Sport Coat vs Blazer: What is the Difference?

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There are quite a number of differences between a sport coat and a blazer, and they are quite visible to the eye. In this post, we will take a closer look at the obvious differences between these two types of jackets.

Many people will choose the one above the other, but they are both quite versatile pieces of garment to use. They can both be used with a wide variety of other clothing to create different and interesting outfits for the fashionable people out there.

Keep on reading if you want to know the differences between these types of jackets and when they can be used.

Sport Coat vs Blazer: The Differences

As mentioned before, there are quite a number of differences between a blazer and a sport coat. Some people may say they are basically a jacket, and a suit jacket is just the same as these, but there are differences.

The Blazer

The difference between a blazer and a sports coat is in the fabric, the pattern, and also the buttons. A blazer comes with mostly metal, silver, or gold buttons attached to it, and it is made with a solid color.

A blazer also comes with patched pockets attached to the jacket and is made with quite a softer construction when manufactured. The blazer is almost always available in one solid color and can be worn with matching trousers like a suit.

But it is not very similar to a suit either, because it can be worn with different trousers and shirts to make up new combinations. A blazer can also be worn with a T-shirt and many different types of pants for a casual look and feel.

Some suit jackets can be worn like a blazer, but that depends on the color and design as well as the pattern of the fabric. And the other way around is also true, so if you find a matching trouser with the same pattern and tone, it can be worn as a suit.

Blue or black were the major colors for blazers for a very long time, adding to the jacket’s formality. But lately, you can find a blazer in much lighter shades, and they can be worn in a semi-formal or even casual style.

Navy blazers are the go-to jacket for those formal events, and you need to be dressed in that manner. The lighter ones can be worn with a variety of trousers to create a more laid back look for the out and about events.

So the blazer is a step down from the suit jacket, but it is not sold with matching pants as in the case with a suit. They are also made with a much looser fit and are not as structured as a suit jacket around the shoulders.

With the manufacturing of a blazer, the fabric is normally flannel or hopsack or even blue worsted serge. The norm of blazers is that it is made from darker materials and is not really intended for the casual dress code.

The Sports Coat

A sports coat, on the other hand, is a patterned jacket that can be worn with a variety of pants not made from the same fabric. It can also be worn with different colors because the jacket’s pattern makes it more suitable in different colors.

These jackets were designed to be used for outdoor sports such as fishing and hunting and are quite a casual jacket. They are made with different weights and textures to be able to wear them in different seasons of the year.

Sports coats are also available in a wide variety of fabrics, from classic patterns to the bolder options as well as subtle prints. These are the most versatile jackets available and can be worn with many different trousers and shirts for a wide range of combinations.

A sports coat can be used to extend your wardrobe by combining it with a shirt and tie and adding dress slacks for formality. Or you can wear it with a button shirt and different colors of casual trousers for everyday use or at work or play.

You can even wear a sports coat with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for casual days and weekend outings. And to make it even more versatile, you can easily use a sports coat for very formal work meetings and other formal events.

A sports jacket should always fit loosely to allow for layering underneath the jacket for cold weather. It fits much looser than a blazer to allow a sweater to be worn underneath.

A sports coat always looks much more rugged than a blazer or suit jacket, and hardy and sturdier fabrics are used. It is, most of the time, made from tweeds such as houndstooth and Donegal.

Some Similarities Between Sport Coat and Blazer

Blazers are, in general, a more formal attire than is the case with a sports coat, but they can also be used for the same purpose. They can both be used for semi-formal dress code and a more casual outfit and everyday use.

With the modern blazer, you will find that it is available in lighter colors and can be used with casual clothing. This is the same for the sports coat. You can easily wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with both these types of jackets.

The modern sports coat is also made from lighter materials, just like it is with a blazer, so they can easily be interchanged. There are quite a number of similarities in the uses of these two types of jackets, but not many in the looks.


So sport coat vs blazer: what is the difference? As you can see, there are several differences in the looks and structure of the blazer and the sports coat. A sports coat is made to feel and look a bit more robust than a blazer, but they can be used for similar situations.

Hopefully, this will clarify the differences between these two trendy jackets for modern men.

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