Stylish Blue Paisley Ties for Men

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Nowadays, a quick and easy path to subtle dapperness is the introduction of the blue paisley tie into your outfit. Why? Because it is simple, eye-catching, and easy to find in practically every clothing store. Last but not least, it is great looking with almost any outfit combination. 

There is a great variety of blue paisley ties so first let’s shed some light on what paisley really is. Paisley is a common term used to describe a feather-shaped figured pattern, based on a pine-cone design from India. Basically, there are two types of paisley patterns that can be easily differentiated – ornamental and teardrop. 

  • Ornamental paisley pattern – These ties have feather-shaped figures locked and interlaced with one another. It looks a bit like a painting which means it is hard to figure out. 
  • Tear drop pattern – The name says it all. These kinds of ties have well distinguishable tear drop shapes. They look simpler but are surely not less eye-catching than the ornamental ones. 

In this post, we are going to give you some outfit ideas based on the blue paisley tie. As you can easily guess, all of the ties we are going to use have blue as a base color (tie background color) but they may also have blue as a complementary color. Of course, each tie will be of a slightly different shade. However, the tie will always be blue. What’s different with each tie is the paisley pattern, shape, and color. That’s actually where the combination game starts getting interesting. 

In theory, the number one rule of tie-shirt-blazer color matching is that one of the tie’s colors – the base (in our case – blue) or the complementary one (in our case the paisley colors) should be the same or complementary to the colors of both the shirt and the blazer.  

Rule number two is that in most cases, the shirt color should be of a lighter hue than the tie, at least when you have a strong, power tie like the blue paisley one. Of course there are exceptions but basically this is the moment where color shades and hues start doing their magic. 

Table of Contents

Stylish Blue Paisley Ties for Men: Suggestions for outfit combinations

Combinations with blue paisley ties with ornamental feather shaped patterns: 

We have four ties: 

  • Dark blue tie with paisley in tan, white, and light blue 
  • Dark blue tie with paisley in light blue and white 
  • Light blue tie with dark blue paisley 
  • Dark blue tie with paisley in tan, light blue, red, and green 

Dark Blue Tie with Paisley in Tan, White, and Light Blue 

The first tie is a very beautiful one. It combines four colors in it – dark and light blue, tan, and white. Matching a multicolored tie is not always an easy task because as the number of colors on the tie go up, the outfit possibilities tend to decrease. That’s because all of the other pieces of clothing you choose should be in line with the tie – pattern and color wise – no exceptions. Don’t get discouraged though. With the right amount of trial, error, and patience you will see that there is no tie you can’t find an outfit for. So bear with us and keep reading. 

As mentioned above, wearing a tie is simple. You should wear at least one piece of clothing which has or includes a shade of the color or some of the colors of your tie (not all of them of course – unless you would like to look like a rainbow). So when you have a multicolor tie, you choose your blazer, pants, belt, and shoes to match one or more colors of your tie. Following this simple tick, here are a few combinations we see fit for a dark blue tie with paisley in tan, white, and light blue: 

Combination 1: white or light blue shirt; solid dark blue blazer; blue pants; brown belt and shoes 

A white shirt is our choice here because it is universal and the best color to match any tie with. You have a double advantage here because the tie also has the color white in it. A light blue shirt with no pattern is also a good option but that’s it – no other shades of blue are allowed as far as the shirt goes.  

A solid dark blue blazer is an obvious way to go because it matches perfectly with all of the tie’s colors. Another great option is a dark blue checkered blazer with large square pattern of thin white lines which you can see in the below picture. Color-wise, you have two colors on the blazer matching the tie – dark blue and white. On the other hand, the large figures perfectly match the paisley on the tie because the patterns are of different scale – a rule you absolutely have to follow if you want to look neat and dapper. So avoid any kind of smaller patterns on the blazer as chances are it will not look good. 

Blue pants, jeans, denim – Blue pants are universal and match well with pretty much any other color. The only detail you should be careful about is that the pants should be of a different shade of blue compared to the blazer’s one. 

Brown belt and shoes – The color brown is very close to tan and it greatly matches it. The tan paisley pieces on this tie are perfectly color-matched by the brown belt and shoes. You can use tan or a lighter shade of brown on your shoes and belt. One more suggestion – it is preferable that you don’t use the same brown color on your belt and shoes. If you do – it won’t be the end of the world, but it would be way better to spice things up a little. 

You can also add an additional touch of detail to the outfit with a pocket square of solid light blue or tan color. We suggest avoiding patterned pocket squares as there is a big chance to mess up the outfit. 

Combination 2: white shirt; solid or gingham tan blazer; blue pants, light blue jeans; brown or blue belt and shoes 

Solid tan blazer – Following the color matching rules described above, a tan blazer is a suitable option for the very same reason, as you have a tan color on your tie. As far as the shirt goes, limit yourself only to the white color as it looks best. Pants or chinos can be dark blue; however, light blue jeans are another beautiful option but for a solid tan blazer only. In this case, we suggest you go with a brown belt and shoes because it will give a correct balance to the outfit. If you choose blue shoes and a blue belt you will end up having your lower body all blue and your upper body mainly in a tan color. This is something you would want to avoid. Include a pocket square of a solid dark blue color in order to add the final elegant touch to the outfit. In this case, a light blue is not an option because the blazer has a lighter shade as well. 

