How To Fold Long Sleeve Shirts

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Long sleeves are great because they cover your arms, but they also get in the way of your pockets.

If you want to wear a jacket or sweater over your shirt, you’ll need to fold the sleeves back.

Folding sleeves on your shirt can be a very daunting task, and you might have become very frustrated doing it over and over again.

However, there is a method of doing it in a way that will keep your shirts nice and crease-free.

Because folding your sleeves is simple, but it takes practice to master. Once you’ve mastered the art of folding, you’ll never look at a long sleeve shirt the same way again.

How To Fold Long Sleeve Shirts

Step 1: Start by laying out the shirt so that the sleeves are facing up.

Step 2: Place one hand under each arm of the shirt and lift it slightly off the ground.

Step 3: Bring both hands together and place them right above the middle of the shirt.

Step 4: Pull down on the sides of the shirt until the sleeves meet in the center.

Step 5: Now pull the top part of the shirt down, while pushing the bottom part up.

Step 6: Repeat step four with the other side of the shirt.

How To Fold Long Sleeved Shirts

If you have trouble pulling the shirt down, start by lifting the sleeves up first. Then, once you have lifted the sleeves up, push down on the shirt from the bottom.

You should see the sleeves come together as you continue to work your way up.

If you find yourself struggling to make the sleeves meet in the middle, don’t worry. Just repeat steps two through six. The more times you try, the better you will get.

Once you have folded the sleeves, lay the shirt flat on a table or countertop. Make sure that the sleeves are pointing away from you.

Now, take the collar of the shirt and turn it inside out. This will help prevent any wrinkles from forming along the edges of the shirt.

Now, gently press down on the shirt, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

When you are finished pressing and smoothing out the shirt, roll the sleeves up and pin them into place.

The best way to fold a long sleeve is to use pins. They allow for a clean, crisp finish every time.

Use Pins To Fold Your Dress Shirts

Remember, the key to folding a long sleeve shirt is to start with the sleeves facing upwards.

Why Fold A Long-Sleeved Shirt?

Folding shirts are a great way of keeping them free of creases when you are not wearing them. This means that you do not have to worry about having a wrinkled shirt.

When you’re ready to put your shirt on, just unfold the sleeves and let the shirt go completely unfolded.

Keep Your Shirts Nicely Folded As They Will Look Sharper When You Wear Them

You may think that this is an easy thing to do, but if you’ve ever tried to fold a long sleeve shirt before, then you know how difficult it can be.

It’s much easier to simply unfold the sleeves than try to fold them.

Why Wear A Shirt?

Shirts are a basic piece of clothing that everyone needs in their wardrobe. There are many different styles of shirts available today.

From button-downs to polo shirts, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Shirt Is A Basic Piece Of Clothing Every Man Needs

However, even though there are many types of shirts available, they all share some common traits. For example, most shirts include buttons on the front.

This allows you to easily fasten the shirt around your neck. If you want to wear a dress shirt, you need to learn how to properly button it up.

How To Fold A Polo Shirt

How To Fold A Polo Shirt
Polo Shirts Are Very Comfortable And Dapper Clothing Pieces And Can Be Matched With Jeans, Chinos and Shorts

Step 1: Lay the shirt out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Take the right shoulder seam and bring it over to the right side of the shirt. Continue doing this until you reach the half of the shirt. Then fold the short sleeve to the right.

Repeat these same steps with the left shoulder seam. Remember – do not fold the collar.

Step 3: Once you have folded the sleeves, fold the top half of the shirt up towards the bottom half.

Step 4: Finally, fold the shirt in half one more time

How To Fold A Polo Shirt

You can now put the shirt away in your closet. It’s important not to store a shirt in an overly wrinkled state. Otherwise, the shirt may be too difficult to iron later.

How To Iron A Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are typically worn during special occasions such as weddings or formal events. However, if you are going to wear a dress shirt at home, you must know how to care for it correctly.

To properly iron a dress shirt, follow these simple steps:

1. First, remove the shirt from its hanger.

2. Place the shirt on a flat surface. This could be a table, ironing board, bed or anything else that is large enough to fit the shirt.

3. Using a dry iron, press the entire length of the shirt starting from the collar.

4. After you have pressed the entire length of the garment, set the iron aside.

How To Iron A Dress Shirt

5. Now, using a damp cloth, wipe off any excess starch. This prevents the shirt from becoming stiff.

6. When you are done cleaning the shirt, hang it back up on its hanger.

7. Repeat steps one through six for each remaining sleeve.

8. You should now be ready to wear your new dress shirt!

What Clothing Matches A Long-Sleeve Shirt?

How To Fold Long Sleeve Shirts
Long Sleeve Shirts Match Well With Jeans and Khakis

A long-sleeved shirt is a great choice for casual days. Whether you’re wearing jeans or khakis, a long-sleeved shirt looks good with just about everything.

Pair A White Shirt With Dark Denim Jeans

For instance, you can pair a white shirt with dark denim. Or, you can go with a light blue shirt when you wear khaki pants.

Light Blue Shirt With Khaki Chinos Is A Classic Combination

When it comes to colors, think pastels. These shades look especially nice when paired with darker tones.

For example, a pale yellow shirt will look great with black slacks and a brown belt.

Pale Yellow Shirt Is a Great Match To A Pair Of Black Slacks. Add A Brown Belt To Complete The Look

If you prefer brighter colors, try pink or orange. A pink dress shirt works well with navy blue chinos as in the below picture.

Pink Dress Shirt And Navy Blue Chinos With Khaki Chelsea Boots and Maroon Blazer

In addition to color, consider the fabric of the shirt itself. Cotton is always a safe bet because it feels soft against the skin.

However, cotton also tends to wrinkle more than other fabrics. Therefore, you might want to avoid it when choosing your next outfit.

On the flip side, polyester is a popular material used to make clothing. Polyester is lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle very much.

This makes it perfect for layering. For instance, you can wear a short-sleeved polo under a long-sleeved shirt.

It’s also easy to clean. Just toss it into the washing machine after every use.

What Should I Wear With My Dress Shirts?

Wearing a dress shirt without a tie isn’t appropriate for all situations. In fact, a lot of people wear them with neckties.

When You Wear A Dress Shirt With A Blazer We Recommend You Wear A Tie As It Looks A Lot More Sophisticated

The most common reason why men choose to wear their dress shirts without ties is that they don’t want to bother tying them.

Our Final Say

We hope that our guide to folding a long-sleeve shirt has helped you to master this often tricky process. We would recommend that you hang your shirt up when you are not wearing it as this will avoid creases.