Best Black Blazers for Men: 2021’s Buying Guide

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Selecting the right type of blazer is not always an easy task, and it might take some time to do the shopping. But in this review, we took away all the time-wasting and selected a few blazers you might want to take a look at.

These blazers are not made equal, so there might be some differences to set them apart from each other. But the features of every blazer makes them a unique piece of clothing to suit different types of people.

To know more about the best black blazers for men options on the market, just keep on reading and find out for yourself.

Comparison Chart

Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Jacket
Best Choice
Amazon Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Twill Blazer
Best Price
Amazon Essentials Men’s Long-Sleeve Classic-fit Blazer
Best Design

Best Black Blazers For Men Reviews

Amazon Goodthreads Slim-Fit Twill Blazer


This well-designed Twill blazer is quite versatile, with great features included to make it suitable for a wide range of options. It is also available in a wide range of colors to make it a much more functional piece of clothing.


This blazer is made from 98 percent cotton and only 2 percent polyester for just the right amount of stretch. It is also quite a durable fabric that will help the blazer be very durable and last much longer.

The design can be used for semi-formal or casual dressing options to make it quite a versatile blazer. To further improve the versatility, you can also wear it with different trousers for a wide variety of dressing applications.

You also have 3 exterior patched pockets to make it much easier to store your necessary documents and accessories close at hand. These large patch pockets come with strong seaming to make them tear-resistant and durable.

Also added to this blazer, you will find a quick and easy 2-buttons closure for a comfortable fit. For better aesthetics, you have 4 buttons at the cuff to display nicely and improve the overall style.

Unfortunately, this blazer from Goodthreads can only be dry cleaned, so it will be out of commission while being cleaned. This is not good for those on the move and who do not have the time to wait. It also increases the cost, because you can’t wash it at home.

The fabric’s thickness is also not very consistent between the different colors these blazers are available in. This will make a difference when choosing the right blazer to wear and might lose some of the blazer’s functionality.


  • Available in many different colors
  • Can be used with different styles of pants
  • Comes with many storage pockets
  • Quite a versatile blazer


  • It can only be dry cleaned
  • The thickness of the fabric is not consistent


Amazon Goodthreads Standard-Fit Twill Blazer


As it is with all Goodthreads products, they are perfectly sized to provide you with an ideal fit when it comes to your blazer. You also get great functionality as well as versatility with these blazers provided by the Amazon Brand.


The fabric used to make these blazers from Goodthreads is quite strong and durable and will last for quite some time. This means that you will be able to wear these blazers for many years to come and save some money in the long run.

You have 3 very large pockets attached to this blazer to provide you with lots of storage space for all of your devices. These pockets are also quite large and will be able to store all those items you have to carry with you all the time.

If you are looking for a blazer that can be used for a wide variety of dressing options, these blazers are just the right ones. It can be easily used for casual wear as well as for the occasions where you need to be formal.

For those people on the go, the quick and easy fit option of this blazer is well suited for those travelers. You can easily keep it wrinkle-free to help save you time to get ready for whatever occasion might come your way.

There might be some quality issues with this blazer where some users experienced that the stitching may come loose.

It also does not come with safe and secure inside pockets for your valuables to keep them safe from getting lost.


  • Comes with a nice loose fit that is ideal for smart-casual
  • Made with very durable fabric that will last for years
  • Can be used for a variety of styles
  • Different colors to choose from


  • There might be some quality issues
  • No safe inside pockets available


Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit Stretch Blazer


When it is time to take out the right blazer for the right occasion, you can not go wrong with the classic fit stretch blazer. This easy to fit and easy to keep clean blazer will be a time-saver over and over again whenever you need it to be.


The polyester and Viscose mix of materials provides the blazer with enough stretch capability to fit snugly all over the upper body. It also comes with quite a durable design and construction to make it last for many years of wear.

You will be able to quickly and easily fit this blazer when it is time to put it on thanks to the easy 2-button fitting option. It also comes with 4 buttons attached at the cuff for a much better display and improved aesthetic value.