Gingham tan blazer with small checkered blue and brown pattern – This is our favorite option because you somehow manage to pair a patterned blazer with a strong patterned paisley tie and this is not a simple job. But most importantly it looks amazing. That’s because you have two colors matching on the blazer and on the tie – blue and tan which is very rare. There is one very important detail regarding the blazer patterns which you want to match to the paisley tie. The pattern should be of a much smaller or larger scale than the one of the tie. If they are about the same scale, it will not look proper. 

In the below picture you can see in detail how both patters match perfectly because of the reasons already mentioned. 

Unlike the previous combination, as an alternative to the white shirt you can use a very light blue one as well because the outfit “allows it”. But that’s as far as you can go with the shirt colors. 

Below is a picture of the complete outfit (guy on the left) from a few years ago.  

In this case you can go with either brown or blue shoes (or boots as in the picture) and a belt with both options being equally good. The only mistake you can do is mix up the colors – meaning a brown belt and blue shoes or vice versa. So keep that in mind and don’t do it – please! ? 

You can use a solid dark blue pocket square with no or very small pattern, but that’s the only option here as you already have too many different patterns in the outfit. 

As you can see in the picture, if it is cold, you can pair the outfit with a dark blue coat and a blue scarf. 

Combination 3 – white shirt; marble gray blazer; blue pants; blue belt and shoes or gray blue trainers 

The marble gray blazer is another suitable match. It is true that you do not have a gray color on the tie but you have white which is very close to marble gray which makes the latter automatically a good option. And that’s a fact as you can see from the picture below. 

Blue pants or jeans – Either dark or light blue pants or jeans is a great option to be equally considered. Keep in mind that jeans give a bit more casual spirit to the outfit

Blue belt and shoes – As per the shoes and belt, in this case you are limited to only blue and our suggestion is to go with dark blue. Another great option which also give the outfit a way more casual but still a classy look is a pair of gray-blue trainers. They perfectly match all of the other outfit parts, color and pattern wise. In this case do not go for tan shoes or a belt because tan does not match well with marble gray – do keep that in mind. 

Pocket square – Solid or a small pattered dark blue (like the dotted one in the picture) is a great option, although the lighter shades of blue can match pretty good as well in this outfit. 

As you can see in the picture above, you can add a lapel pin as a last detail. It adds a more casual and fresher look to the outfit. For pin colors, just limit yourself to white or blue. 

Combination 4 – white shirt; tweed light blue blazer; light tan pants; brown belt and shoes 

Tweed light blue blazer – This is a great option because it matches perfectly with the light blue color of the tie. Pattern wise as well, the tweed complements the paisley on the tie. This combination looks more casual because the light blue is just a complementary color on the tie. By choosing this blazer, you accentuate the light shade of blue way more. On the other hand, the light blue color brings a more casual feeling, keeping, at the same time, the elegance of the outfit. 

Light tan pants or chinos – Make sure to use a lighter shade of tan on your pants because it would match better with the color concept of the outfit. Light blue jeans is another great option you might want to consider. 

Brown belt and shoes – Again, try going for lighter shades and stay away from dark brown or tan. Keep it simple. 

You can add a solid or small patterned dark blue pocket square to this outfit. It would be a great addition to the base tie color. 

Combination 5 – white shirt, solid denim blue blazer; light tan pants; brown belt and shoes 

The solid denim blue blazer is another great match to the blue paisley tie. It adds a more casual look to the outfit because of the denim fabrics. 

As per the other outfit parts, go with tan pants and not blue. It goes without saying that jeans are not a good choice because of two reasons: first, if you do not find the same denim fabric and color it will look bad and second, if you do find jeans of the same fabric, the denim suit outfit looks funny. So please avoid any kind of blue jeans in this case. 

A brown belt and shoes is the most suitable option for the denim blazer. 

A pocket square is not suggested because of the already discussed casual outfit look. If you insist to have a pocket square, go with any shade of solid blue with a very small pattern or no pattern at all. 

Dark Blue Tie with Paisley in Light Blue and White 

This tie is one of the most universal ones which makes it easy to match with almost any piece of garment. The combination of three colors complement each other – dark blue, white, and light blue makes it suitable for pairing with dark and light blazers, jackets, and tops. However don’t let the easiness of matching trick you – there are some ground rules you need to stick to in order to look dapper. Here are the combinations we like. Feel free to use them as a general matching guide for ties and clothing that are the same or similar to the ones in the photos. 

