Should Blazers Be Buttoned?

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A blazer is the most indispensable part of the men’s wardrobe, a must-have, a go-to, and an essential clothing item that offers endless styling opportunities to people. It is a type of jacket that has its own identity, but many people wear it as part of a suit on formal occasions, which is why understanding how to flex your blazer is equally important as purchasing it. 

Most people keep their blazers unbuttoned, which is a matter of preference, but it is not the right way. It may seem trivial to know, but certain button rules consider it obligatory for blazers to be buttoned up. However, the way you can button up your blazer is freedom of choice. 

Who knew that buttoning or unbuttoning your blazer could be a topic of discussion? Who knew a tiny button could affect the way you look and are perceived by others? Surprisingly, many men are unaware of the fact that there are specific button rules that they need to follow to flex their suits. This guide will share the tips that you need to master to nail your look completely. So let’s begin! 

Is Blazer a part of Suit? If Yes, How Can You Wear It the Right Way?

Wearing a blazer as part of a suit is mostly questioned because blazers are not necessarily part of a suit, and you can style them rigidly and less formally as well. However, many people, especially men, wear them as part of their suits to carry out a business and casual office look.

Knowing that blazers are worn as part of a suit isn’t enough! There is a lot more that you need to dig into about blazers to wear them the right way. So, from the long list of fashion rules out there, one of the most essential and critical rules is the Button Rule which decides the right way to pull off a blazer as part of a suit. 

The Button Rule

If you’re investing profoundly in purchasing an outfit, it is your right to know the rules that can make it look impeccable! Tradition dictates that blazers should be buttoned up until you sit down, a point where unbuttoning the blazer will not only prevent the suit from creasing but also makes you feel more comfortable.

Although fashion shouldn’t be bound by traditional boundaries, in some cases, when it’s about enhancing the look, going by the rules is never wrong. This is why you need to explore the button rule and learn about the different ways in which it applies to blazers.

The increasing trends in the fashion industry allow people to enjoy the same jacket in different styles and designs, creating a different fashion sense. For instance, the buttons on the blazer are one variable that is changed frequently in different ways to change the style. So, it is crucial to know how the button rules apply to various types of blazers.  

Single-Breasted Jackets

A single-breasted jacket or blazer has only one column of buttons and a narrow overlap at the front. It gives a sleek, modern, and stylish look to the people who wear it. Fortunately, this style of jacket has been extremely popular ever since World War II, and as the most famed style, it is essential to pull it off the right way!

Typically, single-breasted blazers have one, two, or three buttons, and therefore, the way you can follow the button rule also depends on the number of buttons that your jacket has. 

One-Button Suit

When a blazer has only one button, there is not much to emphasize because you already have only one option to follow. The single-buttoned jackets are slightly longer, so buttoning them up evens the look.

So, for a single-button suit, people are supposed to button up while standing and unbutton when sitting to maintain a balanced proportion of the suit and to prevent wrinkling or creasing problems. 

Two-Button Suit

If you have a two-button suit, the traditional way is to fasten the first button and leave the other one undone. These suits follow the same rule, i.e., buttoning up the jacket while standing and unbuttoning it while sitting. For each time you stand again, fasten the top button again.

The second button is kept undone because buttoning it up creates a very tight look around the hips. This further causes the sides to look weird around your torso; thus, the whole suit goes out of proportion. 

Three-Button Suit

When it comes to a three-button suit, the confusion is a lot more than expected. Sometimes, always, and never are usually the words that each button refers to. 

Buttoning the top button is considered optional, the middle one mandatory, and the bottom one rarely. This is the order that most people are supposed to remember when buttoning up a three-button suit. 

While standing, the top button can be both closed and opened as per the wearer’s convenience, the middle one should always be buttoned up, while the bottom one should never be closed, however, when sitting, all three buttons should be opened up. 

Double-Breasted Jackets

Now that you’ve learned about single-breasted jackets, the discussion remains for double-breasted jackets. These jackets have two columns of buttons, and in the current trendy world, they look very classy and stylish and give a vintage look. 

Typically, a double-breasted jacket has six buttons out of which only four are functional. It means that the jacket usually has only four buttonholes. Now for the button rule, for these jackets, all functional buttons should be buttoned up. 

It is very unusual to undo even one buttonhole. However, if it’s the bottom button that you want to leave undone, it can be an option because the British royal family used to do this, so you’re safe as well!

The different thing about the double-breasted jacket is that you can keep it buttoned up even while sitting. Further, although you’re supposed to close all the buttons, if you want to leave one open, leave the bottom one undone. 

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Why is it important to know the Button Rules?

Now that the button rules for different types of suits have been explained, you must question why you must learn these rules. Let us share some reasons for that:

  1. Buttoning up your suit conveys the message that you pay attention to all details of your outfit. For instance, it gives the idea of how keen you are in terms of your style. 
  2. In most cases, when men button up their suits, they look more decent and informed. While standing, a buttoned suit depicts a balanced proportion of the fit. 
  3. If you’re conscious about buttoning your suit while standing and unbuttoning it while sitting, it will help you prevent your outfit from wrinkling and your buttons from popping. To sum up, you can sit more comfortably with buttons opened from your suit. 
  4. The button rules send the message that you’re a thoughtful dresser. These rules are in place for a reason, i.e., to help you look better and present the best version of yourself in front of the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should blazers be buttoned or unbuttoned?

According to traditional rules and assumptions, blazers should be buttoned up while standing and unbuttoned while sitting to maintain a balanced proportion. However, these rules can vary depending on the type of blazer being worn. 

Is it okay to wear a blazer unbuttoned?

It is mostly preferred that a blazer is buttoned up, however, when there is a doubt about whether opening up may enhance the look, the individual should follow whatever makes him feel good. 

To produce better looks, there are no rules in men’s fashion that can’t be bent or broken down, and therefore, you should choose either option based on your preferences. 

Should you wear a blazer open or closed?

Wearing a blazer open and closed primarily depends upon the number of buttons that the blazer usually has. If it has only one button, then you should keep it closed while standing but open while sitting. 

However, if the blazer has more than one button, the choice of opened and closed should be followed as per the button rule. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the right suit to wear, the hustle never ends up simply purchasing the item. Instead, there is a long list of rules in place that you’ve just learned to help you nail the look you’re planning. 

Now that you know about the rules, what to do if someone is violating them? If you see someone in public not following the button rule, it is best to ignore them because unbuttoning the blazer can sometimes allow others to make their style statements. 

Although buttoning the blazers as per the rules may help you flatter your figure if you’re one of those who prefer rule-breaking behaviors, the world of fashion sense and trends welcomes such creativity as well!