What to Wear With a Black Blazer for Guys?

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To wear a black blazer may seem like an old-style and feels like a somber color to wear every day. But this is quite a versatile color blazer that can be worn with many different outfits without looking too somber or gangster-like.

We take a look at what can be worn with a black blazer without the need to worry if it will make you look bad. With so many choices to combine with this color, you cannot go wrong wearing a black blazer for many occasions.

To see what we have in store for those who want to wear a black blazer, keep on reading.

Why Wear a Black Blazer?

Black is a timeless color that can be worn with most other colors without it making you look out of style or out of time. Black has been associated with many things, and some of them are not good, like using it for funerals.

It was also the favorite color of mobsters and gangsters during the time of gangster wars. These are some of the reasons men do not want to wear black blazers as part of their outfits.

Some people will choose black to show everyone around them they are rebels and want to stand out from the rest. You can still do just that, but you can do it to make an even better statement if you do it right.

How to Wear a Black Blazer

There are many different ways you can wear a black blazer to make it quite a regular outfit in one week.

  • When you look for a black blazer, make sure it fits very well all over your upper torso
  • For formal events, you should go for a structured black blazer, and a plain blazer will work much better for casual wear
  • A very sophisticated outfit can be accomplished with a black blazer and gray trousers and a white T-shirt
  • Wear jeans with your black blazer to create a smart casual dress look or for semi-formal functions
  • For a modern alternative, use a black blazer with black pants and a dark blue shirt

What to Wear With a Black Blazer

There are quite a number of other garments you can wear with a black blazer that will make you look good. This is why you are looking for the right clothing to wear with a black blazer, which is to look good and decent in public.

The following is a list of the different types of trousers and shirts you can wear with a black blazer for an improved and fashionable look.

Black Blazer and Jeans

It is a versatile option to wear a black blazer with any shade of blue and lighter jeans, and it can be done with style. A black blazer with dark blue jeans will fit in most environments, from formal to a casual day at the mall.

This outfit can be relaxed and sharp at the same time to make many different impressions with your presence and look. A casual t-shirt with dress shoes will round your outfit off perfectly to give you that laid back look and feel.

Wear a dark t-shirt with dark jeans, a black blazer, and top it off with casual to formal shoes to give yourself a nice feel. Remove the dark t-shirt and add a white one, and you have a completely different look and will fit in everywhere.

Gray Pants With a Black Blazer

This will make a straightforward outfit with a fashionable feel and look if you add light gray pants to the outfit. And round it off with a gray button shirt, and you have that sophisticated but informal overall look about you.

If you feel like it, you can add a black and gray striped tie to your outfit, and it will make a very different statement. Top this off with a gray or black top hat, and you will fit in at the racecourse or your cousin’s wedding.

There is no limit to the gray and black combination, and it can be pulled off more times a week than you can imagine. This can easily be done by swapping your button shirt and tie with a polo neck or crew-neck T-shirt.

Black Blazer With Chinos

This is quite a popular combination and can be pulled off with quite a large variety of shirts and shoe options. It is better to choose light gray chino or go for a beige or very light shade of brown for a good combination.

For shoes, you can use sneakers or boots; the sneakers should be a light shade and the boots a bit darker. A plain or printed shirt can make quite a nice combination and add great variety to your black blazer outfit.

With this combination, you can easily wear a belt to round it off, and a black or brown belt will do in quite nicely. This will give you that casual but still formal look that can be used for many different occasions.

Black Trousers With a Black Blazer

For the classic and formal look, you can always combine a black pair of trousers with your black blazer. To break the formal look, you can easily wear either a white or black T-shirt as part of the outfit.

Black and white will always be a very sophisticated look, and you can pull it off with any type of black pants and a white shirt with your black blazer. There are no limits to what you can do with this outfit, and even a multi-colored scarf can make an exciting color variation to your black outfit.

Black shoes or sneakers will round out the outfit quite nicely to create either a casual or formal look.


So what to wear with a black blazer for guys? With a black blazer, you can create quite a wide variety of outfits to be used for many different occasions and events. This can range from laid back casual to semi-formal and even a formal outfit, all with just one blazer.

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