Combination 1: white shirt; zig zag blue blazer; marble light gray pants; blue belt and shoes 

The blue blazer on withe zig zag lines is our first pick because you have two matches in the colors on the tie and blazer – blue and white. The combination looks astonishing and it is an absolute myth crusher of the statement “You cannot have both a patterned tie and blazer in one outfit”. You sure can and this combo is the proof. The only rule to pull this off is to choose wisely. All three – pattern size, shape, and scale on your tie and blazer should be way different from one another. Just like in here, a zig zag blazer with paisley tie, are two completely different patterns in size, figure, and scales. 

It goes without saying that the solid dark blue/blue blazer is an equally suitable option. 

Marble light gray pants are a good option for this outfit because the light gray color is pretty close to white. If by logic, you ask “well why not try white pants instead?” we will give you a quick and straight answer. The color intensity difference between your upper body (mainly dark blue) and pants is going to be way above bearable and will not look good. The color flow in your outfit should be more gradual and softer. By just slightly reducing the intensity of white to marble gray, you will polish your look to perfection. The marble light gray color gives this outfit an interestingly unpredictable shade – something that you will miss out on if you choose solid white pants. 

A blue belt and shoes are the way to go for this combination. The shade can be a darker or lighter shade, except for sky blue which is the only no-go in this case. The frequently mentioned brown belt and shoes are not considered here because you do not have any yellow range colors present in your outfit. 

A pocket square is not recommended because of the pattern density of the blazer and tie – it would be too much. If you insist, however, on having a pocket square, you can try with solid blue or a white color. But again, we prefer to keep it simple and not use a pocket square for this outfit. Keep it simple. 

Combination 2: white and blue striped shirt; blue wool blazer; dark blue jeans; blue belt and shoes 

The main detail in this combination is the white and blue striped shirt – and that’s where things get interesting because of the pattern layering of the shirt and tie. Again they match very well because of the pattern differences in shapes and scales. 

The blue wool blazer is plain in this case. A patterned one would saturate the outfit with too much pattern and is something you would want to avoid. 

We chose all blue for the lower body outfit, including the pants, belt, and shoes. The suggestion for jeans instead of pants is due to the fact that they would be a great add on to the striped shirt’s casual look. 

The final touch for this combination is a dark blue pocket square with little white dots which match perfectly with the rest of the outfit mainly because blue and white are in it. The second reason it works is due to the pattern differs from the rest of the garment pieces. 

Combination 3 – light gray blazer; white shirt; dark blue pants or jeans; blue belt and shoes; white and gray checkered pocket square 

As you can see in the picture, gray and dark blue is always a good match. In addition to that, in this case, the light gray blazer looks perfect because you have pieces of white on the tie and gray and white are very similar colors. 

Dark blue pants or jeans are a must for this outfit and the same goes for the blue belt and shoes. 

The white and gray checkered pocket square is an awesome add on. As you can see, even if it has nothing in common with the rest of your outfit color or pattern wise, it still looks very snazzy. 

Combination 4 – marble blazer; blue and white checkered shirt; dark blue pants or jeans; blue belt and shoes; blue pocket square on white flowers 

Just like in the previous combination, the marble blazer is a very suitable option because it is close to the white color which you have on the tie. The marble blazer is pretty similar to light gray but it has an opaque shade which makes all the difference as it is considered a different color. However, the matching rules are always the same. 

For this combo we chose a beautiful blue and white checkered shirt which makes as an awesome background for the blue paisley tie as you can see in the picture above. The pattern of the squares on the shirt, in this case, is not a lot bigger than the tie pattern; however, it is pretty different and that’s why it is such a good match. 

The blue pocket square with white flowers is also a pretty dapper and suitable detail in this combination. It is a perfect fit for this outfit where you have white and blue on all three of the four pieces of clothing – on the tie, shirt, and pocket square. All three are so much different from one another and somehow, they make a perfect match in a single outfit. That’s why this combo is one of our all-time top picks. You can also try spicing things up a bit more with a blue or dark blue blazer pin as we did here. The only rule is to go with pins of smaller sizes as bigger ones will look funny and ruin the outfit. 

As far as the lower body outfit, we suggest you keep things simple and go with dark blue pants, chinos or jeans, a dark blue belt, and blue shoes. 

You can try a lighter shade of blue on the pants or jeans, but as far as the shoes and belt go – limit the color choice to navy or darker blue. A light blue belt and shoes is the only no-go in this case. 

Combination 5 – blue leather jacket; plain light blue shirt; blue vest; blue chinos or jeans; blue belt and sneakers, boots or casual shoes 

The last combination for the dark blue tie with paisley in light blue and white is very different from what we presented previously. It is a lot sportier and more casual but not at all less elegant. 

The blue leather jacket is the element that throws this outfit into the sporty looks. As this is a very unusual and rarely seen combination, if you do the color matching correctly, the leather jacket will make the tie stand out even more. It goes without saying that if you pull this off you will be without a doubt in everyone’s sights. One detail to keep in mind though, is to stay away from jackets with high color saturation, sparkly blue shades, or very light blue. Sporty does not mean sloppy. Keep it classy and choose the blue color wisely – meaning darker shades like indigo, navy, or denim. 

