What to Wear With a Black Dress Shirt for Men?

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The black dress shirt is a classic article of clothing that has been popular since the days of Al Capone and before. Black is a classic color that goes with just about anything, and a black dress shirt can both form the basis of and complete an outfit in the best ways possible. The key is not to go overboard and to know when to stop with the accessories.

Black is an exquisite and flattering color on its own, so it will always be in style because it brings a touch of chic to most outfits. For this reason, today we’ll be looking at outfits and ensembles you can include your black dress shirt in.

11 Ways (Outfits) to Wear a Black Dress Shirt

White Pants

Black and white is a color combination that’s as old as time. It’s a classic, and while it may not be as tacky as it once was, it’s still a bold and striking look. For a smart-casual look that will make you feel like you’re taking a yacht holiday in the Mediterranean, you can combine a black dress shirt with the top buttons undone and a pair of white dress pants for a classy look.

Black and Khakis

In a similar vein to white pants and black dress shirts, this color combination is another classic, if a bit more modern, that isn’t as bold and striking and is more comfortable. A pair of khaki pants can go well with a casual black dress shirt and black sneakers or loafers to create a more laid-back, smart-casual type of vibe.

Striped Clothing

Striped pants and jackets have seen a resurgence as of late, and thankfully, their lifelong companion hasn’t gone out of style yet. With a black dress shirt as the basis, you can add other darker colors like navy pants and jackets with vertical stripes to bring back another classic mobster appearance. Stripes go almost uncannily well with black.

The Formal All-Black

We’ve all seen pictures on the internet and in magazines of formal suits that are all black, with intricate patterns separating the various articles of clothing. By combining a black dress shirt with a filigree black tie, a waistcoat, some plain black dress pants, and a jacket, you’ve got the ingredients to create a perfectly formal, all-black outfit.

The Slightly Less Formal All Black

Most people don’t walk around in all-formal attire all day. Thankfully, black is a versatile color, and the black dress shirt can help form the basis for a “slightly more formal than casual but not quite smart casual” look. By taking away some of the previous option parts, you can combine a simple black dress shirt with black dress pants, a nice belt, black dress shoes, and a detailed tie to still draw eyes but not look out of place somewhere like the office.

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Black and Denim

If you want to go full casual, don’t worry – the black dress shirt is perfect for combining with darker denim types. Combine the shirt with black or navy jeans, and you’ve got the start of a comfortable, casual outfit featuring our favorite dress shirt. A denim jacket can help complete the look, but this may be too over the top depending on how bold your denim jacket may be, as the denim might stifle the black.

The Distressed Bomber

Taking the black and denim a step further, distressed jeans have been quite popular for some time now. Combining them with a bomber jacket gives you a great cold-weather outfit that can still show off the black dress shirt. Get some nice brown shoes to match a brown bomber jacket, and you’ve got a semi-pilot look that is quite fetching.

Royal Fashion

If bomber jackets aren’t your thing for colder weather, then perhaps you’ll enjoy more classic royal fashion. While they may be more known as royal clothing nowadays, trench coats fit perfectly with the older stories of the 1920 mobsters who infamously wore black shirts and long, open coats like trench coats.

However, we’ll lose the hats and ties for a more modern touch. Take the shirt and coat and pair it with a nice pair of dark jeans or dress pants and some brighter sneakers for a more striking aspect of the outfit.


As we return to more formal aspects, you should also consider charcoal-inspired outfits that include black dress shirts with off-white and grey woolen clothing as perfect for smart-casual and smart outfits. The woolly texture of your grey pants paired with the black dress shirt creates an almost charcoal-like appearance, hence the name, and it can easily be completed with simple dark loafers and a grey plaid blazer or jacket.

Blood Red

Black and red are two colors that are almost as timeless as black and white. There have been many occasions where black and red haven’t worked well together, as some people have hesitations about mixing two dark tones or even a dark and bright red. However, by including a blood, wine, or burgundy red suit over your black dress shirt with a black leather belt and black dress shoes, you’ve got yourself a red and black outfit that works out in the end.

Black and Brown

Black and brown is a more modern color combination that has seen quite a popularity boost thanks to celebrities including these color combinations in their wardrobes. With a black dress shirt and a brown suit, you can create a versatile outfit that is almost reminiscent of English getaway cottages that you would see on TV or in movies.

The brown suit can be versatile, as well, as brown checkered suits are quite popular, and so are plain three-piece suits. It’s the black dress shirt beneath that pulls it all together. However, as the bit of darkness peeking through mutes, the brown is just enough to create an elegant and sporting outfit.


We’ve covered many different outfits that include the black dress shirt, from formal attire to smart casual to cold weather wear and more casual clothes to wear daily. The black dress shirt is a versatile and fetching article of clothing that doesn’t take much to work for you.

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