal style and taste will factor largely into which option you select.

If you want a solid color for your skinny tie, we suggest that you go for the Jacob Alexander Men’s Skinny Tie due to the class and quality that it is highlighted by.

However, if you are more about bringing life to your suit jacket, then the Mantieqingway that features attractive retro floral patterns is the way to go for a fun and funky tie.

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