The plain light blue shirt is close to the white color and to the blue as well – so that’s why it would always be a good fit. 

The blue vest is a piece of clothing we are introducing for the first time in this spectrum of combinations. It is a big risk because usually a vest is a far more formal piece of garment. But again, if chosen wisely, it can be a real trend setter. The time for another myth crusher has come with the statement “No formal pieces of clothing can be matched with a casual or sporty top.”. Well, not exactly, and if someone asks you how come, just show them the above picture. Personally, it is an outfit we came up with and have used at work, so we can confirm that it rocks! And we are not saying this just because it looks great. It is also very comfortable to wear because you can combine it with a pair of casual chinos or jeans and some sneakers which is the best! 

As this outfit is sportier looking, it is better to go with either chinos or denim jeans. Both darker and lighter shades of blue are allowed as they look equally valid for the case. 

The color of the belt and footwear is set to be of a darker shade – among the lines of navy or indigo. Personally, we prefer dark blue sneakers as a first choice for this outfit. In this case they look better than shoes, have a casual elegance, and are a lot more comfortable to wear. Another suitable footwear option would be a good pair of blue boots. If you insist on the shoes, just make sure to pick casual ones. Overall the choice is yours – with each of the listed options, you cannot go wrong. That’s why we love this outfit! 

Last but not least you can take off your jacket and be perfectly casually-elegant in your tie and vest. You can easily roll up your sleeves and pin a panda toy to your vest. Enjoy! ? 

Light Blue Tie with Dark Blue Paisley and White 

This tie is rarer as compared to the other blue paisley ties. The light blue is a lot more demanding than other shades of the color. However the dark blue paisley lines with white elements make this tie pretty versatile. 

Combination 1 – white/light blue shirt, tan blazer, light blue pants, chinos or jeans; brown belt; tan/light tan or brown shoes or boots. 

Our first pick is a combination with a tan blazer. The one in the picture has a small pattern on it due to its fabrics specifics, but it goes without saying that a plain, no patterned option is equally adequate. Lighter shades of tan are also a great alternative. 

The shirt we chose in the picture is white but you can also go on with a light blue one. In both cases, go with the solid, plain color – no patterns. Keep it simple. 

The best option for pants, chinos, or jeans (in case you would like a more casual look) is again light blue. You can also try a darker blue shade but we do not recommend it as the contrast between the upper and lower parts of the outfit would become pretty noticeable and not in a good way. 

Applying the same logic as above, it would be nice to choose a belt and shoes of also a lighter shade or brown – tan or light tan. That way they would perfectly match the blazer – color and shade-wise. 

If you insist on a pocket square you could wisely choose the lighter blue gamma once more – in wither plain or patterned options. 

Combination 2 – white shirt, dark blue checkered blazer with large square pattern of thin white lines (H&M), light blue, light marble gray or blue pants, chinos, jeans; blue belt and shoes/sneakers. 

Usually, a dark blue blazer is not a good match to a light blue tie, but this case is an exception mainly because of the checkered pattern of thin white lines and the dark blue paisley details on the tie. The pattern on the blazer adds a kind elegance and sophistication to the outfit. Also, the thin white squares are a perfect complement to the light paisley and white elements on the tie. 

white shirt, dark blue checkered blazer with large square pattern of thin white lines

The pants or chinos can be of light blue, the almost white shade of marble gray and blue. Of course you can go with jeans as well. The thin white checkered blazer pattern is a great match to all of them. 

The belt can be of any blue shade – from lighter to darker. Navy and indigo are also a great option. The lighter blue should be avoided only in regards to the shoes. In this case the darker blue on the belt and shoes would be a perfect match to the tiny paisley lines on the tie. 

Combination 3 – white or light blue shirt; denim blazer; light blue pants, chinos, jeans; blue belt and shoes/sneakers 

We just said that a dark blue blazer is not a good option but of course fabrics matter. That’s why the denim blazer is an exception and it is a very good match here. 

Limit yourself to a white or light blue shirt. Dark blue can be a tricky way to go. If you decide to try it, make sure to pick the right dark shade of blue. 

The pants should be light blue but if you decide to go with jeans, keep in mind the fabrics and choose them wisely – always of a different fabrics than the blazer’s one (remember the denim suit remark above). 

The remaining pieces of clothing can be of any blue shade you decide – as long as they look dapper and classy. Let your imagination do the work but do not let it fly too high either. Simple is better. 

Combination 4 – white shirt; marble gray blazer; light blue jeans or casual blue pants; blue belt and shoes or sneakers; dark blue pocket square with tiny white dots 

The penultimate combination is the one with the marble gray blazer which we have already seen. It is again a great match to the light blue tie base. 

Light blue pants, chinos, or jeans are the logical add-on to the outfit and as per the belt and shoes, you can choose almost any shade of blue. However, our suggestion is to go with darker hues, such as navy or indigo, as they are a suitable pair to the dark blue paisley lines on the tie. Try on sneakers instead of shoes as they add a more casual look which can be refreshing. 

