How to Wear a T-shirt With a Blazer for Men

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Wearing a t-shirt with a blazer can either look really good or really bad. At the height of the t-shirt and blazer combo fashion game are Kate Moss and David Gandy, though, admittedly, it is hard for these international supermodels to look bad in anything! It’s all too easy to go wrong with this look, too.

Think early noughties t-shirts and ties – this indie-rock fit is a little outdated. However, with the ultimate guide to wearing a t-shirt with a blazer for men and women below, you’re sure to be rocking a t-shirt with a blazer!

How to Wear a T-shirt With a Blazer For Men at Play

Which Blazer?

Pulling off the perfect t-shirt and blazer look starts with finding your perfect blazer. Consider the following when you’re choosing:


Cotton blazers are usually the comfiest, and an added bonus is they are natural, so their production isn’t harmful to the environment. Cotton blazers are a great option to pair with cotton t-shirts for chilled days out in hot weather. If you need a more formal outfit – say, consider tweed or linen for a work from home day.


Fun, colorful blazers are on-trend and can brighten up a wardrobe instantly. However, you should consider the versatility of a colorful blazer. You’ll likely have to wear a plain top every time, and the blazer will be the statement piece every time you wear it.


This depends on what kind of events you’d like to wear your outfit too, as well as what you’re wearing it with. If you’re wearing (a) high-waisted pants or skirt, a cropped blazer will compliment your figure by emphasizing the hourglass shape. Tailored, fitted blazers are great to throw on to make your jeans-and-a-t-shirt outfit immediately smarter, but loose blazers work equally well for a more casual look.

Which T-shirt?

This is where it gets fun! Once you’re happy with your blazer, you can create endless outfits by pairing it with different tees. Here are some t-shirts you could try:

Bright T-shirts

These look great if your blazer is a neutral color, as wearing different colored tops can change your look every day! If you have a bright blazer, opt for a contrasting color to really make your outfit pop.

White T-shirts

You can’t go wrong with these – whether you choose a v-neck, a round neck, or a button-down, a plain white tee will work perfectly.

V-neck T-shirts

Simple v-neck t-shirts look best with fitted blazers. This is because both items of clothing have sharp angles, which combine to make a smart-casual look.

Round-neck T-shirts

These are the go-to for slouchy comfortable chic and dressing down a smart blazer.

Slinky t-shirts: Find a slinky t-shirt and wear it with your favorite smart, fitted blazer for an effortlessly cool outfit to take you into the night.

How to Wear a T shirt With a Blazer for Men

What to Wear on the Bottom

Once you’ve got the top half of your outfit sorted, you’re basically there. Here are some ideas on how to match your trousers with a blazer and t-shirt.

Skinny Jeans

Play it safe with black or blue jeans, or go crazy with colored. Either way, as long as you choose a color that goes with the top half of your look, skinny jeans are a safe bet. They make a fitted blazer and t-shirt combination look daytime put-together and look great, contrasting with looser top halves.


Old school is back in, and if you have a cropped blazer, high-waisted trousers can look awesome!

How to Accessorize a T-shirt with a Blazer

The simplicity of this combination means you can accessorize to your heart’s content. More structured blazers that taper in at the waist look great with metal wrist watches, while looser jackets with slinky tees really go with long chains around the neck, elongating the neckline and adding elegance to a casual fit.

How to Wear a T-shirt With Blazer for Men at Work

Choose Your Blazer Wisely

Before you start working out exactly how you’re going to style your blazer, you need to make sure you’ve got the right one! There are a few key features to look for when you’re trying to find a blazer that you can wear with a t-shirt:


If you’re planning to wear simple cotton t-shirts, think about which materials and textures look good next to it. You should also consider what kind of occasions you’ll be wearing the blazer too. For example, a loose, cotton blazer can look really suave with a crisp shirt, but it can look too casual with a t-shirt underneath.

The sleekness of linen blazers and the timelessness of tweed blazers can make these a better option, as long as you like the contrast in texture between the blazer and your t-shirt. A pretty fail-safe option is a wool/blend. The speckled look of these makes them incredibly flattering when worn with t-shirts.


Unless you’re feeling super adventurous, it’s best not to go crazy with the color of your blazer. Instead, choose a neutral color – like navy, egg, or brown – and let your tee do the talking! This also means your blazer will be able to be styled into lots of different outfits.


Again, you should consider where you want to wear this outfit combo. For a day at the office ready fit, choose a jacket that’s a little more tailored and tapered at the waist and arms. To channel an artsy, laid-back Hugh Grant-type vibe, find a looser blazer that doesn’t taper in too much.

The Perfect T-shirt

There’s no such thing! The beauty of the t-shirt and blazer combination is that it’s so versatile. Just by switching your t-shirt up, you can completely change the outfit. Generally, you can sort the t-shirts that suit blazers into three categories:

The No-nonsense Tee

Guaranteed to work with any blazer in your closet, and the go-to option for bright blazers, plain, neutral t-shirts can give your outfit an understated, effortless, and no-nonsense finish.

The Artsy Tee

Wear a loose striped or graphic t-shirt under a free-moving blazer for ultimate arty vibes.

The Bright Tee

Provided you’ve gone for a neutral jacket and trousers, this is your statement piece. Swap your t-shirts out to get endless virtually new looks!

Final Thoughts

Although wearing a blazer and t-shirt combination has long been associated with pretentious snobs, the growth in street style has seen a reimagining of this trend into something almost anybody can pull off!

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