How Long is a Necktie Supposed to Be?

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A necktie has the extraordinary ability to transform an outfit. Ties are still as popular today as they were decades ago because they can complete any look, making the final ensemble seem classy and timeless. However, for a tie to bring these benefits to an outfit, it needs to be worn correctly. Ties that are too short or too long change the whole dynamic of the look, making it seem unbalanced or unusual.

How Long is a Necktie Supposed to Be?

When it comes to wearing a tie, you should never be able to get your tie stuck in your fly. If this is possible, your tie is too long. Alternatively, if the tip of your tie can hang in your lunch, it is too short. So what is the proper length of ties? The basic rule is that when you are standing normally, your tie’s tip should hang close to the middle of your waistband. It is a simple rule that can easily be followed with all ties.

Going into detail you have two options for proper tie length:

Option 1 – Bottom tie point should reach just above the upper edge of your belt. One more suggestion is the tie should always be positioned below the lowest shirt button that shows above your pants. If it is higher than that – it’s too short. Let say that if your tie just covers the lowest shirt button you are on the safe side. But it’s always better to be also above your belt buckle. Suits aside, this option is better suited to casual, everyday clothing.

Proper Tie Length Option 1 – Below The Lowest Shirt Button and Above Belt Buckle

Option 2 – According to official protocol bottom tie point should reach the middle of the belt buckle. Being appropriate for both casual and formal attire (suits included), this is the most widely utilized tie length guideline.

Proper Tie Length Option 2 – Tie reaches The Middle Of The Belt Buckle (Official Protocol)

After tying your tie, take a minute to examine your look before heading out. Is the position of your tie correct? It is better not to pre-tie because it makes it trickier to adjust your tie if the length is wrong. Another reason why you should avoid the pre-tie method is that all pairs of pants don’t sit the same way. If you wear a different pair than yesterday, they might sit higher or lower than the previous pair, resulting in your tie height being adjusted slightly.

Is the Tie Length of Square Tip Ties the Same?

Square tip ties have made a comeback, and it is delightful to see these vintage knit style ties return to fashion. But, whether you are wearing a diamond tip or a square tip tie, the rule stays the same – the above two options apply.

Square Tip Ties Follow the Same Tie Length Rule

If you are wearing a diamond tip tie, it will be the sharp point at the tip of your tie that should lie at your waistband’s middle. If you wear a square tip tie, the flat edge of the tie’s bottom will lie on your middle.

Is There a Tie Trick for Tall Men?

Men who are taller than 6 feet might struggle with standard ties. They might feel that these regular ties don’t fit them. It might appear as if there isn’t enough fabric to tie the tie properly, reaching the back while making it hang on the middle of the waistband, especially if the wearer has a very long torso.

The Tie Bar Helps You Make a Solid Unit Between Your Tie and Your Shirt and Keeps The Short Back Tie Fabric Secure

A solution doesn’t involve throwing away the tie or making a tie way too short. Instead, it is possible to make a solid unit between your tie and your shirt using a tie bar. If the tie bar is attached close to the 4th button of the shirt, it will keep the short back fabric secure, making it possible for the tall wearer to feel confident and fashionable.

An alternative option is to buy ties that offer extra length. A standard tie is 57 inches in length, whereas ties that offer extra length can be as long as 63 inches.

Extra Length Ties

What Can I Do if I’ve Bought a Tie That is Way Too Long?

Shopping online can be tricky and confusing. Most of us have purchased something that wasn’t exactly what we hoped for. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we realize with men shopping for ties online. If you have bought an extra-long tie and you feel it is too long to fit you correctly, you can have it tailored. Be sure to look for standard 57-inch ties if you want to buy regular-length ties and 63 inches if you are looking for a tie with extra length.

Another thing you can do if you tie is too long is to apply a simple trick when tying your tie – try using a knot which has more than one loop. In alternative, you can make a few extra loops on the knot you most frequently use. A perfect example of tie knot which has extra loops is the Double Windsor Knot (aka Full Windsor Knot). This will definitely help you to shorten your tie to the desired length.

What is Natural Posture When Examining my Tie?

Most men who enjoy wearing ties take a minute in the morning to examine their ties in the bathroom or bedroom mirror. It isn’t uncommon to feel that your tie is in a perfect position only to find later that it is too long or too short. Make sure your tie is well attached to your shirt collar so it does not slide down later. If the tie knot is slightly detached from the collar it looks sloppy. To avoid this, it is a good idea to walk around your home, possibly while finishing your morning coffee, and then reassess your tie after two minutes.

Always Make Sure Your Tie is Well Attached to Your Shirt Collar

If your tie still appears to be in the proper position, you are ready to head for the door. If not, adjust your tie. It is worthwhile spending the time to re-tie your tie. Spending the extra two minutes will make you feel confident all day long.

What is the Tie Clip Alteration?

It is possible to use your tie clip to adjust your tie’s length slightly. It would be best if you used your tie clip, allowing a bit of breathing space and movement so that you don’t end up feeling that your tie might strangle you during the day. Also, since a tie clip makes it possible for you to move your tie up or down a little, it offers you some wiggle room for getting that perfect tie length.

The Tie Clip Alteration Allows You Some Wiggle Room For Getting The Perfect Tie Length

However, the word to keep in mind here is ‘slightly.’ Overdoing the amount of tie that the tie clip has to adjust will make it appear messy or unbalanced. So if you end up having to adjust too much of your tie using your tie clip, it’s better to just re-tie your tie.


It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a green tie, a paisley blue tie, or a sharp navy suit, you should complete your overall look with a tie that falls perfectly at your waistband’s middle. Although we are all unique, our tie lengths should be the same.