How Many Ways Are There to Tie a Necktie?

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Ties offer a variety of looks and charms to enhance any gentleman’s appearance. On top of the colors, designs, and fabrics that make ties so versatile, there are multiple ways to tie a necktie, making them even more versatile and exciting. Find your favorite way to tie your necktie or mix it up for a bit of fashion-forward fun.

How Many Ways Are There to Tie a Necktie?

It might come as a surprise that there are, in fact, thousands of ways to tie your tie. However, a few of these stand out amongst the thousands. When it comes to ways to tie a necktie, the most popular ones are:

  • The Four-In-Hand Knot
  • The Half Windsor Knot
  • The Full Windsor Knot
  • The Pratt Knot
  • The Oriental Knot
  • The Kelvin Knot

These six methods of knotting ties are seen as the most effective with the most appealing results. If you master these methods, you will never have a problem adding a tie to any ensemble.

The Four-In-Hand Knot

This knot is an easy knot to master. It results in a reasonably small knot size best worn with a narrow or medium collar size. It is perfect for work, date nights, and semi-casual events.

Four-In-Hand Knot

The Half Windsor Knot

This attractive knotting method results in an average-sized knot that is pretty symmetrical. It is slightly challenging to master, but several videos are available online to show you how to make the perfect knot. This knot is best worn with collars that are medium spread. It is a great look for work, weddings, and meetings.

Half Windsor Knot

The Full Windsor Knot

This knot’s result is symmetrical with a pretty large knot. The difficulty level of this knot is average, meaning you can master it with a couple of tries. It is best worn with widespread collars. It is perfect for formal occasions or presentations.

Full Windsor Knot

The Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot results in a pretty symmetrical look and a knot size that is average. It isn’t a hard knot to master. It is best worn with collars that are medium spread. It is a perfect knot for a wedding reception, date night, or work.

Pratt Knot

The Oriental Knot

If you are looking for a tiny knot, this is the knot for you. It results in a look that isn’t completely symmetrical. It is the easiest knot to master. The Oriental Knot is perfect for date nights, casual occasions, and work if you work in a relaxed environment.

Oriental Knot

The Kelvin Knot

This knot results in an averaged, pretty symmetrical size knot. It is a simple knot to master. It is best worn with narrow or medium-spread collars. If you are going on date night or have a social event to attend, the Kelvin Knot is a great choice.

Kelvin Knot

How Do You Choose the Way to Tie a Necktie?

With so many options of knotting your tie available, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose one method. Here are some tips that will make it easier to decide which way you want to use:

Think About the Occasion

The occasion that you are wearing the tie can help determine which look is best suited. For example, if you are attending a casual event like a family BBQ, the Four-In-Hand Knot, Oriental Knot, or the Kelvin Knot will be good options for that simple yet classy look.

When Choosing Your Knot Always Consider The Occasion

On the other hand, if you attend a grand gala event, a Full Windsor Knot is an excellent option because it results in a stunning formal look. Try the Half Windsor Knot instead if you are going to a formal event, but you don’t like the giant knot as the Full Windsor provides.

Think About the Fabric the Necktie is Made of

The material that your tie is made of can help you with your decision. For example, thick interlined wool ties look fantastic with the Full or Half Windsor Knot because the cloth and the knot result in an exquisite appearance. On the other hand, ties made with thinner material, like silk, are best used with the Four-In-Hand Knot, the Kelvin Knot, or the Oriental Knot.

Take Into Consideration The Tie’s Fabric – Wool Ties Are Suitable For Full Or Half Windsor Knot. Silk Ties Are Best Used With Oriental Or Kelvin Knot

Think About your Collar

Some knots don’t go well with widespread collars or narrow collars. If you wear a shirt with a narrow collar, the Oriental Knot, Four-In-Hand Knot, or the Kelvin Knot is perfect. The Pratt Knot or Half Windsor Knots will be great if your shirt has a medium-spread collar. Lastly, if your shirt has a widespread collar, embrace the Full Windsor Knot, or try a Cravat for that bold look.

Narrow Collared Shirts Go Well With Four-In-Hand Knot. Use The Prat Knot On Medium-Spread Collared Shirts


Ties can add a bit of fun, extravagance, and style to any wardrobe. They make it possible to never repeat the same look twice, especially with many different ways to knot your tie. So be stylish and make a statement with a great knot at your next social event.