To save you time and make it much easier to clean, you can easily wash this blazer in the machine without any problems. It is a great feature for those who are always on the go and do not have time to waste waiting for the dry cleaners.

This blazer from Amazon Essentials is made with comfort and easy fitting in mind as well as better quality. That is why this blazer is made to the requirements of those who have to wear a  blazer in their daily lives.

Unfortunately, with this blazer, you only have 2 exterior storage pockets to keep your valuables and devices close at hand. The top pocket is not really a pocket but is only meant for display purposes, so you have only those pockets.

Also, the sleeves of this blazer might be on the short side and might cause your shirt sleeve to show at the bottom.


  • Can be machine washed to clean
  • A great low price tag attached to a quality jacket
  • Great for business casual use
  • Quick and easy fitting blazer that looks great on most men


  • Few external storage pockets available
  • Sleeves might be on the short side


Calvin Klein Slim-Fit Suit Jacket


With this suit jacket, you can either buy the whole suit or only the jacket to save you some money. It comes with great features included to make it quite a versatile piece of clothing to be used for a variety of applications.


Because it is made from wool and 6 percent spandex, it will be able to last for many years to come. That is the norm for all the products made by Calvin Klein, and this fact should provide you with peace of mind.

The fact that you can buy the jacket separately makes it possible to choose your trousers for a much better fitting. It will also help to improve the options to get the right size trousers to fit you better than a standard set.

With a much better design of a closer cut, the blazer will be able to fit much better around the shoulders. It will also fit better thanks to the higher cut under the arms for a better and more secure slim fit all over.

This jacket can be worn in any climate to provide you with a cool jacket in the summer and protection in the winter. It is also designed with a much more improved aesthetic design to display better and improve your overall looks.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the design, this jacket cannot really be used for a casual occasion. This takes away some of the versatility of the jacket and makes it far less functional than you would want it to be.

The fabric used in the manufacturing of this jacket might also be a bit heavy to be used other than formal use. It might also be a bit thick for the warmer seasons, which is not suitable for all year round wear.


  • A strong and very durable design
  • Made with a classic design
  • Slim fit but no too tight – very comfortable and stylish
  • Great dark formal colors available


  • Not really suitable for casual wear
  • The fabric used is a bit heavy for year-round wear


Perry Ellis Slim-Fit Suit Jacket

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This jacket will be great for a classic dressing option and easy fitting for good looks and comfortable design. That is what you get with this jacket, and on top of that, you get great features to make it quite a comfortable jacket.


It is quite safe to wear this Perry Ellis jacket to all those semi-formal as well as formal occasions without worry at all. It comes with the right design to be able to use it for different occasions that also includes casual wear.

Considering that you can buy the jacket separately, it is open to being worn with a wide variety of trouser styles. This option makes it versatile and opens quite a number of possibilities when it comes to dressing for the occasion.

The 2-button closure provides you with a quick and easy fitting option to save you time when getting dressed. This is great for on the go people with very little time to spare for menial tasks and time-wasting events.

Equipped with large safe pockets, you can easily keep your valuables close at hand and safe from accidental damage. The pockets are large enough to hold even electronic devices, important documents, and other accessories you may want to keep safe.

This jacket provided by Perry Ellis is unfortunately made from synthetic materials and might lose some attractiveness for the green people out there. It is also high maintenance and can only be dry cleaned, wasting your time and increasing costs.

Another problem with this jacket is the sizing as it does not come with on-the-spot sizing for all people.


  • You can buy the trousers separately
  • Made from very durable materials
  • A lightweight design for easy fit and comfort
  • Made with stretching materials for added flexibility


  • Synthetic materials used for construction
  • Sizing not always the most accurate



The winner in this lineup will be the very comfortable Calvin Klein Slim-Fit Suit Jacket. It is made from high-quality materials and comes with great features included to make it easy to wear.

We chose the Amazon Essentials classic fit blazer for the second position because it comes with so many great fit features. It can also be machine washed and comes with quite a lower price tag attached to it.

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