Add the final touch with a dark blue pocket square with little white dots – an awesome detail. We leave the answer to “why” to you. We are sure that by now, you know it. 

Combination 5 – white shirt; solid sapphire blue blazer with thin white fiber; casual blue pants or light blue jeans; blue belt and shoes or sneakers; white pocket square on blue teardrop paisley pattern 

We saved this combination as last because it is more particular than the others. The sapphire blue color is very rare and as such is also pretty demanding. This means that you have to be careful what you match it to. As you can see in the picture, it is a great pair to the light blue paisley tie. That’s because of two factors. First, the shades of blue are compatible to one another and second, the blazer has tiny white fibers in it which makes it even more suitable to the tie. Don’t worry – in case you do not have the same blazer – a plain sapphire is an equally good match. 

The pants should be again of lighter blue color but not every shade would be a good option – so be careful here and choose wisely. Another option is marble light gray (almost white) chinos or pants – they would be a good match to the light blue tie. 

It is preferable that the belt and shoes are of darker blue in order to have a color balance in the outfit and also because of the dark blue details of the tie. 

For this outfit we chose a white pocket square with a blue teardrop pattern – a great detail because of the presence of the white color on the blazer and its proximity to the light blue of the tie and pants. If you do not have the same or a similar pocket square – you can choose one close to it color-wise, meaning the base color white and pattern color in blue. Just make sure that the blue pattern is a match with the rest of the outfit. 

Dark Blue Tie with Paisley in Tan, Light Blue, Red, Pink, and Green 

It is pretty rare to see a tie with more than two or three colors on it. The one below, for which we are going to create outfit combinations, is a six-colored tie. Some of the colors are pretty intense and, at first glance, mutually unsuitable in one tie or outfit. For example, red and green are colors which can be combined with one another only in a Santa outfit. But somehow the paisley shapes on this tie are colored with such precision and the right dosage that not only do they match perfectly well but they also complement each another. This proves that no colors are unmatchable – as long as you choose the right shade and correct intensity. That is the actual art of color pairing. 

Combination 1 – blue blazer (royal blue and stone blue); white or light blue shirt; light tan pants; brown belt and shoes 

The first combination includes our favorite blue blazer in two shades and respectively two different color shirts. 

The royal blue blazer is a must for this combination because it complements the dark blue base and the tiny light blue paisley lines of the tie. The shirt we chose is light blue because it pairs better with all blueish elements on the upper outfit part. 

The stone blue blazer has a bit more of a formal appearance. This is due to the colder shade of blue. That’s why the shirt in this case is white – as it suits more the coldness and formality of the outfit. 

For both combinations above, we believe the only valid options are light tan pants or chinos and a brown belt and shoes. Jeans and sneakers are a no-go here because the royal and stone blue shades imply a more formal look. 

Also, we did not include a pocket square in these combos because you already have too much color on your tie. You do not want the colors starting to weigh upon your appearance. This would eventually make you unpleasant to look at. 

Combination 2 – dark blue shirt; light tan plain blazer; blue pants, jeans; brown belt and shoes 

The second outfit starts with the shirt – because it is an unusual combination. The dark blue shirt may not seem a suitable option at first because of the same dark blue tie base. However, this is not the case because of the variety of color in the tie. They somehow stand out perfectly by turning the dark blue shirt into a suitable match – again the beautiful magic of colors. 

The light tan plain blazer is a must in this case because by choosing any shade of blue, you will oversaturate the upper part of the outfit and it will not look good. Tan, on the other hand, gives the outfit a far softer shade by reducing the saturation and making it look eye catching. 

This combination requires pants or chinos of darker blue, navy, or indigo shades. Light blue is not an option. 

The belt and shoes should be preferably of brown or darker tan colors. 

Combination 3 – purple shirt; dark blue blazer; tan or blue pants; brown belt and shoes 

The third combination is by far the most controversial one because of its high color saturation. For some it can be too much. We have pulled it off in the past and we like it. 

The dark blue blazer of course is nothing out of the ordinary because you have blue all over the tie. 

What’s unexpected is the shirt color – a highly saturated plain purple. What makes this color even close to an option is the light pink on the tie. 

Pants or chinos can be of either darker tan or blue. Lighter shades of pants are a no-go because of the very high saturated upper outfit part. 

Lighter colors would not be a good option in regards to the belt and shoes – you are better to stick to brown or dark tan shades. 

Combination 4 – white shirt; light green blazer; light tan pants, chinos; brown belt and shoes 

The last combination has a green, summer vibe in it and that’s mainly because of the light green blazer. Color-wise, it is a perfect match because you have green on the tie – remember? Also green is a complementary color to blue. So that’s two reasons of why you should never underestimate green! 

Keeping it simple, the shirt is plain white while the lighter color shades should be applied on the lower outfit parts as well. Therefore go with light tan pants and a light brown belt and shoes. 

Spice things up with a blue lapel pin and beautiful light burgundy pocket square which is a great match to the red of the tie and to the brown belt and shoes, as you can see below. 

Last but not least – the burgundy is an outstanding complementary color to green – yes – it is true. Remember this as it can come very handy at times. 

Combinations with blue paisley ties with tear drop pattern: 

We have three paisley ties with the tear drop motive: 

  • Dark blue tie with red paisley 
  • Light blue tie with red paisley 
  • Dark blue tie with paisley in lavender and white 

Dark Blue Tie with Red Paisley 

This is the classical teardrop pattern tie. It has a lot of variations mainly in the teardrop size and color. This tie has red teardrops with thin white lining. Blue and red are both highly contrasting colors and as such they are not always easy to match. You should be careful when throwing in strong and powerful colors like blue and red in one outfit. In this particular case, the tie width is something you should also carefully think through. If it is too narrow, it will look like the outfit is not complete. If you go with a tie too wide, you will have a bib on your shirt. The tie used in here is 2.56 inches or 6.5 cm which would be the perfect tie width in this case – not too narrow but not too wide as well. 

Here are our top combinations with the dark blue tie with red paisley: 

Combination 1 – Royal blue blazer; white, pink shirt; light tan pants, chinos, brown belt and shoes 

The royal blue blazer is the most universal option which is a good match in almost 80-90% of the time when you have a blue tie. This case is no exception. The dark blue and red teardrops on the tie are a great pair to the royal blue blazer which makes those colors stand out even more than usual. 

Another great option would be a light blue diamond blazer. It is such a good choice because the pattern is formed by thin white fibers which combine perfectly with the white lining of the tie’s teardrops. 

You have two base choices for shirts – a white or a pink shirt. Of course, you can play with the shade of pink by changing it to a lighter one and it will still look perfect. 

As far as the lower outfit part goes – we suggest to circle around the tan and its darker shades as they are a great complement to the red teardrops. So go with pants or chinos in tan and a belt and shoes in brown. 

Combination 2 – dark blue blazer; white or light blue shirt on light pink stripes; light tan or dark blue pants, chinos or jeans; brown or blue belt and shoes 

Even if the dark blue blazer might not seem a suitable option because of the similarity to the base tie color – it really is. However only if you use lighter color shirts – the darker ones are a no-go in this case. 

As per the shirt – apart from the eternal white, we have chosen another very interesting option – a light blue shirt with light pink stripes. We have a striped shirt with a paisley tie – two patterns that complement each other very well. Color-wise, it is also a great match basically because you have dark blue and red on the tie and different shades of the same colors on the shirt – light blue and pink. This is a strategy you can use with other colors and patterns as well. It is only a matter of trial and error and of course a lot of patience. 

For both options you have two ways to go – tan pants or chinos with a brown belt and shoes and dark blue pants or jeans with a blue belt and shoes. You can freely exchange the belt and shoes for both outfits. Just don’t mix the brown belt with blue shoes or blue belt with brown shoes. Ok? 

Combination 3 – denim blazer; white or light pink shirt; light tan pants or chinos; brown belt and shoes 

Again, the denim blazer continues to be a great option. It adds a more casual and refreshing look to the outfit. 

Both a light pink and a white shirt are a suitable match – white because of the same outline color of the red teardrop on the tie and light pink because it is a different shade of red. 

The best option for pants is tan. The belt and shoes would be of course brown or a different and darker shade of tan from the one on the pants. 

Combination 4 – white shirt; solid sapphire blue blazer with thin white fiber; light tan pants or chinos; brown belt and shoes 

It is the second time when the sapphire blue blazer with thin white fibers comes into the picture. This is because the white teardrop outlines in the tie match the white fibers on the blazer. Also, as you can see in the below pictures, the sapphire blue is a great pair to the tie’s dark blue base. 

Only a white shirt is allowed here because it looks classier and because having the same color on your tie, blazer, and shirt is pure art. 

The tan pants are a great complement to the whiteish upper outfit part. The brown belt and shoes are a great color extension to the red teardrop on the tie. 

Combination 5 – white shirt; marble gray blazer; dark blue pants or jeans; blue belt and shoes or sneakers; light burgundy plain pocket square 

Once more the marble gray blazer takes part of the combinations because this color is very close to the white which rounds the red teardrops on the tie. 

While the white shirt in this case is the most obvious option, the pants should be dark blue and there is just one reason for that. The dark blue matches both the tie and the blazer. Tan pants would pair partially only with the tie but not at all with the marble gray blazer. 

The belt and shoes should also be blue – of the same shade of the pants or a little lighter but not too light. 

The last touch for this combination is a light burgundy plain pocket square. It is a great complement to the outfit because it matches very well with both the dark blue and the red colors on the tie. Burgundy also makes a great match with the marble gray. 

Combination 6 – white or light pink shirt; linen light blue patterned blazer on squares of dark blue, red and white; light tan pants or chinos; brown belt and shoes; dark blue pocket square on red dots 

This last combination for the dark blue tie with red paisley is our favorite because we have a strong patterned blazer and an intensely patterned tie in one outfit. And this is always hard to pull off. The linen light blue blazer has a unique square pattern of dark blue, red, and white – all colors you have on the tie. It looks beautiful and it brings a kind of summer vibe to the outfit

Needless to say that the variety of suitable colors (blue, red, and white) on the blazer is the reason for the perfect match with the tie. 

Either a white or a light pink shirt are equally suitable options. Pink is another shade of red and in this outfit, you have red on the blazer and on the tie. You can see how it looks in the picture below: 

We are going back to tan pants or chinos and a brown belt and shoes because these colors are complementary to red which you have in abundance in the outfit. 

As you can see in the next picture, the dark blue pocket square with red dots is the cherry on the cake. 

What’s more important to notice here is that the pocket square and the tie are pretty similar in pattern and shapes – but they still match well in one outfit. What this goes to say is, don’t be afraid to experiment. If it is too much you will know it. Relax and enjoy the matching process. 

Light Blue Tie with Darker Shades and Red Paisley Teardrop 

This tie is very specific as it has light blue base which overflows into darker shades of blue and in between of all this there are smaller red teardrop paisley shapes. As difficult as it sounds to match this tie in an outfit, here are a few combinations which you can use in such or similar cases. 

Combination 1 – dark blue blazer; white shirt; light tan pants, chinos; brown belt and shoes 

It is more than clear that the dark blue blazer is going to be a good match mainly because of the two shades of blue on the tie. 

Choosing a shirt of a different color than white would be a mistake in this case as you would not want to stuff your outfit with too much color in the upper body part. 

Light tan pants or chinos and a brown belt and shoes are a must because they complement the red teardrop of the tie. 

Combination 2 – marble gray blazer; white shirt; blue pants or jeans; blue belt and shoes; dark blue pocket square 

Unexpectedly, the marble gray blazer is a good match for this blue paisley tie. That’s because you have a lighter shade of blue on the tie which complements well with the marble gray. You might actually think that the red paisley on the tie would be incompatible with the marble gray but as we all can see – this is not the case. 

The white shirt is the best option in here because it opens up the light blue on the tie. Another reason is that the blazer stands out even more with a white color. 

The marble color implies some limitations for the lower outfit and that’s why the pants, chinos, or jeans should be blue – preferably of a darker shade. The same goes for the belt and shoes with one difference – you can also go with a little lighter hue of blue. 

You can spice things up with a pocket square but limit yourself to a solid dark blue color or a small patterned one – as the example in the picture. 

Combination 3 – denim blue blazer; white or light blue shirt; light tan pants or chinos; brown or blue belt and shoes; light burgundy pocket square 

The denim blue blazer is a great option as well because of the two shades of blue on the tie. 

In this case, because of the more casual outfit look, you can choose between a white or a light blue shirt as both are equally suitable options. 

And of course, in order to complement the red teardrop on the tie we choose tan pants or chinos. In this case only, the belt and shoes can both be brown, darker tan (than the pants), or blue in a lighter or darker shade. 

You can also add a light burgundy pocket square. It will definitely be a touch of class because of two reasons. First, it would match the red paisley teardrop on the tie and second, the burgundy is a great complement to the brown belt and shoes. 

Combination 4 – light blue diamond patterned blazer; white shirt; light tan pants, chinos; brown belt and shoes; light burgundy pocket square 

The light blue diamond patterned blazer is our last pick. It is a good choice because the blazer is light blue and its pattern is formed by thin white fibers. Both of those colors are a great match to all blue parts of the tie, including the light and darker blue. 

In this case, the white shirt is the only way to go because a blue one would provide the outfit with too much blue. 

Again, in order to complement the red on the tie, go with light tan pants, chinos, or jeans, and a brown belt and shoes. One more reason to choose this lower outfit option is that tan is a great complement to the white fibers on the blazer. 

For a pocket square, again, light burgundy would be the best choice because of the exact same reasons mentioned in the previous combination. 

Dark Blue Tie with Paisley in Lavender and White 

The last of the ties we are going to give you some combinations with is a dark blue tie but the teardrops pattern here is pretty rare – two teardrops completely entangled in one another where the outer one is in purple and the one inside it is white. Again, in here we have a three-colored tie which makes it suitable for a variety of combinations. 

Combination 1 – white shirt, dark blue checkered blazer with large square pattern of thin white lines, light whiteish light tan or blue pants, chinos, jeans; gray or blue belt and shoes 

The Dark blue checkered blazer is our first pick because you have on it two of the tie’s colors, blue and white, and this is always a good indication for a possible match. 

The third indication of this suitable combo is the noticeable pattern difference between the tie and the blazer. 

You have one more option for a blazer here, and that is the dark blue blazer with thin white stripes. The reasons for that are the same as in the previous example – the presence of blue and white. Note that the stripes can be a bit larger as well. However, stay away from too large stripes as usually they look heavy and may ruin the outfit. 

A white shirt is the preferable option here as we like to keep things simple and last but not least, the white shirt makes the tie stand out more. 

The pants for this outfit can be either of a lighter tan shade (kind of whiteish) or blue (as in the above picture). A standard tan color is not an option in this case because it has a warm shade and this outfit is more in the cold gamma (colors like blue, white, and purple). If you go with the whiteish tan pants you can either choose a gray belt and shoes or blue ones. We introduce the gray shoes and belt here because as mentioned above; the outfit is in the colder gamma spectrum and gray fits in better. If you decide to pair the outfit with blue pants, we suggest you go with blue shoes and a belt as well, of course both of a darker shade. 

Combination 2 – sapphire blue blazer with thin white fibers; white shirt; ivory tan or blue pants chinos, jeans; gray or blue belt and shoes 

Once more the sapphire blue blazer is a great match because the sapphire blue contrasts and complements very well the dark blue base of the tie. The second reason is that the white fibers on the blazer are a great link to the tie’s white teardrops. 

The white shirt is a must in this case because of the presence of white on both the blazer and the tie. So, no other color of shirts is allowed here. 

The pants or chinos should be either a light tan or blue. In the first case – go with gray or blue shoes and a belt or a lighter, colder shade of tan (of course darker than the one on the pants). If you choose the blue pants option, keep it simple and go with a blue or gray belt and shoes. Of course, the type of gray should be in line with the blue on the pants. Keep in mind that dark blue jeans is an equally suitable option here. 

Combination 3 – light blue tweed blazer; white shirt; ivory tan or blue pants chinos, jeans; blue belt and shoes 

Tweed is a pretty dapper fabric in a small pattern which for sure will elevate the looks of your outfit. That’s why we think the light blue tweed blazer is a great match. The very small pattern enables the tie to stand out in a unique kind of way. This blazer contrasts with the tie’s dark blue base while also complementing the white and purple teardrop pattern. 

One more time, the white shirt is a must here because you do not want to overwhelm the upper outfit part with too much blue. 

As the upper body is mostly in the light colored gamma, we suggest ivory tan or blue pants or chinos. Dark blue is also an option but choose carefully. You do not want to have a big color contrast between the upper and lower outfit part. In the case of ivory tan pants – go with a blue belt and shoes (not gray this time) which are also the option in case of blue pants, chinos, or jeans. 

Combination 4 – steel blue blazer; white shirt; dark blue or ivory light tan pants chinos, jeans; blue belt and shoes; white pocket square on little blue flowers 

This is the first introduction of the steel blue blazer but we think it is an awesome match for this blue paisley tie. The steel color complements all three tie colors – dark blue, purple, and white. But the color it relates to the most is purple. And yes – this is no mistake. The reason for this is the metal shade of blue is like a sequel of the intensity of the purple – they are somehow close like brother and sister. The steel blue blazer also is a great complement to white, again because of its fading metal shades. 

That’s why the best option for a shirt is the white one. 

In this case we suggest only dark blue pants, chinos, or jeans and the same color belt and shoes. 

The last little dapper detail is a white pocket square with little blue flowers which matches the shirt and the white teardrop on the tie. Of course it also looks great on the steel blue. 

Combination 5 – gray blazer; white or light gray shirt; dark blue pants, chinos or jeans; dark blue or dark gray belt and shoes 

The gray blazer is another great option because it matches with the purple and white on the tie. It is also a great complement of the tie’s dark blue base. 

The shirt in this case can be either white or light gray. Darker shades of gray, however, would not be a good choice. 

Stay away from a grayish lower outfit part as it would make the tie fade out and also would make the outfit look like a suit. Therefore, our suggestion in this case is dark blue pants, belt, and shoes. Dark blue jeans is also an option but usually we would not prefer it because the gray blazer is more formal. That’s why it is preferrable to go with pants and not go beyond chinos. If you can choose a suitable color of dark gray shoes and belt – it can also be a good match. But be careful as lighter gray is not an option. 

Combination 6 – marble gray blazer; white shirt; blue pants chinos, jeans; blue belt and shoes 

The last combination is of course our favorite marble gray blazer. It complements the tie perfectly. It contrasts the dark blue on the tie while also complementing the white and the purple, making the outfit look fresh and easy to look at. 

The white shirt is our preferred option here as it matches well with the marble gray blazer and makes the tie stand out in the outfit. 

The lower outfit part would be of darker blue shades. In case you wonder what “darker blue” means, we would say a shade that circles around the blue base of the tie – it can be a bit lighter or a bit darker, but not too dark. 

If you want to add a pocket square – you can go with a plain dark blue one, preferably with no pattern. Yes, here the dark blue is allowed because the pocket square is just an outfit detail and as such, it just shows a little bit over your pocket and does not risk becoming irritating. 

In conclusion, those were our favorite combinations for a blue paisley tie. The above outfit examples have been researched and all of the combinations tried on after years of testing and color matching. They are exemplary but can be used daily in real life. Feel free to use the matching guidelines as you see fit – with same or similar clothing or just as an example for a color matching approach. Enjoy! 

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